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General Information

Name:  Anthony Mays  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1951 in Reading, PA

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Illinois Connection

Mays has lived in Illinois since 1992. The name of the main character (Dwight Morris) in his book, ''Halfway to Uncertainty'', was derived from two cities along I-55 south of Chicago, and, part of the book takes place in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Anthony Mays was born and raised in Pennsylvania. At the age of 17, he went into military service and retired after serving twenty years. After which, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Mays went on to make a second career with the U.S. government working with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs from which he also retired. He is now enjoying his third career in writing fiction.

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Titles At Your Library

Halfway to a Southern Heart
ISBN: 1514232804

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Rebecca grew up in a well-to-do family in Memphis. For years, her father wanted her to marry the son of a family friend, but Rebecca did not love him. No sooner had she turned eighteen, than she became pregnant by Vernon a man she barely knew. Before she could share the good news with him, he suddenly left Memphis, never to return. Devastated, she had no choice but to give up the baby. Her parents sent her away to hide her growing shame, and arranged for an adoption. But Rebecca couldn’t go through with the adoption, and made her own plans. With her secret secured, she returned home and dutifully married. In time, she gave birth to another child. Life was good, until fate stepped in threatening to expose her secret. A series of events ensued that not only threatened to destroy her family, but also the lives of a family living in the fertile cotton belt of Arkansas.

Halfway to Uncertainty
ISBN: 1515299872

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Dwight Morris and his boyhood friend, Colin, formed a business partnership that quickly made them millions. On a vacation fishing trip to Miami, Colin unwittingly came into possession of Colombian drug cartel financial matters which eventually led to his death. Unbeknownst to Dwight, Colin had used his computer skills to encode the cartel's information and attach it to their company software. With cartel operatives in hot pursuit, Dwight found himself caught up in a twist of fate that threatened to ruin his company unless he followed the instructions of a mysterious benefactor. Uncertainty thrived in every move Dwight made. After going on a maddening run throughout the United States, he finally got to meet his supporter. They teamed up to try and break the code that Colin so cleverly hid and soon learned they were in competition with the cartel trying to recover their information. Realizing they were in over their heads, they had no choice but to partner with an investigator of the United States Treasury.

Halfway to the Truth
ISBN: 1512266442

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Reese Summers was a small town reporter, that is, until her writing talents were noticed by a Savannah editor. She was quickly offered a job at the Savannah Daily as an investigative reporter. It wasn’t long before she was assigned to start snooping around the Drakos shipping company. Viktor Drakos had long been at odds with the newspaper and its editor over his company’s safety record and wasn’t happy with her probing into his business. Now, Reese was getting close to discovering a secret that the shipping magnate didn’t want to come to light. In order to prevent her from uncovering his secret, he offered her twice her news salary to become his company’s Public Affairs Officer. Shortly after accepting his offer, she begins to learn that the company is entangled in an international conspiracy and that knowledge threatens to place her life in jeopardy.

Halfway to Magnolia House
ISBN: 1522891773

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Laura Wingate’s life in New York City was falling apart. The man she hoped to marry would not commit, and her job as a museum exhibitions manager was growing stale. Needing to reevaluate her future, she travels to Magnolia House located near Alexandria, Louisiana. It was a place she shared many happy days with her grandparents. Along the way, Laura meets Kendrick Reynolds, a Hollywood director preparing to film a movie in the area around Alexandria based on the American Civil War’s Red River Campaign. Her attraction to Kendrick quickly puts his life in danger when another crew member, and forgotten high school classmate, competes for her attention. As production gets underway, Laura also becomes intrigued by the historical events of 1864 and rumors about Magnolia House involvement in the Underground Railroad. Artifacts she discovers in the attic suggest the rumors were not unfounded, but she cannot interpret their meaning. When her new suitors accidentally stumble across the evidence she seeks, they put aside their differences and make a pact to keep it from her. Little did she suspect the past was going to collide with the present, changing her forever.

Halfway to Creepy: A Collection of Bizarre Short Stories
ISBN: 1534734031

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

This book is a collection of bizarre, short stories that stem from my childhood memories of watching too many Alfred Hitchcock movies and Twilight Zone episodes. You may find there is a certain familiarity about them from your own experiences. There seems to be little distinction between the definitions of horror and creepy, but I believe horror is more imagery, whereas, creepy is more imagination. I also classify these stories as psychological thrillers, which often overlaps with the elements of mystery and horror. What I hope I achieved with these stories was to stimulate your imagination sufficiently to allow your mind to fill in those blank areas where I purposefully did not detail a scene or conclusion. I wrote these stories between the writings of my novels as a way to keep my skills fresh. If you find that you enjoyed any of these stories, I invite you to try one of my thriller novels.

Halfway to Creepy 2 B&W (Volume 2)
ISBN: 1539701980

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Stories just got creepier with Halfway to Creepy 2. This book is the second in a collection of bizarre, short stories that are sure to stir your imagination and take you on a psychological journey. If you are into spooky, the weird, curious or odd, then you must read Creepy 2. As with Halfway to Creepy, you may find there is a certain familiarity about these stories from your own experiences. I believe we all have a natural calling to want to scare ourselves while knowing there is a separation from reality and the other worldly. My goal was to let you find the creepy by allowing your mind to fill in those blank areas where I purposefully did not detail a scene or conclusion. If you find that you enjoyed any of these stories, I invite you to try Halfway to Creepy and/or one of my thriller novels.

Halfway to a Vineyard
ISBN: 1541304519

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2017

Sam Champion is a military man through and through. A pilot in the United States Coast Guard, his dedication and skills serve to save lives. However, his wife is not thrilled about the perils of his chosen career. With another child on the way, she convinces him to hang up his uniform in exchange for a safer occupation. They move to the northwest coast – to her namesake family vineyard situated in the hills of California’s Humboldt County. Although growing grapes in Sherry’s Vineyard is an alien concept to Sam, her father becomes his mainstay in learning everything about the wine industry. However, his mentoring comes to an abrupt halt when tragedy strikes. Lack of evidence that supports their suspicion linking a local marijuana kingpin to the shooting of her father weighs heavily on them. As they struggle to accept her father’s loss, the vineyard itself becomes a pawn in a game that may well end badly.


''Halfway to the Truth''
  • LiFE Award - Literature for Environment for its use of E-waste in the story plot

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