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General Information

Name:  Tom E. McGowen  

Pen Name: Tom McGowen


Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1927 in Evanston, Illinois

Died: 2015 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

McGowen was born in Evanston Illinois, grew up in Evanston and Chicago, moved to Norridge Illinois, raised a family and even wrote a book about Norridge titled ''Island within a City''. He lived in Norridge for over 55 years before moving to Hoffman Estates Illinois for the last 3 years of his life.

Biographical and Professional Information

Tom McGowen is a children's and young adult books author. He worked in advertising in the Chicago, Illinois area until 1969. He then became a senior editor at World Book, Inc.


Children`s Book of the Year He's won awards for Album of Prehistoric Man , Album of Whales , Radioactivity

Selected Titles At Your Library

A trial of magic /
ISBN: 0525673768. OCLC Number: 25027179

Lodestar Books,. .

Having secured the aid of the wizards of the Dragons and the Little People in an effort to prevent the prophesied Earthdoom, Mulng and his son Lithim and the other magicians of Atlan Domain must face the fearsome opposition of a very powerful Alfar Master mage.

African-Americans in the Old West /
ISBN: 051626348X. OCLC Number: 37322234

Children's Press,. .

Describes the important role of freed slaves and other African-Americans in the settlement of the West.

Air raid :
ISBN: 0761318100. OCLC Number: 44868868

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

Describes the history of aerial bombing from the beginning of flight through the great campaigns of World War II.

Alexander the Great :
ISBN: 0766025608. OCLC Number: 61240593

Enslow Publishers,. .

Alexander the Great maintains his role as one of history's greatest leaders. Explores the life of the Macedonian warrior king, from his first battle at age 16 to his innovations in the ways of war to his incredible victories.

Assault from the sea :
ISBN: 0761318119. OCLC Number: 47255298

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

Outlines the history and development of troop carrier ships and amphibious vehicles, and describes how landing forces were used in some of the major battles of the twentieth century.

Carrier war :
ISBN: 0761318089. OCLC Number: 44728149

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

Describes the role of aircraft carriers in World War II, especially Japanese and American carriers in the Pacific.

Germany's lightning war :
ISBN: 076131511X. OCLC Number: 40135245

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

Discusses the development and actions of German tank units in World War II, covering specific battles and the changes that tanks brought to warfare in general.

Giant stones and earth mounds /
ISBN: 0585346828. OCLC Number: 47011968

Millbrook Press,. .

Describes the mysterious standing stones and earth mounds which were built by Stone Age peoples and explores how and why they may have been built.

Jesse bowman :
ISBN: 159845384X. OCLC Number: 939613878

Enslow Publishers,. .

Koren War /
ISBN: 0531156559. OCLC Number: 748502649

Franklin Watts,. .

An overview of the three-year war that took over two million lives and resolved none of the conflicts that split Korea into two irreconcilable nations.

Robespierre and the French Revolution in world history /
ISBN: 0766013979. OCLC Number: 42061020

Enslow Publishers,. .

Traces the history of the French Revolution from the storming of the Bastille through the rise of Napoleon, highlighting the influence of revolutionary leader, Maximilien Robespierre, from his early life through his involvement in the Reign of Terror.

Sink the Bismarck :
ISBN: 0761315101. OCLC Number: 40256000

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

Describes the actions of the German battleship "Bismarck" during World War II and the operations of the British navy to destroy this ship.

Space race :
ISBN: 0766029107. OCLC Number: 184906294

Enslow Publishers,. .

"Discusses the United States' role in the space race in the 1960s, including the beginning of NASA, early space exploration, and the first moon landing by American astronauts"--Provided by publisher.

The 1968 Democratic Convention /
ISBN: 0516242202. OCLC Number: 52086648

Children's Press,. .

Presents background information on the Cold War and the Vietnam war as context for events surrounding the Democratic Party Convention of 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, focusing on the street confrontations between police and activists during the convention.

The Alamo /
ISBN: 0531186849. OCLC Number: 166946475

Children's Press,. .

Discusses historical events surrounding the Battle of the Alamo, including the roles played by Mexican General Santa Anna and Americans Stephen Austin, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, and others.

The battle for Iwo Jima /
ISBN: 0516264583. OCLC Number: 38879071

Children's Press,. .

Relates the events preceding, during, and after the battle for the tiny Japanese island of Iwo Jima, where American victory hastened the end of World War II.

The Battle of Midway /
ISBN: 0516220055. OCLC Number: 44265530

Children's Press,. .

Recounts the successful American battle to defend the Pacific Ocean naval base against a Japanese invasion and attempt to destroy the U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II.

The beginnings of science /
ISBN: 076133016X. OCLC Number: 38144402

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

Discusses the roots of science as developed by primitive people, Greek thinkers, Muslim scholars, and those responsible for the birth of the scientific method in Europe.

The magicians' challenge /
ISBN: 0525672893. OCLC Number: 19555414

Lodestar Books,. .

The magician Armindor and his young apprentice Tigg travel south to their home city of Ingarron to continue humanity's battle against the intelligent ratlike creatures known as reen, who lurk in many of the world's cities and plan a bloody takeover. Sequel to "The Magician's Company."

World War I /
ISBN: 0531156605. OCLC Number: 26352380

F. Watts,. .

Provides an overview of the military battles and political changes that occurred during World War I.

World War II /
ISBN: 0531156613. OCLC Number: 26352370

F. Watts,. .

Provides an overview of the military battles and political changes that occurred during World War II.