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Name:  Tracy Broemmer  

Pen Name: Therese Kinkaide

Genre: Fiction Romance

Audience: Adult;


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Broemmer lives in Quincy.

Biographical and Professional Information

Tracy Broemmer has a Master's Degree in Education and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She is the author of the Lorelei Bluffs women’s fiction series, the Williams Legacy, and several stand-alone women’s fiction novels. She has recently dabbled in contemporary romance, as well.

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Every Little Thing (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1500694568

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

Russ Wescott wants his ex-wife and his old life back. Remarried, with a new baby, Jorie Macaslan lives a comfortable life. Her ex-husband makes her crazy, and unfortunately, he seems to be around as often now as he did when they were married. When Russ and Jorie’s eighteen-year-old son, Cody, announces that his not-girlfriend is pregnant, Russ and Jorie find themselves thrown together in a new family crisis. Cody insists that Steph is just a friend, that both of them want to give the baby up for adoption, and that he’s most definitely not in love with Steph. Jorie is worried that one day Cody and Steph will regret their decision. Then again, she doesn’t want Cody to be tied down with a baby when he should be starting college next fall. After all, she and Russ got married young because she was pregnant with Cody, and look how they turned out. Russ is worried that Jorie is too much in love with her new husband and too involved in her new life to ever consider forgiving him for his one transgression that hurt her so badly. Will Cody and Steph decide to keep their baby, or will they decide on adoption? Can Russ make Jorie believe he’s still as in love with her now as the day they were married?

2 a.m. (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 2)
ISBN: 1502319810

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

Scarred and broken by a mother who never loved her. Plagued with recurring nightmares about her brother’s death. Desperate for a child with the man she loves. Tough and cool, hospice nurse, Auden Roberts is surrounded by loss on a daily basis. She internalizes her stress and sadness and keeps a firm grip on her emotions, except when she’s asleep. The demons from her past and the new heartaches and scars from her present life with her husband, Trick, explode inside her when she sleeps and drag her down into the dark hallways of her past. Trick, a touring musician turned music teacher, wakes her from her nightmares and holds her until the shaking and the crying stops. Sometimes, putting his arms around her isn’t enough, and he sings to her. Auden and Trick have tried for years to have a child together, but they’ve suffered several miscarriages. Auden’s doctor has recommended they let go of their dreams of parenthood. The Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is affecting Auden’s emotional and physical health, not to mention the strain it has put on their marriage. When Auden realizes she is pregnant again, she’s afraid to tell Trick. What if he believes her desire to have a baby is bigger than her love for him? What if he’s moved on, and he’s ready to live a life without children? What if she miscarries again? Can their marriage survive more heartache?

Blind (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 3)
ISBN: 1511467800

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Millar Drew is a man’s man. Every guy wants to be him, and every woman wants to be with him. Royce Drew, his wife of nearly twenty-five years, only wants to captivate him, be loved by him. When Millar’s past collides with Millar and Royce’s present, yet again, Royce is humiliated and hurt. Embarrassed by Millar’s past one-night stands, she struggles with the desire to confide in her best friend and the need to keep it a secret. Ashamed of his reckless behavior, guilty for hurting Royce, Millar continues to push her away, making her feel unloved and making her believe he sees their whole life together as a mistake. Royce juggles her own feelings, while she worries about their grown children who are going through their own personal struggles. She’s always loved Millar unconditionally, but this time she feels as if he’s pushed her too far. As their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary looms closer and closer, Royce has to wonder if love is enough to hold them together.

Leaving July (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 4)
ISBN: 1511468157

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Twenty-year-old college sophomore, Steph Patton, has a past that haunts her more and more each day. As she tries to assimilate back into college life, get to know her new roommate, and make friends with the guys that live next door in the brick house, Steph carries bittersweet memories in a heavy heart. Reminders in the form of text messages and unopened mail Steph hides in a drawer vie for her attention. Each day becomes harder and harder for her to face, and though her new friends want to help, Steph is scared to confide in them. What if they hate her for what she’s done? College freshman, Cody Wescott, takes his stress and the memories that haunt him to the basketball court. He pushes himself, and he and his roommate are the two on two team to beat, though none of his new friends know about the demons that drive him. College life is hard to adjust to, after what he did last summer. Parties and hook ups and even college algebra seem a little trivial to him after what he and his friend, Steph, went through last July. The text messages with personal thank yous and pictures only make it harder for him to stay grounded in the present. Steph is homesick for the girl she used to be. Cody is frustrated that no one understands that Steph’s loss is also his loss. Will Steph and Cody find themselves in order to move on with their lives, or will they always be lost in July?

