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Name:  Zachary Michael Jack  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction Poetry

Audience: Adult;


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Jack is an Associate Professor of English at North Central College in Naperville.

Biographical and Professional Information

Zachary Michael Jack has published more than twenty award-winning books in a variety of genres, including fiction, poetry, literary journalism, creative nonfiction, and personal essay, in addition to his work as a playwright. Jack's fiction has earned national runner-up honors in its class in the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Award; his poetry has been awarded the Prentice Hall Prize, and his nonfiction has received nominations for the Pushcart Prize, the Theodore Saloutos Award, the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award, the Herbert Warren Wind Award, and the Shambaugh Award, among others. His golf writing has also earned him recognition as an Editor's Pick by Golf Digest and a Best Books of 2011 by Golf magazine. He has also edited many books including: *''Student Body: A Benefit Mystery Novella'' *''Love of the Land: Essential Farm and Conservation Readings from an American Golden Age, 1880-1920'' *''The Green Roosevelt: Theodore Roosevelt in Appreciation of Wilderness, Wildlife, and Wild Places'' *''Inside the Ropes: Sportswriters Get Their Game On'' *''The Plowman Sings : The Essential Fiction, Poetry, and Drama of America's Forgotten Regionalist Jay G. Sigmund'' *''Homer Croy Corn Country: Travel Writing, Literary Journalism, Memoir'' *''Letters To A Young Iowan: Good Sense From The Good Folks of Iowa For Young People Everywhere''*''Liberty Hyde Bailey: Essential Agrarian and Environmental Writings'' *''Black Earth and Ivory Tower: New American Essays from Farm and Classroom'' *''Participatory Sportswriting: An Anthology 1870-1937''*''Uncle Henry Wallace: Letters to Farm Families'' - the updated edition of ''The Furrow and Us'' which was authored by his great-grandfather. Jack was a contributor to the book, ''Winning on the North Side: The 1929 Chicago Cubs'' and the writer of the introduction of the book, ''Farewell to Sport.'' The author and his work have also been featured in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post, the Indianapolis Star, and the Des Moines Register. Jack's books have been favorably reviewed by the The New York Review of Books, Publisher's Weekly, Choice, Kirkus, Foreword Reviews, and other industry-shaping opinion-makers.An associate professor of English, he teaches Writing, Editing, and Publishing Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program at North Central College and speaks to groups nationwide.


-- Prentice Hall Prize for Poetry, 2000
-- Silver Medal, Foreword Review's Book of the Year Competition, 2010

March of the Suffragettes

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Corn poll :
ISBN: 1888160896. OCLC Number: 922631141

Tall Corn Books,. .

Iowa, the definitive collection :
ISBN: 9781888160383. OCLC Number: 326878066

Tall Corn Books,. .

Iowa, the Definitive Collection gathers for student, teacher, researcher, and leisure reader alike a rich harvest of Iowa lore as told by a bevy of its most famous and forgotten voices Iowa history as made and told by Iowans, for Iowans. Totaling over 500 browsable pages and nearly 100 highly readable, classic and contemporary selections, this mammoth compendium of Iowa history, literature, and lore captures the Hawkeye State more diversely and more comprehensively than ever before. Here is a book a big book of Iowa readings of every conceivable kind (campaign platforms, creeds, diaries, editorials, ethnographic studies, fictions, government documents, history, humor, journalism, legal opinions, letters, memoirs, pamphlets, speeches, travel narratives, and more) and of every historical vintage (from Black Hawk s lament on being ordered to move west to Iowa in 1831 to Iowa writer-anthropologist Robert Leonard s freshly-penned roll call of the many different Iowans he has known). Between these covers, world-famous sons and daughters of Iowa, including Carrie Chapman Catt, Bob Feller, Susan Glaspell, Herbert Hoover, Ted Kooser, Aldo Leopold, Glenn Miller, Wallace Stegner, Henry Wallace, Grant Wood, and many others join a chorus of forgotten or neglected native greats to tell the story of their home state as only Iowans can tell it. Perfect fodder for Iowa history and literature classes, book clubs, civic organizations, museums, libraries, and visitor centers across the Land Between Two Rivers, Iowa, the Definitive Collection offers a first-of-its-kind, popular documentary history suitable for singing loudly, proudly, and circumspectly across the State, and across generations.

Let there be Pebble :
ISBN: 9780803233577. OCLC Number: 742513586

University of Nebraska Press,. .

Up close look at Pebble Beach Golf Links/Carmel, CA in the year leading up to the 2010 U.S. Open.

