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General Information

Name:  Len Bailey  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Young Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Bailey attended Trinity College in Deerfield. He lives in Wheaton.

Biographical and Professional Information

Len Bailey is a professional radio-commercial voice-over actor.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (No)

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ISBN: 9781429983617. OCLC Number: 865173551

Tor,. .

King Krystal of Elidor has a serious problem: Sarksa Pirates have captured the Queen! Desperate for her return, King Krystal summons a hero from the Dream Machine. Enter Danny Ray, the best dang rodeo cowboy in Oklahoma. The only problem' He's only an eleven-year-old boy--not quite the hero the Elidorians expected. But Danny Ray aims to prove them wrong by recapturing the Queen. How' Truth is, Danny Ray isn't quite sure. Luckily he will have lots of help from friends like Captain Quigglewigg, the Sultana, Lord Yellow, Princess Eliana and--of course--the Clabbernappers. On his breathtaking adventure across the Checkered Sea, Danny will encounter lots of exotic creatures, including Coal Trolls, Gimmion Gott, the Potter Wasp, the Red Bats, Tantarrabobs and the Ghost of Buckholly Harbor. His battles will pit him against the Sarska Pirates, the Nightmare Queen ... and the evil King Dru-Mordeloch. Clabbernappers is thrilling high comic adventure from a remarkable new writer. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

Clabbernappers /
ISBN: 0765348632. OCLC Number: 70659134

Tom Doherty Associates,. .

Eleven-year-old Oklahoma rodeo champion Danny Ray is sent to the kingdom of Elidor, where he sets sail across the Checkered Sea to rescue a kidnapped queen, despite the enemies found there and the dubious help of the prince and princess.

ISBN: 9781429950091. OCLC Number: 865171836

Tor,. .

It's Danny Ray, the best dang rodeo cowboy in Oklahoma, to the rescue once again. King Krystal of Elidor's beautiful daughter, Princess Amber, has been kidnapped by the evil Fantasms--monstrous beasts whose sole purpose is to rulethe magicalkingdom of Elidor and to spread sorrow and darkness throughout the land. But not if Danny Ray and hiseccentric group of friends have anything to do with it!Imagine a world with seas of polished black and whitemarble squaressailed upon by immense chess pieces hundreds of feet high: rooks, bishops and queens powered by tiny furryTantarrabobs and Zanoomies. Imagine this is the battleground where Danny Ray, Tuk (a hellwain devil), KarooKachoo (a dragonfly princess), Prince Blues, the Sultana Sumferi Sar, Captain Quigglewigg, Hoodie Crow and the White Lady mustrescue Princess Amber and save the kingdom of Elidor from eternal darkness. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

Fantasms /
ISBN: 0765348640. OCLC Number: 244104666

Starscape,. .

Rodeo cowboy Danny Ray once again travels to the magical kingdom of Elidor where he must rescue Princess Amber from the evil Fantasms and save the kingdom from eternal darkness.