Hesitation Marks (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 5)
ISBN: 1516980778

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Dakota Drew came back to Lorelei Bluffs last year to lick her wounds in the face of failure. However, not even the idyllic city of Lorelei Bluffs was enough to soothe Dakota’s anger and self-hatred, and she continued her battle for self-punishment with drinking and one-night stands that sometimes lasted a night or two longer, but never offered her love or respect. Now, Dakota has hit rock bottom and she’s living with her parents, and though she attends AA meetings and she is also seeing a psychiatrist to help her navigate the self-loathing she is drowning in, every day is still a battle with Jack Daniels, her self-esteem, and her parents. Determined to accept what happened to her the year before and determined to take responsibility for her decisions, Dakota begins to open up to the people she knows care about her. It isn’t until Dakota meets Chase Johnson, good-looking, hard-working, all around good guy, that she realizes how much she needed a friend. Determined to hold Chase at arm’s length, Dakota finds herself drawn into his circle of friends and loved ones, and soon realizes, she’s in much too deeply to back out, to save her heart from any possibility of being broken again. Can Chase and his friends lure Dakota back to the fun-loving, trusting and happy woman she used to be? Can Dakota make herself and her family believe she and Chase are only friends, that she’s vowed never to fall in love because it will only break her heart?

Four Letter Words (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 6)
ISBN: 1516941888

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Ren Thomas has been through a lot of changes in the past year including establishing a somewhat fragile relationship with Millar Drew, her biological father, and his wife and family and watching cancer steal away the man who raised her. Luckily for her, she has a new husband to share the good times and love her through the bad times. After her wedding to Justin and their move to Lorelei Bluffs, Ren spends her days driving back and forth from her new home to her parents’ home to visit her dad in the hospital. Throw in her lack of success in her job hunt and growing suspicions about Justin’s faithfulness, and Ren is an emotional wreck, torn between her past and the future that no longer looks so happy. As Ren and Millar stumble into a polite relationship, she finds true friendship with the ladies of Lorelei Bluffs. Ren learns to love and trust her new friends, even as her doubts about her marriage grow. Ironically, she leans the hardest on Royce Drew, Millar’s wife, but is her heart broken beyond repair? Should she run back home to her mom, to her past life, or can she find true happiness in Lorelei Bluffs?

See Kate (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 7)
ISBN: 1530079276

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

College girl, Kate McIntyre, tends bar at Red Dog Bar and Grill to put herself through school. Self-described third wheel party girl, Kate has never slowed down long enough to make a commitment to anyone other than Sean Bosley (Boz), her deceased brother’s best friend who now fills her brother’s shoes. Sharing a campus apartment with Steph Patton has softened Kate up, and now she’s knee deep in several emotional friendships and drowning in the memories and the heartache of her childhood that have finally caught up with her. Kate finds herself torn between the past that shaped who she was up until she met the ladies of Lorelei Bluffs-the fun-loving, goodhearted women who have become good friends, and Rob Jones, the one guy who managed to steal her heart. Can she give up her addiction and fight her feelings of self-doubt to maintain these new friendships? Can she stop running, stop acting and let the new people in her life, especially the gorgeous friend turned lover, Rob Jones, see the real Kate?

Loved You More (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 8)
ISBN: 1530541611

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Quinn Darby wants to put her past behind her. The trouble is the people who care about her, the people she loves most can’t seem to let her do just that. Even Elliot Martin, her ex-boyfriend who’s married with a little girl and a wife who wants another child, can’t seem to let her go to be happy with her new life. Her failed suicide attempt a few years ago has left her labeled: flaky, needy, depressed, suicidal. Now that Quinn is finally digging herself out of that black hole of despair, her friends won’t back off and give her space. Quinn believes she’s truly over Elliot, and she needs some space to think about him and her new boyfriend, Ted George, whom she thinks she might be falling for. When Elliot comes back for closure, he breaks Quinn’s heart yet again. This time, though, she’s determined to find the strength to overcome the loss. But with her friends hovering, worrying that she will do something drastic, how can she make them see she’s changed? How will Ted ever believe she’s in love with him, if her friends won’t believe she’s over Elliot?

