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Name:  Betty F. Thompson  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1931 in Hamil, Arkansas

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Thompson lives in Mahomet.

Biographical and Professional Information

Betty F. Thompson is a retired minister. She is a freelancer who writer short story, poetry and music.

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Pearls on the Wedding Dress
ISBN: 1424139759

PublishAmerica. 2006

Ben, a young Kansas wheat farmer, made a promise at the gravesite of his younger brother Jeff. He would find the reason for a family secret, one that had caused his father’s countenance to be one of shame when his grandfather’s name was mentioned. His searching is put on hold when he meets Sarah, the daughter of a small town pastor. Ben and Sarah marry and have one daughter, Suzanne. Ben’s older brother Tim, whom he hasn’t seen for many years, comes for a brief visit. He has discovered the reason for the shameful secret. One mystery is solved but a larger one is looming for Ben and Sarah. Their teenage daughter leaves home. They lose contact. Their faith is put to the test. Ben never wavers in his faith but Sarah struggles. She felt she could never love another child like she had her own but found that love has a way of bringing answers to troubling questions.

A Memory's Dance - A Sequel to Pearls On The Wedding Dress
ISBN: 159824535X

E-BookTime, LLC. 2007

Have you ever thought something belonged to you, but circumstances forced you to question your ownership? Ben Stern and his grandson, Tom, farmed the land that had belonged to Ben's father. His father left instructions that the farm was to be kept in the Stern family. Ben's mother told him many times the farm was his. Tim, an older brother, had shown no interest in the farm by his leaving and failing to stay in touch for so many years. Ben's ownership is put in question when his brother moves back to Kansas to teach in a college there. There had been no need for Ben to open the little metal box that held all the papers to the farm-until Tim tells one of his students about the farm. The student, Blake Stoffer, had come from Philadelphia to Kansas to study agriculture first hand. He visits the farm uninvited. Ben has to stop the visits. Francine, a friend of Tom's and a student at the college, meets Blake. Both young men want to win her affections, but for two very different reasons. She feels pulled in two directions and struggles to follow what her heart is telling her. The metal box is opened and together Ben and Tim read the instructions left by their father. Each member of Ben and Sarah Stern's family were to write their memories in a book to be passed to future generations. The memories of the past, both good and bad, danced in their minds, reminding them of how the blend had served to make them the people they were. This is a story that begins slowly but builds. The reader will be challenged to let faith be the guiding force in their life.

Hope's Whisper
ISBN: 1598247972

E-BookTime, LLC. 2008

Have you ever wished to find the answer to a family secret? There was one family secret that the Stern brothers, Ben and Tim, thought might never be unveiled. They knew nothing about their family on their mother's side. Their questions were always met with silence. They were never allowed to go into the attic. A young college student, Blake Stoffer, came back to Kansas to attend college, but he had another purpose in mind-to prove that he could win the heart of a young woman. He had failed the year before, but Tom's injury provided the second chance that Blake needed. You may get a little tired of reading about him but he is a link in Ben and Tim finding the answer to the long kept family secret. For Ben and Sarah Stern, life always seemed to bring a mixture of joy and sorrow. This is a story that will challenge you to embrace God's Word and allow it to be the comforting and guiding force in your life, as it was for them.

Change Waved Its Flag - A Choice to Be Celebrated
ISBN: 1608622002

E-BookTime, LLC. 2010

A simple, but inspiring story about a man who had to make a choice: move from his farm or continue to live in seclusion with his son and forfeit the chance for a better life for both of them. Clifford Molt was a man with a strong faith in God. He knew what it was to earn his living by the sweat of his brow. He loved working the land. He had little formal education. Life was his school for learning. His social world was small. He rarely ventured beyond the boundaries of his small acreage, but when a lady knocked on his door, informing him that his young son needed to learn in a classroom, his world began to change. The year was 1944, before the country schools and city schools consolidated. After Frankie finished eighth grade, moving from the farm was Clifford's only option if his son were to further his education, but, could he break a promise that he had made?

On the Wings of Triumph - Love Finds Its Way
ISBN: 1608624242

E-BookTime, LLC. 2012

This is an inspiring story about two young men who found a way to triumph over their differences. The conflict between Frankie Molt and Glen Spence began with a simple childhood marble game and the conflict continued into adulthood. They found it difficult to forgive and leave their past differences behind, but Molly Decker gave herself an assignment: find a way to get each young man to see his value and to believe he was special in a unique way. She was one to finish whatever she started, as Frankie and Glen discovered. Her gentle ways, laced with determination, brought about a change that put them on a path that would lead them to find love. Included in the book are many Biblical principles that, if practiced, can help one live a fulfilled and joyful life.

Secrets in the Well... How Deep Is Your Well? - Honesty and Grace, the Deep Well Cleanser
ISBN: 1608626490

E-Booktime, LLC. 2016

This book is different. It is mixed with facts and my imagination as we consider what was in the Samaritan woman's well. We will look at some things that most of us, at one time or another, have experienced, whether married or unmarried. Her well was deep and she knew it. It was so full of disappointment, failure, and discouragement that she could not draw up a drop of hope from it. Jesus met her in her need, just as he meets us in our need and offers his grace to enable us to clean all the stuff out of our well that is causing us to lose hope. No doubt she had been able to keep the lid on her well so no one could smell the stench of the stuff she had in it, but God knows the secrets of our heart and he wanted to put life giving water in her well. He said, "The water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." (John 4:14b). It was after she was honest that pure, clean, life giving water began to replace the stuff that had clogged her well. We find her going back to her home town to tell its residents about it. Notice who she told: the men. Perhaps she had never had a man to show her such respect as Jesus had. I can see her walking with a spring in her step, her head held high, and her self-esteem rising as she neared the edge of town. That's what happens when we accept God's grace. Grace is: favor, or kindness shown without regard to the worth or merit of the one who receives it, and in spite of what that same person deserves. If there is anything stored in your well that is keeping you from having life giving water flowing from it, Christ offers that same grace to you, to each of us. My hope is that you will allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you anything that needs to be cleaned out of the well inside of you, so the pure water of life can flow freely in, and through you to others.



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