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General Information

Name:  Ray Bradbury  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Mystery Poetry Science_Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois with the given name of: Rae Douglas Bradbury

Died: June 5, 2012 in California

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Illinois Connection

Bradbury was born in Waukegan and lived there until 1934.

Biographical and Professional Information

Ray Bradbury was a novelist, short-story writer, essayist, playwright, children's book author, screenwriter, and poet. He is one of the most celebrated fiction writers of our time and is also considered one of the most important figures in the development of science fiction literature.

He wrote the screenplay for John Huston’s classic adaptation of ''Moby Dick'' and has been nominated for an Academy Award. He adapted 65 of his stories for television’s ''The Ray Bradbury Theater'' and won an Emmy for his teleplay of ''The Halloween Tree''.

In 2000 Bradbury was honored by the National Book Foundation with a medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He is the recipient of the 2004 National Medal of Arts, the 2007 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation and the 2008 Illinois Literary Heritage Award from the Illinois Center for the Book. Outside of his literary achievements, Ray Bradbury was the idea consultant and wrote the basic scenario for the United States Pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair. He conceived the metaphors for Spaceship Earth, EPCOT, Disney World, and he contributed to the conception of the Orbitron space ride at Euro-Disney, France. He was creative consultant for the Jon Jerde Partnership, the architectural firm that blueprinted the Glendale Galleria, The Westside Pavilion in Los Angeles, and Horton Plaza in San Diego.


O. Henry Memorial Award, 1954 Benjamin Franklin Award, 1954 Aviation-Space Writer's Association Award for best space article in an American Magazine, 1967 World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement, Science Fiction Writers of America, 1977 Grand Master Award, Science Fiction Writers of America, 1977 Name engraved on the frieze of the Illinois State Library alongside other great Illinois literary figures, 1990 Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, National Book Foundation, 2000 Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2002 National Medal of Arts, 2004 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation, 2007 Illinois Literary Heritage Award, Illinois Center for the Book, November 19, 2008

Selected Titles At Your Library

A graveyard for lunatics :
ISBN: 0380812002. OCLC Number: 46462712

Perennial,. .

Halloween Night, 1954. A young, film-obsessed scriptwriter has just been hired at one of the great studios. An anonymous investigation leads from the giant Maximus Films backlot to an eerie graveyard separated from the studio by a single wall. There he makes a terrifying discovery that thrusts him into a maelstrom of intrigue and mysteryand into the dizzy exhilaration of the movie industry at the height of its glittering power.

A medicine for melancholy :
ISBN: 0380730863. OCLC Number: 38229379

Avon,. .

A collection of short stories written by Ray Bradbury that explore the imagination ranging from science fiction to old fashioned ice cream socials.

A memory of murder /
ISBN: 0440155592. OCLC Number: 10466614

Dell Pub.,. .

Ahmed and the oblivion machines :
ISBN: 0380977044. OCLC Number: 39007190

Avon Books,. .

Saved from his emprisonment beneath the sands of the desert, the ancient god Gonn-Ben-Allah gives the gift of flight to Ahmed, a twelve-year-old whose tears have freed him.

Classic stories 1 :
ISBN: 0553286374. OCLC Number: 21507483

. .

A collection of thirty-two classic stories of fantasy and science fiction.

Classic stories 2 :
ISBN: 0553286382. OCLC Number: 21507555

Bantam,. .

Dandelion wine :
ISBN: 0380977265. OCLC Number: 40711664

Avon Books,. .

In the unusual world of Green Town, Illinois, a twelve-year-old discovers the wonders of reality and the power of imagination during the summer of 1928.

Dark carnival /
ISBN: 1887368507. OCLC Number: 48625440

Gauntlet Publications,. .

Death has lost its charm for me /
ISBN: 0935716416. OCLC Number: 17201780

Lord John Press,. .

Death is a lonely business /
ISBN: 0380789655. OCLC Number: 40500810

Avon Books,. .

In California in 1949, a young writer and a detective believe a number of deaths associated with an amusement park were murders. Suddenly the killer begins stalking them.

Dinosaur tales
ISBN: 0760778175. OCLC Number: 64548153

Barnes & Noble,. .

Four short What if stories and two poems featuring one of the author's great loves: dinosaurs.

Driving blind /
ISBN: 0380973812. OCLC Number: 37031086

Avon Books,. .

