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General Information

Name:  Suzanne Slade  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children;

Born: 1964 in Harvey, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Slade was born in Harvey, Illinois and currently lives in Libertyville, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Suzanne Slade is the author of more than 100 books for children. Her works include picture books, biographies, as well as many non-fiction titles about animals, sports, and nature. One of her favorite parts of the writing process is researching and learning new things.

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Titles At Your Library

Animals Are Sleeping (Arbordale Collection)
ISBN: 1934359106

Sylvan Dell Publishing. 2008

The rhythmic text and the rich illustrations in Animals are Sleeping make it the perfect naptime story or bedtime book. Its short, lyrical text provides fascinating information, such as location, position, and duration of sleep of animals living in different habitats. This book shares the interesting sleeping habits of animals that live on land, in water, and fly through the air. Each new verse begins with a quiet, Shhh . . . shhh . . . the animals are sleeping, that will help children drift off to sleep just like the slumbering animals. The satisfying conclusion will have children reaching for this book again and again.

What's New at the Zoo? An Animal Adding Adventure (Arbordale Collection)
ISBN: 1607180383

Sylvan Dell Publishing. 2009

Come along on an adding animal adventure. Add baby animals to the adults to see how many there are all together. And while you are at it, learn what some of the zoo animals eat or what the baby animals are called. Follow the little lost red balloon as it soars through the zoo. At the end of the day, count up all the animals you have seen. The For Creative Minds educational section includes: How many animals do you see?, Tens make friends, Adding by columns, Fact families, Food for thought, Animal matching activity, and Animal classes.

What's the Difference? An Endangered Animal Subtraction Story (Arbordale Collection)
ISBN: 1607180812

Sylvan Dell Publishing. 2010

In Suzanne Slade's latest book, What's the Difference?, you can celebrate the huge difference caring people make for endangered animals while you practice subtraction skills. In this sequel to her popular addition title, What's New at the Zoo?, Slade presents a new subtraction problem in each clever rhyming verse. The colorful watercolors include realistic animals set in lush spreads by illustrator, Joan Waites. So join in the celebration of our world's precious animals in this exciting new title, and have fun practicing math skills along the way! The For Creative Minds educational section includes: Endangered Animal Vocabulary Food Chains and Webs Missing Links in Food Chains Endangered Animals Fact Families.

Climbing Lincoln's Steps: The African American Journey
ISBN: 0807512044

Albert Whitman & Company. 2010

Change. It happens slowly.




at a


Important moments in African American history have occurred at the Lincoln Memorial: Marian Anderson's concert in 1939 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous speech in 1963 and a visit in 2009 from the first black president and his family. This book interweaves these key events with the story of black Americans' struggle for equality.

Multiply on the Fly (Arbordale Collection)
ISBN: 1607181282

Sylvan Dell Publishing. 2011

From pirate bugs to spittlebugs to lovely Luna moths, children will love learning about the world s insects in Multiply on the Fly! Following in the footsteps of What s New at the Zoo? and What s the Difference, this rhythmic book teaches multiplication in a way that will make children bug you for more. Teeming with fun facts, readers will multiply with a variety of insects, including daring dragonflies, hungry honeybees, and stealthy walking sticks. The For Creative Minds section in the back of the book keeps the fun rolling with facts about the insect life cycle, matching insect activities, and multiplication guides to make anyone a multiplication master

6 pg For Creative Minds educational section in the back
41 pgs of cross-curricular Teaching Activities and 3 Interactive Quizzes available free on the book s homepage
eBooks with Auto-Flip, Auto-Read and selectable English and Spanish text and audio
Aligned to State Standards / Lexile, Guided Reading, AR, Reading Counts, and Fountas & Pinnell

The Great Divide
ISBN: 1607185210

Sylvan Dell Publishing. 2012

Animals, like people, enjoy spending time with their friends and family. Many groups of animals have their own unique names. Did you know group of gorillas is a called a band? And a bunch of billy goats is a tribe? Following in the footsteps of Multiply on the Fly (multiplication), the award-winning What s New at the Zoo? (addition) and What s the Difference? (subtraction), this rhythmic, fun-to-read-aloud book introduces children to division as they conquer bands, tribes, mobs and more.

4-6 pg For Creative Minds educational section in the back
40-60 pg cross-curricular Teaching Activities and 3 Interactive Quizzes available free on the book s homepage
eBooks with Auto-Flip, Auto-Read and selectable English and Spanish text and audio

The House That George Built
ISBN: 1580892620

Charlesbridge. 2012

THE HOUSE THAT GEORGE BUILT takes readers through the process of how the president’s house came to be—starting with the contest George held to choose the perfect design for this legendary landmark, all the way to President John Adams’s move into the grandiose home. Cleverly written in the familiar format of "The House That Jack Built," author Suzanne Slade supplements her rhyming verse with lively conversational prose, describing how George was involved in this project from beginning to end, from selecting the location to figuring out how to get the thousands of heavy bricks to the construction site. Rebecca Bond’s watercolor illustrations help readers follow the steps to what became the White House as we know it today.

With Books and Bricks: How Booker T. Washington Built a School
ISBN: 0807508977

Albert Whitman & Company. 2014

Booker T. Washington had an incredible passion for learning. Born a slave, he taught himself to read. When the Civil War ended, Booker finally fulfilled his dream of attending school. After graduation, he was invited to teach in Tuskegee, Alabama. Finding many eager students but no school, Booker set out to build his own school—brick by brick. An afterword gives detailed information on how the school was built.

Friends for Freedom: The Story of Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass
ISBN: 1580895689

Charlesbridge. 2014

No one thought Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass would ever become friends. The former slave and the outspoken woman came from two different worlds. But they shared deep-seated beliefs in equality and the need to fight for it. Despite naysayers, hecklers, and even arsonists, Susan and Frederick became fast friends and worked together to change America.

The Soda Bottle School: A True Story of Recycling, Teamwork, and One Crazy Idea
ISBN: 0884483711

Tilbury House Publishers. 2014

In a Guatemalan village, students squished into their tiny schoolhouse, two grades to a classroom. The villagers had tried expanding the school, but the money ran out before the project was finished. No money meant no wall materials, and that meant no more room for the students. Until they got a wonderful, crazy idea: Why not use soda bottles, which were scattered all around, to form the cores of the walls? Sometimes thinking outside the box or inside the bottle leads to the perfect solution.

The Inventor's Secret: What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford
ISBN: 1580896677

Charlesbridge. 2015

* 2017 NSTA Best STEM Book List K-12*
* NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students K-12 *

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford started off as insatiably curious tinkerers. That curiosity led them to become inventors--with very different results. As Edison invented hit after commercial hit, gaining fame and fortune, Henry struggled to make a single invention (an affordable car) work. Witnessing Thomas's glorious career from afar, a frustrated Henry wondered about the secret to his success.

This little-known story is a fresh, kid-friendly way to show how Thomas Edison and Henry Ford grew up to be the most famous inventors in the world--and best friends, too.