A Lorelei Ending (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 9)
ISBN: 1537678515

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Ren Cross is about to celebrate her twenty-sixth birthday, except as far as she can see, there’s nothing to be happy about. In fact, she’s still grieving her dad’s recent death, the end of her very short marriage, and to top it all off, she had to move out of her dream house, into an apartment where she’s living alone, again, and she’s unemployed. At least she’s got her friends, who have become more like family, to support her through the heartache. Ren meets English professor, Abe Hines, at the local university when she’s there for a job interview. Her interview already tanked, she bumps into Abe who orders her to get him coffee and meet him in his office. Clearly a case of mistaken identity, Ren is intrigued by Abe’s salt and pepper hair, his dark eyes, and his sexy voice, so she fetches his coffee and engages in an amusing debate about major American writers. When she admits to him that she isn’t his new assistant and leaves the university with only his happy birthday wish, she assumes that’s the last she’ll see of him. Except she goes back the next day to visit the education department and peruse the bulletin board there, desperate for even a part-time tutoring position. Instead of a job, she finds Abe Hines again. When he invites her to lunch, she decides to push her grief and insecurities aside for the afternoon and enjoy lunch with the good-looking professor. Lunch quickly becomes something more, though Ren isn’t sure exactly how to define what blossoms between her and Abe. Her ex-husband still calls now and then, and though she’s ready to move on, Ren can’t help but wonder if her marriage ended because he wanted to cheat or because she pushed him away. Her mom wants her back with her ex. Her friends are pushing her into a commitment with Abe. Ren just wants to know what the future with Abe Hines will hold.

I Do (Lorelei Bluffs) (Volume 10)
ISBN: 1546561056

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2017

Once upon a time, Val Fannon wasn’t sure she’d ever love again, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to. Busy with volunteer work and her family, Ben Tracey’s invitation to a lunch date was as startling as it was exciting. Still, she hadn’t intended for one lunch date to evolve into a committed relationship. She hadn’t intended to fall so deeply in love with Ben that she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She’d fallen though, and she’d fallen hard, and now Ben is a solid presence in her life. It’s hard to reconcile those feelings with the days when she wallows in memories of her deceased husband and the life they shared. Those days are few and far between, but still, Val does think about Stephen, and she worries about what that means for her relationship with Ben. When Ben chooses one of those days as the day to propose, he catches Val off guard and takes her surprise and reticence as a no. Maybe she loves him, but maybe not enough. Desperate to keep him in her life, Val confesses to the days when she still misses Stephen. Though they kiss and make up, when he doesn’t ask her again to marry him, Val believes she’s damaged their relationship beyond repair. As the matriarch of a new ragtag, unconventional family pieced together with friends and friends of friends, Val encourages everyone else to lean on her. And yet, she can’t find the strength to share her own issues and ask those same friends for support. Ben accuses her of hiding behind her family’s and friends’ needs as a way to avoid any issues between them and encourages her to put herself and their relationship first, just once. Will Ben pop the question again, and if he does, can Val put her own happiness, her relationship with Ben above everything else going on in their crazy lives?

Truth Is (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1511615214

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Bestselling thriller author, I.G. Arenson, i.e. Ingrid Williams, finds it funny how a family home, where childhood happens and siblings play and fight, and their lives spill over into extra bedrooms and nooks and crannies, can suddenly be too small in adulthood. It has nothing to do with spouses or children added to the family. It’s simply too hard to mold four matured personalities, complete with their own lives, back into the same people they were as children. A phone call from her older sister brings Ingrid back to their now empty childhood home and their father’s funeral. Ingrid, reeling from personal issues she doesn’t intend to share with her siblings, simply wants to get the house packed up and sold, so they can all move on with their lives. She and her siblings don’t get along well, but in the weeks when she’s back at home working on the house, she finds herself entangled in their lives, in their heartaches. She’s surprised at her younger sister’s resentment towards her, and the guilt she feels makes her slow down and remember the way things used to be. As the days go by, and she and her siblings continue to draw closer and then push each other away, she realizes she doesn’t have to go back to her big-city life. She’s not sure there’s much left to go home to, anyway. Not after what happened just before she returned for her father’s funeral. And then there’s Luke Ashley, the handy man her sister hired to fix up Dad’s house. Is it all in her head, or is there a little something between them? While her family urges her to stay, and her friends urge her to come home to the suburbs, Ingrid must face her own truths. She’s missed out on a lot of family stuff, and being gone so long has changed her. Used to being independent, Ingrid cherishes her alone time. But after spending time with her siblings and nieces and nephews, and spending time with Luke Ashley, Ingrid decides maybe home is relative. Maybe it’s time she comes back home.