Twenty-one stories with general themes by a leading science fiction writer. In one story, a dead man thinks he is still alive, another story features a killer garbage disposal unit, and a third is on the downside of immortality.

Fahrenheit 451 /
ISBN: 0345410017. OCLC Number: 35972278

. .

Nowadays firemen start fires. Fireman Guy Montag loves to rush to a fire and watch books burn up. Then he met a seventeen-year old girl who told him of a past when people were not afraid, and a professor who told him of a future where people could think. And Guy Montag knew what he had to do ...

Fever dream
ISBN: 0312572859. OCLC Number: 15081932

St. Martin's Press,. .

A young boy's illness comes alive taking over his body bit by bit until he dies--but the virus remains alive in his body. A portion of each illustration glows in the dark.

From the dust returned :
ISBN: 0380789612. OCLC Number: 45505966

William Morrow,. .

"They have lived for centuries in a house of legend and mystery in upper Illinois - and they are not like other midwesterners. Rarely encountered in daylight hours, their children are curious and wild; their old ones have survived since before the Sphinx first sank its paws deep in Egyptian sands. And some sleep in beds with lids." "Now the house is being readied in anticipation of the gala homecoming that will gather together the far-flung branches of this odd and remarkable family. In the past-midnight stillness can be detected the soft fluttering of Uncle Einar's wings. From her realm of sleep, Cecy, the fairest and most special daughter, can feel the approach of many a welcome being - shapeshifter, telepath, somnambulist, vampire - as she flies high in the consciousness of bird and bat." "But in the midst of eager anticipation, a sense of doom pervades. For the world is changing. And death, no stranger, will always shadow this most singular family: Father, arisen from the Earth; Mother, who never sleeps but dreams; A Thousand Times Great Grandmere; Grandfather, who keeps the wildness of youth between his ears." "And the boy who, more than anyone, carries the burden of time on his shoulders: Timothy, the sad and different foundling son who must share it all, remember, and tell ... and who, alone out of all of them, must one day age and wither and die."--Jacket.

Green shadows, white whale :
ISBN: 0380789663. OCLC Number: 50235113

Perennial,. .

Greentown ;
ISBN: 1848632223. OCLC Number: 819717292

Stanza Press,. .

Haunted Computer and the Android Pope.
ISBN: 1635762189. OCLC Number: 1002526573

Diversion Books,. .

I live by the invisible :
ISBN: 1903392209. OCLC Number: 53932521

Salmon Pub.,. .

I sing the body electric! /
ISBN: 0671017896. OCLC Number: 49268900

Earthlight,. .

Let's all kill Constance
ISBN: 9780007541775. OCLC Number: 887942971

. .

Long after midnight.
ISBN: 9780007539826. OCLC Number: 891751262

. .

One more for the road :
ISBN: 0061032034. OCLC Number: 46952194

W. Morrow,. .

Presents twenty-five contemporary short stories that probe the depths of human experience and relationships.

Quicker than the eye /
ISBN: 0380789590. OCLC Number: 37719498

Avon Books,. .

A collection of twenty-one new short fiction stories by science fiction/fantasy/magic-realism author Ray Bradbury.

R is for rocket.
ISBN: 9780007539864. OCLC Number: 891751281

. .

Ray Bradbury stories.
ISBN: 9780007280476. OCLC Number: 310502353

Harper Voyager,. .

The first in a two volumes offering, of the very best of the author's short stories including, The Garbage Collector, The Illustrated Man and Zero Hour. The readers will be transported to foreign and remarkable worlds, become transfixed by the future, past and present.

Ray Bradbury stories.
ISBN: 9780007280582. OCLC Number: 314276179

Harper Voyager,. .

Science fiction hall of fame :
ISBN: 0380007959. OCLC Number: 1041852

Avon,. .

The mysteries and marvels of the science fiction world are brought to life in this compilation of stories representing the work of major authors in this field.

Selected from Dark they were, and golden-eyed /
ISBN: 0929631242. OCLC Number: 24397542

Literacy Volunteers of New York City,. .

Includes the short story, a short biography, and more for the adult new reader.

Something wicked this way comes /
ISBN: 0380977273. OCLC Number: 41526333

Avon Books,. .

Two boys' lives are changed forever when a sinister travelling carnival stops at their Illinois town.

Summer morning, summer night
ISBN: 9781596063068. OCLC Number: 696814900

Far Territories,. .

