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General Information

Name:  Kathy Lyons  

Pen Name: Jade Lee, Katherine Greyle

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Lyons lives in Champaign, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kathy Lyons is a ''USA Today'' bestselling author. She writes historical romantic, exotic tales as Jade Lee for Berkley Sensation Publishers and “light, funny sexy” contemporary romance for Harlequin Blaze as Kathy Lyons. As Lee and Lyons, she has written more than 30 books.

Published Works

    Under the name: Kathy Lyons
  • Taking Care of Business , Harlequin, 2010
  • Under His Spell , Harlequin, 2010
  • In Good Hands, Harlequin, 2011
  • Living the Fantasy, Harlequin, 2012Under the pen name: Jade Lee
  • Rules for a Lady, CreateSpace, 2001
  • Major Wyclyff's Campaign, CreateSpace, 2001
  • Miss Woodley's Experiment, CreateSpace, 2002
  • No Place for a Lady, CreateSpace, 2003
  • Desperate Tigress, Leisure, 2005
  • Seduced by Crimson, Love Spell, 2006
  • Burning Tigress, Leisure Books, 2006
  • Tempted Tigress, Leisure Books, 2007
  • Cornered Tigress, Leisure, 2007
  • The Dragon Earl, Leisure Books, 2008
  • Dragonborn, Love Spell, 2008
  • The Tao of Sex, Harlequin, 2008
  • Getting Physical, Harlequin, 2009
  • Dragonbound, Leisure Books, 2009
  • The Concubine, Harleguin, 2009
  • White Tigress, Leisure Books, 2010
  • Wicked Surrender, Berkley, 2010
  • Devil's Bargain, Leisure, 2010
  • Hungry Tigress, Leisure, 2010
  • Wicked Seduction, Berkley, 2011
  • Wedded in Sin, Berkley, 2012
  • Wedded in Scandal, Berkley, 2012
  • Engaged in Passion, 2012
  • A Magic King, 2012
  • What the Bride Wore, 2013
  • Winning a Bride, 2013
  • Dragonbound, 2013
  • Seduced by Crimson, 2013
  • Sexy Bites, 2013
  • Dragonborn, 2013

Selected Titles At Your Library

Taking care of business /
ISBN: 0373795807. OCLC Number:

. .

"It begins with some seriously sexy action in the elevator. And it doesn't stop there. Julie Thompson is living out her naughtiest fantasies ... at work. Who knew she'd find a secret fling right in her own office building? Sam Finn can't believe his good fortune. The undercover multimillionaire has been watching Julie via the security monitors ... and now he has her in his arms anytime he wants! And he wants her there ... a lot! In fact, he's quickly becoming addicted to the great sex they share. Unfortunately, he's just learned that Julie's company is failing and she'll be leaving for good in three weeks. It'll take all of Sam's business savvy to save the situation. But he'll do it--even if it means making Julie an offer she can't possibly refuse"--Publisher.

Under his spell /
ISBN: 0373795394. OCLC Number:

Harlequin,. Toronto ;. ©2010.

"Nicky Taylor is a driven executive. A total control freak. And magician Jimmy Ray has loved her forever. When he spots her in the audience, he realizes he finally has a chance to fulfill his own lifelong fantasy. With a little help from Dr. Mesmer, that is ... Who'd have guessed that a little hypnotism would unleash Nicky's wildly sexual nature? Or that Jimmy's powers of persuasion would encourage her to burn up the bedsheets with him that night ... and the nights after. She's the perfect woman. Unfortunately Jimmy's pretty sure Nicky's still under his spell. And he has to change that. Because he's quickly falling under hers ..."--Publisher description.

In good hands /
ISBN: 037379603X. OCLC Number:

Harlequin Books,. Toronto ;. ©2011.

Living the fantasy /
ISBN: 0373797192. OCLC Number:

Harlequin Books,. Don Mills, Ont. :. ©2012.

"PR representative Alicia Flores is fed up. Her job is a dead end, her love life is nonexistent and life is pretty much ... well, boring. So when she's unexpectedly offered a chance to play a character from a video game-the warm and sensuous Queen Guinevere-for a promotional tour, Alicia decides to toss her shy-gal persona ... and play her new part to perfection! What she's not expecting is sinfully delicious video-game guru Ken Johnson-a rare breed of nerd who is hot, successful and damn sexy. And he knows just how to coax the sexy vixen in her out to play! As late-night pleasures take center stage, Alicia finds herself pulled further into Ken's sinful world of make-believe. But can she give up the fantasy when it's time to return to the real world?"--Page 4 of cover.

Major Wyclyff's Campaign /
ISBN: 1468067982. OCLC Number:

. .

Desperate tigress /
ISBN: 0843955058. OCLC Number:

Dorchester Publishing,. New York :. 2005.

Seduced by crimson /
ISBN: 0505526727. OCLC Number:

Love Spell,. New York City :. 2006.

Xiao Fei, the Phoenix Tear, must become one with the Draige-Uisge, using her ecstasy to save Crimson City from the demons who have returned to rule this glittering metropolis.

Burning tigress /
ISBN: 0843956887. OCLC Number:

Leisure Books,. New York City :. 2006.

Despite her mother's wrath, Charlotte Wicks, a young Englishwoman in Shanghai, sets out to discover the exotic secrets of the East with the help of a notorious womanizer who teaches her the fine art of seduction.

Tempted tigress /
ISBN: 0843956909. OCLC Number:

Dorchester Publishing,. New York :. 2007.

Forced into runnng illegal goods by her "father," the orphaned Anna Thompson is trying to escape to her English homeland when she is captured by an enigmatic Manchurian who promises not only freedom from China, but the pursuit of ecstasy ever after.