Other People's Ugly (The Williams Legacy) (Volume 2)
ISBN: 1517130999

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

As the baby of the Williams family, Amber watched her sisters grow up and leave home when she was just a little girl. Resentful of the split-family her parents created and hurt that her sisters struck out on their own to create their own lives, Amber grew into a suspicious, unforgiving woman. Now the single parent of a teenage daughter, Amber juggles her freelance photography career, the boyfriend she is determined not to marry, and her family-including her rebellious daughter, a brother she doesn’t see often enough, and the sisters who suddenly want to be a part of her life. After her dad’s death, Amber and her siblings have come together to deal with his estate and ready his house for sale. As they work together on the house, they continue to grow closer and then push each other away. Amber’s fourteen-year-old daughter is suddenly curious about her father, and her boyfriend of two years is pressuring her to marry him. Amber longs to open up to her sisters, but she’s afraid to reach out, to trust, envious of the relationship they share that has always seemed to exclude her. However, when Amber’s secrets become too much for her, she realizes she needs to lean on someone. Will her sisters be there when she needs them, or will they be caught up in their own lives? And even if they do want to listen, will Amber learn to trust them and open up about the heartache she’s carried inside all her life?

Luther's Cross
ISBN: 1597056766

Wings e Press. 2008

Just Like Them
ISBN: 0984724508

Theresa Broemmer. 2011

Teel Alexander has the perfect life: a happy marriage, two beautiful, smart daughters and a teaching job she loves. Little does she know that the siren she hears in the middle of the night is the beginning of a nightmare, a nightmare that threatens to unravel the happy life she and her family have been taking for granted. A neighbor girl, once a friend of her younger daughter's, is dead. Marin's suicide devastates Teel, but her daughter's reaction-or lack of reaction-leaves her feeling cold and afraid. Teel must fight to save her family, starting with the daughter who has become a complete stranger to her.

Picket Fences
ISBN: 1493565125

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

When they were babies, they took naps together. When they were kids, they climbed trees and rode bikes together. When they were tweens, they endured their parents’ teasing together… ‘Sophie ‘n’ Ryan, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.’ Now Sophie Gagnon and Ryan Sutherland are teenagers. Sophie’s ready for homecoming, class rings, true love, and picket fences. Ryan’s not. How far will Sophie go to claim Ryan as her own, and what will it do to their families and their age-old friendship?

Two Story Home
ISBN: 1493712985

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

Kamryn and Mark McHale live a charmed life: three healthy children, good jobs, a beautiful two story home, and the romance is still alive in their marriage. Mark still sends Kamryn flowers to mark the biggest and the smallest of anniversaries in their lives. But Mark travels for his job, and sometimes it seems that he’s gone away far more than he is home. Now and then, Kamryn finds herself overwhelmed with the girls-sixteen-year old twins can be a handful-and Ian and her job. Kamryn worries about Ashton who studies all the time and doesn’t seem to know what fun is, about Braelyn who doesn’t seem to know what the word serious is, and Ian, who is small for his age and has been the target of school bullies. Mark thinks that Kamryn worries too much. Their perfect marriage is tested when Kamryn begins to suspect that someone in the house is drinking too much, and Mark assumes she blames him. Each member of the McHale family reels from the tension and the sudden, constant fighting between Kamryn and Mark, until finally, tragedy strikes and leaves them all broken. Mark loves them all, but can he find the strength to put them back together again?

Green-Eyed Girl
ISBN: 1523985976

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Responsible single softball mom, Rhine Parrish loves her life. She spends her days working with her beloved stepmother at their bakery cafe, her free time with her sixteen-year-old daughter, and her nights with her boyfriend. She divides the rest of her time between avoiding her biological mother who has come home to live with her after being AWOL for twenty-five years and hanging out with her best friend, love ‘em and leave ‘em, Aidyn McNeil. Rhine would do anything for Aidyn, (she’s been secretly, helplessly in love with him for years) so when he comes crawling back to town with his heart broken by the one woman who managed to capture it, she’s happy to sit and talk with him over a beer or two. But when Rhine finds herself drawn to Aidyn and spends an intimate night with him, (who can resist those green eyes?) she worries that she’s broken her own boyfriend’s heart and she worries about the one secret she’s kept from Aidyn for sixteen years. As her happy life begins to slide out of her control, her secrets, new and old, have the power to hurt the people she loves the most. Will Rhine find a way to be happy when those secrets are revealed or will she find herself alone?