March of the Suffragettes :
ISBN: 9781936976812. OCLC Number: 957436121

Zest,. .

March of the Suffragettes tells the forgotten, real-life story of General Rosalie Gardiner Jones, who in the waning days of 1912 mustered and marched an all-women army nearly 175 miles to help win support for votes for women. General Jones, along with her good friends and accomplices Colonel Ida Craft, Surgeon General Lavinia Dock, and War Correspondent Jessie Hardy Stubbs, led marchers across New York state for their pilgrims' cause, encountering not just wind, fog, sleet, snow, mud, and ice along their unpaved way, but also hecklers, escaped convicts, scandal-plagued industrialists o.

March of the suffragettes :
ISBN: 1936976803. OCLC Number: 932576375

. .

Shares the story of how "General" Rosalie Gardner Jones marched an army of women nearly one hundred seventy-five miles to win support for voting rights for women.

Native soulmate :
ISBN: 9781888160567. OCLC Number: 713186021

Tall Corn Books,. .

Love Fresh. Love Local. What happened during the author?s search for a bride this past year (What Cheer:A Love Story)? At the height of summer, seventh-generation Iowan Zachary Michael Jack embarks on an unforgettable journey to test what he calls the Beach Boys hypothesis:?What if we really do live in a world where native boy meets native girl?What if the cutest boys and girls in the world really are those right under our nose?? So begins a Cinderella season in search of a love homegrown in the Heartland. Jack delivers speeches in farflung farm burgs and readings in well-to-do college towns while setting up listening posts in public libraries and chautaquas in 4-H cattle barns. One part travelogue and two parts love story, Native Soulmate offers not just an account of a magical quest and its unlikely settings, but a moving argument for why voting with your feet and leading with your heart really do matter. Much more than a look into marriage, brain drain, or dating. An honest, caring, and heart-felt look at our Midwestern world of agriculture, community, family, and love. --from author's website.

Perfectly against the sun /
ISBN: 0977721701. OCLC Number: 85368056

Smithtown Press,. .

Pond Ball Clintock and the Gods of Golf :
ISBN: 9781888160703. OCLC Number: 840460952

. .

The inanity of music & wings :
ISBN: 1595409610. OCLC Number: 74663271

New Buffalo Press ;. .

The links of Evalon :
ISBN: 9780984508303. OCLC Number: 649720230

Sportswriters Collaborative,. .

The Midwest farmer's daughter :
ISBN: 1612492193. OCLC Number: 821726186

Purdue University Press,. .

From yesterday's gingham girls to today's Farmer Janes, The Midwest Farmer's Daughter unearths the untold history and renewed cultural currency of an American icon at a time when fully 30 percent of new farms in the US are woman-owned. From farm women bloggers, to back-to-the-land homesteaders and seed-savers, to rural graphic novelists and, ultimately, to the seven generations of farm daughters who have animated his own family since before the Civil War, the author travels across the region to shine new documentary light on this seedbed for American virtue, energy, and ingenuity. Packed with many memorable interviews, print artifacts, and historic images, this groundbreaking documentary history describes the centuries-long reiteration and reinterpretation of agrarian daughters in the field, over the airwaves, on the printed page, and in the court of public opinion. Offering a sweeping cultural and social history, it ranges widely and well from Jane Smiley's Pulitzer Prize-winning A Thousand Acres to Laura Ingalls Wilder's proto-feminist commentaries for the Missouri Ruralist; from the critical importance of rural girls and young women to time-honored organizations such as the Farm Bureau, 4-H, and FFA to the entrepreneurial role today's female agriculturalists and sustainable farm advocates play in farmers' markets, urban farms, and community-supported agriculture. For all those whose lives have been graced by the enduring strength of this regional and national touchstone, The Midwest Farmer's Daughter offers a one-of-a-kind scholarly examination and contemporary appreciation.

What Cheer :
ISBN: 188816042X. OCLC Number: 642848829

Tall Corn Books,. .

"Here's a comedy of errors featuring three not-yet-over-the-hill friends, a series of dreamy love letters, and a mysterious list of warm, nearly-gone touchstones that inspire a rollicking ride through the Heartland."--Page 4 of cover.

Wish you were here :
ISBN: 9781612481715. OCLC Number: 959080960

. .

Wish You Were Here offers a clear-eyed yet tender look at life in the modern Midwest from the perspective of a seventh-generation ruralite. Championing the romance of wide-open spaces in a rapidly urbanizing world, Zachary Michael Jack challenges the stereotypes of rural and small-town midwestern life in a well-grounded and deeply felt counter-narrative of love and longing sustained in communities where young and old alike plant roots.