Cornered tigress /
ISBN: 0843956895. OCLC Number:

Leisure Books,. New York :. 2007.

When Little Pearl finds her mistress imprisoned, she learns she is the only one who can keep the Tigress school together--and the only one who can satisfy the needs of English ship captain Jonas Storm.

The dragon earl /
ISBN: 0843960469. OCLC Number:

Dorchester ;. New York :. 2008.

When a young countess-to-be finds a man garbed as a Chinese monk striding up the aisle at her wedding, she is equally surprised to learn that he is white, the long-lost heir to the Earldom of Warhaven and her fianc-̌and the true master of her heart.

Dragonborn /
ISBN: 0505527545. OCLC Number:

Dorchester,. New York :. 2008.

"In a world where dragons are almost extinct, Natiya must protect the dragon's egg entrusted to her care from a powerful slayer named Kiril until she herself can become Dragonborn, but she is caught off guard by her dangerous attraction to the enemy." - Fantactic fiction.

The tao of sex /
ISBN: 0373793782. OCLC Number:

Harlequin Books,. Toronto ;. ©2008.

Getting physical /
ISBN: 0373794932. OCLC Number:

Harlequin,. Toronto ;. ©2009.

When savvy business student Zoe crosses paths with sexy international businessman Stephen a Tantric master she's about to get a transcendent learning experience!The sex is incredible, mind-blowing, life changing! Unfortunately, it also comes with a time limit. Because Stephen's home is on the other side of the world. Still, Zoe's going to enjoy every moment with her skillful, exotic lover. But it isn't long before she realizes she'll have to choose. Does she want to hold on to the life she has ... or have a lifetime of feeling his body move against hers? Like there's a choice ...

Dragonbound /
ISBN: 0843960477. OCLC Number:

Leisure Books,. New York City :. 2009.

Chosen as the girl of her generation to be the Dragonmaid, Sabina is friend and caregiver to the cooper dragon of her nation's tyrant king.

The concubine /
ISBN: 0373794533. OCLC Number:

Harlequin,. Toronto ;. ©2009.

"Chen Ji Yue is on her way to empress superstardom in nineteenth-century China. She only has to vanquish 300 rivals to bring her family great honor. Oh, and she may not find the deliciously sexy Sun Bo Tao--the emperor's best friend--at all delicious. Or sexy"--Page 2 of cover.

White tigress /
ISBN: 0843953934. OCLC Number:

Leisure,. New York :. 2005.

The dragon: the Chinese symbol of maleness, virility, power. The tiger: femininity, fortune, desire. Two symbols. Two people. One all-consuming passion. Englishwoman Lydia Smith sailed to the Orient seeking her finace. She found treachery instead. In seedy Shanghai, she was drugged, sold, and made a slave to a dark-eyed dragon of a man. But while her captor purchased her body, was that what he truly sought? He demanded not her virginity but her yin -- the essence of her ecstasy-- and there seemed no choice but to consent. What harm, Lydia wondered, was there in allowing him to pleasure her, to teach her, until she could flee?

Wicked surrender /
ISBN: 0425236366. OCLC Number:

Berkley Sensation,. New York :. ©2010.

"Scher Martin longs for the respectability of a church wedding, a country home, and children. Unfortunately, as the daughter of an actress, she is far from her goal. So far, in fact, that she almost surrenders her dreams and agrees to become mistress to Brandon Cates, Viscount Blackstone. Then the unexpected happens : Brandon's cousin Kit proposes marriage. Having once tasted Scher's sweetness, Brandon refuses to give her up. It's not his pride at stake, but his very soul, for Scher soothes the darkness in his heart ..."--Page 4 of cover.

Devil's bargain /
ISBN: 0843953721. OCLC Number:

Leisure Books,. New York :. 2004.

Hungry tigress /
ISBN: 084395504X. OCLC Number:

Leisure Books,. New York :. 2005.

Wicked seduction /
ISBN: 0425240150. OCLC Number:

Berkley Sensation,. New York :. ©2011.

"Pirate Kit Frazier returns to England to find that being on land is even more dangerous than at sea--especially when he's beguiled by a beauty who will do anything to escape the dire circumstances of her life."--Publisher's description.

Wedded in sin /
ISBN: 0425251039. OCLC Number:

Berkley Sensation,. New York :. 2012.

After her parents are murdered, Panny Shoemaker designs handcrafted shoes for a dress shop in order to take care of her younger brother, but it is not enough and her only chance rests with Samuel Morrison, a dispossessed younger son searching for his place in the world, who decides to help her look for her parents killer.

Wedded in scandal /
ISBN: 0425245934. OCLC Number:

Berkley Sensation,. New York :. 2012.

"For his whole life, Robert Percy, Viscount Redhill, has worked hard to maintain a sterling reputation. And while it's socially acceptable to seduce delectable dress designer Mrs. Mortimer, Robert learns too late the heartbreaking truth about who she used to be. No one would fault him for taking Mrs. Mortimer as his lover, but Robert knows that she should be the wife of a peer of the realm, not a mistress in hiding ..."--Publishers's website.


Seduced by Crimson

  • White Tigress

  • PRISM Award for Best Erotic, 2006
  • Oracle

    written as Katherine Greyle

  • PRISM Award, Best of the Best, 1999
  • PRISM Award, Best Futuristic, 1999
  • RITA Finalist, Best First Book, 1999
  • HOLT Medallion, Best Futuristic, 1999
  • HOLT Medallion, Best First Book, 1999
  • Tempted Tigress

  • RITA Finalist, Best Historical, 2008
  • Tempted Tigress

  • Best Historical KISS, BOOKclub Reviewers Choice WINNER, Romantic Times, 2008

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