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Name:  William "Bill" Rancic  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1971 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Rancic was born and raised in Chicago and grew up in Orland Park. He attended Loyola University.

Biographical and Professional Information

William "Bill" Rancic is an entrepreneur who was on the first season of Donald Trump's reality television show, ''The Apprentice''. He is also a philanthropist, motivational speaker and an author.

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Titles At Your Library

You're Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life from the Winner of The Apprentice
ISBN: 0060765410

HarperBusiness. 2004

*Author will be named after the final show is aired in Australia*

The winner of the hit TV show, The Apprentice, shows how anyone can become their own personal success in both business and life, using his or her own experiences as a self-made entrepreneur, his or her work ethic, top business strategies, and lessons learned competing on the show, working for Donald Trump and winning the most talked about reality shows in years.

Foreword by Donald Trump.

Beyond the Lemonade Stand
ISBN: 1595141111

Razorbill. 2006

Be smart. Be honest. Play fair. Make it big!

Want to go on a money-making adventure? In Beyond the Lemonade Stand, Bill Rancic, winner of the smash-hit show The Apprentice, coaches you on how to succeed in business—while being smart, fair, and helping those who need it.

• 20 ideas for your own kid business and 5 easy steps to get started
• Stories from Bill about how to be honest and come out on top!
• Words of advice from super celebrities on how they learned to succeed
• A build-your-own-business worksheet that will turn your ideas into reality
• Tales from the trenches—stories from kids just like you about starting their own business
• All new! Bill responds to questions from his readers and shares their stories of success!

So on your marks, turn to page one, and get set to make it big!

I Do, Now What?: Secrets, Stories, and Advice from a Madly-in-Love Couple
ISBN: 0345524993

Ballantine Books. 2010

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are now the hosts of NBC’s Ready for Love, a new relationship show featuring three of America’s most eligible guys searching for their soul mates.

Five million viewers tuned in to The Style Network for Giuliana DePandi and Bill Rancic’s fairy tale wedding in Italy, as the passions, tears, and champagne flowed. But what happened once the honeymoon was over? After all, she’s been stationed in Los Angeles as one of E! Entertainment’s most popular personalities, and he’s kept his home in Chicago, where this handsome winner of The Apprentice has been busy running an empire of his own. How, we’ve wondered, is this marriage really working out?

With all the funny, frank, and characteristically down-to-earth personality that fans of their hit reality show, Giuliana & Bill, have come to adore, this glamorous couple takes you behind the scenes of their real-life marriage. Like all newlyweds, they’ve faced the big issues that wedlock manages to invite, including money (to merge or not?), household chores (she’s disorganized, he’s a neat freak), arguments (without staying mad), and trying to have a baby (it’s not as easy as they thought!). Sharing their newfound and sometimes hard-won insights, they offer suggestions on such topics as communication, giving and receiving support, trust and jealousy, quality time, friends and in-laws, fighting fair, and sex and romance.

A must-read for newly married couples, or those about to take the plunge, or anyone who wants to know the secrets of everlasting love, I Do, Now What? is an upbeat real-world resource for the most ambitious journey of a couple’s life: marriage!

First Light
ISBN: 1101982276

G.P. Putnam's Sons. 2016

A moving story of love, family, and survival against all odds from beloved entrepreneur and reality TV star Bill Rancic.

Set amid the deep, wild woods of the Yukon, First Light tells the story of Daniel Albrecht and Kerry Egan, a young couple just beginning their life together: in love, engaged, and, as Kerry soon discovers, expecting their first child. While they are flying home from a work trip in Alaska to plan their wedding in Chicago, both engines of their plane catch fire and send the plane careening into a mountainside in the middle of a terrible snowstorm. Kerry is seriously injured in the accident, and Daniel—the one person among the passengers with some survival experience—makes the courageous decision to search for help, hoping against hope that he can return to save his fellow travelers, especially the woman he loves.

Thus begins a harrowing and suspenseful race against time and the elements, as it becomes clear that not everyone will make it out alive. As the couple's story draws to a close, the surprising truth about the boy’s life, and that of his parents’ marriage, will at last be divulged.

A romantic and heart-wrenching debut from Bill Rancic, First Light is about surviving the most insurmountable obstacles—and finding renewal and love just when it seems that all is lost.


You're Hired

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