As intoxicating as Bradbury's legendary Dandelion Wine, the 27 new and old stories in this potent collection resonate with timeless power. All set in Green Town, Ill., the vintage highlights include Miss Bidwell, a sweet romance about a spinster and the delayed homecoming of her first love; the brilliant The Screaming Woman, featuring the wide-eyed first person narration of a frantic 10-year-old who discovers a woman's premature burial; and At Midnight, in the Month of June, in which a killer plays a demented game of hide and seek. Contemporary one-page shorts such as The River that Went to the Sea and The Projector round out a lyrical feast with the savor of apricots and fresh apples and as water tastes when you rise at night and walk into a dark warm summer kitchen and drink from a cool tin cup.--Publishers weekly, starred review.

Switch on the night
ISBN: 0553112449. OCLC Number: 58801701

Dell Dragonfly Books,. .

A lonely little boy who is afraid of the dark is introduced to a whole new world by a little girl named Dark.

The April witch /
ISBN: 0886821053. OCLC Number: 15015210

Creative Education,. .

Warned not to mix with ordinary people and thus lose her magic powers, a young witch who wants to be in love decides to risk all by trying to experience love through someone else.

The best of Ray Bradbury :
ISBN: 0743474767. OCLC Number: 59357611

Ibooks ;. .

Over a period of four years, from 1992-1996, the world's best comic book artists adapted Grand Master Ray Bradbury's best stories in a series of different graphic novel formats. Now, for the first time, the best of these stories by the illustrators comics fans crave are collected in a single affordable volume.

The cat's pajamas :
ISBN: 0060777338. OCLC Number: 54677758

Morrow,. .

A collection of new short stories by the award-winning science-fiction writer of One More for the Road includes tales of twentieth-century rural life, Halloween terrors, and flights of fancy on Martian shores. Ray Bradbury is, indisputably, one of America's greatest storytellers. The recipient of the 2000 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, he ranks among the most beloved, and widely read, of American authors. In The Cat's Pajamas, this "latter-day O. Henry" (Booklist) takes us on an amazing walk through his six-decade career, presenting twenty-two tales, some old, some new, all but two never before published. Here you will find stories strange and scary, nostalgic and bittersweet, humorous and heart-touching, ranging from the not-so-long-gone past to an unknowable future: a group of senators drinks a bit too much, and gambles away the United States; a newlywed couple buys an old house and finds their fledgling relationship tested; two mysterious strangers arrive at a rooming house and baffle their fellow occupants with strange crying in the night; a lonely woman takes a last chance on love. The final piece in the collection is a story-poem, a fond salute from Bradbury to his literary heroes Shaw, Chesterton, Dickens, Twain, Poe, Wilde, Melville, and Kipling. The Cat's Pajamas is just that, the bee's knees, a touching, timeless, and tender collection from the incomparable Ray Bradbury, and a panoramic view of an amazingly long, rich, and fertile creative career.

The complete poems of Ray Bradbury /
ISBN: 0345305566. OCLC Number: 8753066

Ballantine Books,. .

The fog horn
ISBN: 088682107X. OCLC Number: 15015233

Creative Education,. .

A prehistoric reptilian monster seeking another of its own kind rises from the sea when it hears a bellowing fog horn calling to it.

The golden apples of the sun and other stories /
ISBN: 0380730391. OCLC Number: 38013127

Avon Books,. .

A collection of thiry-two short stories by Ray Bradbury that explore the endless possibilities of what may happen in the present and in the future.

The Halloween tree /
ISBN: 1887368809. OCLC Number: 547274977

Gauntlet Publications,. .

A group of children and a "spirit" go back through time to discover the beginnings of Halloween.

The haunted computer and the android pope :
ISBN: 0394514440. OCLC Number: 6942927

Knopf :. .

A poetry collection from a master of fantasy celebrates the familiar and unusual in verses dealing with subjects from Ty Cobb to dinosaurs and strawberry shortcake to the Vatican.

The illustrated man /
ISBN: 0380973847. OCLC Number: 280827

Doubleday,. .

Eighteen science fiction stories.

The last circus ; &, the electrocution /
ISBN: 0935716033. OCLC Number: 6923758

Lord John Press,. .

The love affair :
ISBN: 0935716173. OCLC Number: 9125371

. .

The machineries of joy /
ISBN: 0586043616. OCLC Number: 8297009

Panther,. .