Ever, Again
ISBN: 1537592769

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

No nonsense, tough-as-nails high school softball coach, Bray Conlin, loves the game. She takes her responsibilities as a coach seriously and strives to bring out the best in each of the girls on her team. Bray teaches them not only the fundamentals of the game but also the importance of discipline and teamwork. Kimber Goodwin, Bray’s college roommate and best friend, used to maintain that sort of commitment to the game. Now she’s a married mother of three her seventeen-year-old daughter catches for Bray’s team. Kimber loves to follow the girls and cheer them on to victories, and she’s always pushing for Bray to find happiness in her personal life, too. Scarred by love at a young age, Bray has since run from personal commitments. The only people she is close to are her sister’s family and Kimber’s family. Suddenly, Bray finds herself caught up in romantic feelings for smoking-hot divorcée, Chris Reznick, who’s been hanging around the ball field hoping to catch her eye. As much as Bray likes his company, she’s still on the fence about getting involved with him. However, when Kimber’s daughter makes a shocking accusation against Bray, and she’s faced with the possibility of losing everything she’s worked so hard for, she realizes not only how much she needs him, but also how lucky she is to have him in her life. Will Chris stand by her side even when Kimber walks away? Is there time for romantic love when Bray’s life has just been yanked out from under her feet? Can Bray protect her girls and still salvage the relationships that mean the most to her?

Come Home for Christmas
ISBN: 1502822512

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

He met her in April. She went missing in September. Thirty-something wife and stay at home mother of two, Dana Luray has been missing for forty-seven days. Nineteen-year-old bad boy, Austin Hughes is presumably the last person to see her alive. No stranger to the wrong side of the law, Hughes swears he left Dana alive and well at Malachai Lake. Now a person of interest in her disappearance, Hughes works and plays under the suspicious eyes of local police and Dana Luray’s husband, Kevin. With Dana missing, Kevin juggles the loss of his wife, the attention from the police and the fickle community who can’t decide if he’s the grieving husband or the guilty spouse, and the questions his ten and seven-year-old children ask, the hardest being will mommy be home for Christmas?

Say Everything
ISBN: 1519794312

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

One lesson we’re not taught when we’re little is how to pick out a monster in a crowd, not when that monster looks like the rest of us. Gwyn Hansen is all grown up, but she sleeps with the lights on and she refuses to leave her house because she’s met the boogeyman. Gwyn’s ex-boyfriend, Walker, and her best friend, Sara, want to help her recover, to heal emotionally as well as physically. But Gwyn claims her experience has changed her, maybe not for the better. Gwyn isn’t keeping secrets because she’s afraid to share them. Rather, she needs to keep her secrets as a matter of self-preservation. How can she ever be comfortable with her friend and lover again if they continue to see her as a victim? If she can’t say everything, can Gwyn find the right words to start the healing process? Will Walker and Sara have the patience to wait for her, or will they each move on with their lives without her?

Sketching Litchfield Lake
ISBN: 1530541832

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

What happened at Litchfield Lake twelve years ago? Black water. Gray skies. Lakeside dock. Bad memories. Bad dreams. Might be tempting to go back, and catch up with old friends, but maybe it’s better to leave the past buried.

Destiny's Calling: Your Future Is Waiting
ISBN: 1533350434

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

In the year 2000, Rae Warner is an up-and-coming attorney, with a pretty quiet social life. She’s been out on a couple of lukewarm dates with a new guy, and she’s (not terribly) excited about where it might go. So when she stumbles into what she thinks is Barney’s Tavern in 2000 to grab a quick bite to eat and a cold drink on the way to a meeting and collides with blond, muscle-bound Chip Andrews and realizes she is actually in the Hi Hat Tavern in 1980, she fantasizes about never going home. What’s wrong with staying in 1980? Everything, of course! Her life is in 2000. Her big brother (who’s most likely responsible for sending her back twenty years in time,) her career, and her home are in 2000. However, as long as she’s here, and blond, muscle-bound Chip wants to flirt with her, it won’t hurt to flirt back, will it? Rae soon realizes she’s not very good at casual flirting, and the more time she and Chip spend together, the more she likes him. Not just his blond, muscle-bound good looks, but his smile and the fact that he likes to dance and he likes pina coladas and the way he makes her laugh… What would it hurt to stay in 1980? Rae finds it harder and harder to remember why she needs to get back to her life, to 2000. She might be in love with Chip Andrews, so maybe she could just stay in his time and find happiness with him. Except, suddenly, she finds herself back on Broadway standing outside Barney’s Tavern…in the year 2000. Instead of being happy to be home, Rae is desperate to get back to 1980 for just one last kiss…So, how does she convince her brother that she really did jump from 2000 to 1980 and back to 2000 and how in the world can she get back to Chip, if only to say goodbye?

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