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General Information

Name:  Florence Osmund  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1949 in Prospect Heights, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Osmund grew up in Libertyville where she attended grade school and high school. She received her master's degree from Lake Forest Graduate School of Business. She moved to downtown Chicago in 1990 and continues to live there today.

Biographical and Professional Information

Florence Osmund has more than thirty years of writing experience working in a variety of Illinois corporations. When she retired in 2009, she started writing her first novel. She has now published five novels.

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Titles At Your Library

The Coach House
ISBN: 1467946516

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2012

2012 BRAG Medallion honoree!

When Marie discovers the extent of her husband’s involvement in 1940s Chicago underground activities, she gives up what had appeared to be the perfect life—a good job, a loving husband, and the promise of starting a family. In her pursuit of a new life, fate draws her to Kansas where she finds refuge in a coach house apartment tucked away behind a three-story Victorian home in the quaint town of Atchison—an ideal place to start over, away from big city life and Richard.

But Richard isn’t about to let her go easily, and his convincing attempts to coerce her into believing that she is safer with him in his world than on her own cause Marie to second-guess her own convictions more than once.

Scared, confused, and at the brink of deciding what to do in order to find peace in her life, Marie discovers the identity of her real father and his surprising heritage—changing her life more than Richard ever could.

What They're Saying About "The Coach House:"

Rebecca's Reads -- The Coach House is a well written saga I'd happily recommend to any reader.

Mary Crocco -- The Coach House is a superbly written book. It will leave the reader thinking about relationships, adversity, independence and growth.

Best Chick Lit -- The Coach House both inspires and captivates as it explores the ins and outs of life as a mixed-race woman in the 1940s.

Daughters (Volume 2)
ISBN: 1478268336

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

Twenty-four-year-old Marie Marchetti has just experienced a life-altering revelation--the identity of her real father. As she packs for her first visit with him and his family, she wonders how her life is about to change, how they will receive her, and what she will learn about her own identity.

A lot happens as a result of Marie's Thanksgiving visit, and in her search for peace and truth in her life, she quickly learns that disparate lives can converge and interact in profound and surprising ways. But ironically the most consequential outcome of her visit unexpectedly grows out of an encounter with a twelve-year-old girl named Rachael.

Red Clover
ISBN: 0991518500

Florence Osmund. 2014

Lee Winekoop suffered a childhood fraught with criticism and isolation. Now twenty-six, confused and emotionally bankrupt, he leaves his dysfunctional upper-class family to find his true self. In pursuit of cultivating a meaningful life for himself, Lee discovers a world poles apart from the one he had left behind and an assortment of unforgettable characters to go with it. But just when things start falling into place, a well-intentioned domestic servant divulges an alarming family secret that causes Lee to question who he is and where he's going.

What others are saying about Red Clover--

Florence Osmund is a brilliant wordsmith who paints such a rounded picture of each character that the reader feels he is in the book with them.
--Charlie Bray, Founder of

A beautiful moving story that gently absorbs you into the lives of the characters.

Regarding Anna
ISBN: 0991518527

Florence Osmund. 2015

Things that happen to you in the past can mold you into someone you’re not.

Grace discovers a box in her parents’ attic that contains enough suspicious items to cause her to believe that the people she had called Mom and Dad her whole life may not have been her real parents.

After recovering from the shock of her parents’ deaths, Grace Lindroth is tormented by the uncertainty of her identity and begins an arduous search for answers. When certain clues draw her to a boardinghouse once owned by Anna Vargas, she becomes convinced that Anna was her real mother. She believes the boardinghouse walls have been harboring vital secrets for years, but when she meets up with the cantankerous old woman who had bought the place after Anna’s death, she questions whether she’ll ever be able to peel back all the layers surrounding her parentage.

The lies and deceit that Grace unearths in her pursuit to validate her identity are shocking, complicated, and not all buried in the past. Does this force Grace to back down, or just heighten her determination uncover the whole truth?

What Others Are Saying About REGARDING ANNA:For a fun, fascinating, and somewhat unpredictable mystery, look no further than Regarding Anna by Florence Osmund. Written in a friendly and straightforward style, readers will enjoy sleuthing alongside Grace as she seeks the truth about Anna. Grace is an admirable character, and her determination to understand where she came from, even as it begins to put her in danger, is amazing. Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time putting this novel down!--San Francisco Book Review

Living with Markus
ISBN: 0991518551

Florence Osmund. 2016

What Windy City Reviews is saying, “The characters, even the young boys, are complicated and believable, and the plot’s complexity allows the reader to see the characters from a myriad of angles. Another non-surprise is Florence Osmund, who has written yet another great book.”

Forced to choose between cultivating a satisfying life for himself and rescuing his dysfunctional family members from their certain demise causes Marc to question the importance of family.

Having put an embittered past behind him, Marc builds a successful landscaping business with clientele from the affluent suburbs of Chicago and starts to appreciate the finer things in life—and he's found the perfect woman to share in it. But when his alcoholic sister and her two young sons enter into the picture, Marc falls victim to their helplessness and temporarily puts his own life aside. When his despondent father is added to the mix, it doesn’t take long for Marc to completely lose sight of his own dreams—and his girlfriend.

Does Marc save his relatives from their ill-fated lives, or save himself from entering into a life of self-sacrifice and missed opportunities? Painful soul-searching and late-night talks with the captivating tenant downstairs guide him to an unexpected decision and discovery of his true purpose in life.


The Coach House

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