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General Information

Name:  Sean Chercover  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Crime Fiction Literary Suspense Mystery

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1966 in Toronto, Canada

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Illinois Connection

After Chercover moved to Chicago, he earned a BA at Columbia College Chicago. He then attended the American Security Training Institute, qualifying him to work as a Private Detective in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sean Chercover was formerly a private investigator in Chicago and New Orleans. He wrote documentaries and children's shows for television before turning his focus to crime fiction. Along with the books written below, Chercover has also written many ebooks and contributed to several anthologies. Over the years, Chercover has worked a myriad of different jobs, including film and video editor, waiter, truck driver, nightclub magician, encyclopedia salesman … and a whole host of others. He currently resides in Toronto.

Selected Titles At Your Library

Big city, bad blood /
ISBN: 0061128686. OCLC Number:

Harper,. New York :. 2008, ©2007.

Reluctantly hiring on as a bodyguard to a Hollywood locations manager who is testifying as a prosecution witness against a suspected mobster, private detective Ray Dudgeon is forced into an investigation with corrupt ties to Washington.

Trigger city /
ISBN: 0061128694. OCLC Number:

William Morrow,. New York :. ©2008.

Investigating the death of a shy, unassuming woman for a grieving father brings Chicago PI Ray Dudgeon into a covert war between private contractors and the darkest sectors of our own government --a war that stretches from the closed-door hearings of Congress to the frontlines of Iraq.

The trinity game :
ISBN: 1612183506. OCLC Number:

Thomas & Mercer,. Las Vegas :. ©2012.

A Vatican special investigator is told to look into the predictions of an American televangelist and finds himself investigating his own estranged uncle, an admitted conman, who might finally be telling the truth.

The devil's game :
ISBN: 1503944573. OCLC Number:

. .

Daniel Byrne is an investigator that infiltrated a covert medical facility. In there he discovered a strain of a plague with unusual side effects. It is up to Daniel to trace the origins of this deadly pathogen.

The Savior's Game /
ISBN: 1477848797. OCLC Number:

. .

"Daniel Byrne is haunted by the future. Literally. It happened to his uncle. It happened to the woman he loves. And now it's happening to him. It started as a voice only he could hear. Then he found himself visiting another world. A world both familiar and strange. A world inextricably linked to our own. And the things he sees there, come true-- here. It's a power others are willing to kill for. There's no one Daniel can trust. Nowhere to hid. Chased across the globe by mysterious assassins, he struggles to decipher the visions plaguing him. Visions of miracles and massacres, conspiracy and catastrophe. And behind it all, a powerful adversary the likes of which we've never seen before. One thing that's clear-- the universe is warning him of a cataclysmic change, an event that is either a bloody Armageddon or a shining new beginning. Daniel thinks he can see the answer-- and maybe even change the outcome, before it's too late. But there is a fine line between messiah and madman."


Big City, Bad Blood

  • Gumshoe Award for best first novel
  • Crimespree Award for best first novel
  • Shamus Award
  • Lovey Award
  • Trigger City

  • Dilys Award, IMBA
  • Crimespree Award

    Speaking Engagements

    Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

    The author is happy to talk about his experiences as a private investigator, give tips to aspiring writers about how to create a realistic crime novel, how he want about finading an agent and getting published. He's also open to readings, book talks, informational Q & A sessions and panel discussions.