The Martian chronicles /
ISBN: 0380973839. OCLC Number: 36211090

Avon Books,. .

The tranquility of Mars is disrupted by the earthmen who have come to conquer space, colonize the planet, and escape a doomed Earth.

The Mummies of Guanajuato /
ISBN: 0810921502. OCLC Number: 3380409

H.N. Abrams,. .

In the sleepy Mexican town of Guanajuato, with its neatly kept square and elegant neoclassical theater, is one of the most bizarre and compelling galleries in the Western world. It is not a museum, for this gallery is in a cemetery; its walls lined not with art but with human mummies, standing with mouths agape, eye sockets staring as if they had just returned from the other side of Hell. Indeed, they have literally returned from the grave--exhumed from the dry, desert soil by cemetery keepers because relatives of the dead were too poor to pay for maintenance. So fascinating are these "living dead" that noted author Ray Bradbury wrote a chilling short story after seeing them: so visually arresting that photographer Archie Lieberman was moved to quell his horror and create a pictorial record. The two artists' reactions comprise this unusual book. The photographs call up the deepest and most provocative human emotions. They will shock, disturb and terrify. But they compel viewing; they stimulate confrontation and, believe it or not, will be examined again and again. The story, like all Bradbury's writing, quivers with tension and evokes the thoughts and feelings that reside mostly on the dark side of the mind--stuff of nightmares. No one who experiences this book will ever forget it.

The October country /
ISBN: 0380973871. OCLC Number: 44550773

. .

Haunting, harrowing, and downright horrifying, this classic collection from the modern master of the fantastic features: THE SMALL ASSASSIN: a fine, healthy baby boy was the new mother's dream come true -- or her nightmare ... THE EMISSARY: the faithful dog was the sick boy's only connectioin with the world outside -- and beyond ... THE WONDERFUL DEATH OF DUDLEY STONE: a most remarkable case of murder -- the deceased was delighted! And more!

The other foot
ISBN: 0886821061. OCLC Number: 14932623

Creative Education,. .

American blacks, settled on Mars after centuries of abuse on earth, have a chance for revenge when a space ship bearing a white man arrives seeking help in the aftermath of World War III.

The science fiction hall of fame
ISBN: 0765305372. OCLC Number: 58919989

Orb,. .

Presents a collection of eleven science fiction novellas representing the work of major authors in the field, including Poul Anderson, Robert A. Heinlein, and H.G. Wells.

The stories of Ray Bradbury /
ISBN: 0394513355. OCLC Number: 6222486

Knopf :. .

In this collection are an imaginative group of stories that often bridge the gap between fantasy and science fiction. The collection includes one hundred of the author's science fiction, fantasy, horror, and midwestern short stories.

The Toynbee convector :
ISBN: 0553279572. OCLC Number: 19725050

Bantam Books,. .

Most of the twenty-three tales within this collection begin in the familiar rooms and landscapes of our lives, in our common thoughts and memories -- and then take off through the farthest reaches of the imagination.

The veldt
ISBN: 0886821088. OCLC Number: 14932777

Creative Education,. .

The advanced technology of a house first pleases then increasingly terrifies its occupants.

The vintage Bradbury;
ISBN: 0679729461. OCLC Number: 259490

Vintage Books. .

Bradbury presests his best short stories.

They have not seen the stars /
ISBN: 1588810380. OCLC Number: 50656498

Stealth Press,. .

ISBN: 1982105151. OCLC Number: 1056738615


We'll always have Paris :
ISBN: 0061670146. OCLC Number: 841413409

Harper Perennial,. .

Presents a collection of short works by the well-known science fiction author spanning a range of themes, from the bizarre and nostalgic to the bittersweet and speculative.

When elephants last in the dooryard bloomed :
ISBN: 0246108282. OCLC Number: 1858828

Hart-Davis, MacGibbon,. .

Where robot mice and robot men run round in robot towns :
ISBN: 0394422066. OCLC Number: 3205259

Knopf,. .

Witness and celebrate /
ISBN: 0935716947. OCLC Number: 839301876

Lord John Press,. .

Zen in the art of writing /
ISBN: 1877741094. OCLC Number: 20671140

Joshua Odell Editions,. .

In a series of essays, Bradbury discusses his career and his compulsion to write. Nine essays discuss the joy of writing, the writing process, inspiration, creativity, and the circumstances surrounding the writing of several of his works.