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Name:  Gerry Souter  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;


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Illinois Connection

Souter attended the art institute in Chicago and now lives in Arlington Heights.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gerry Souter and his wife Janet are authors of more than 40 books for mainstream publishers. Gerry has been a television and video director, producer and writer for 15 years as well as an international assignment photographer, cinematographer, book illustrator, editorial cartoonist and all-around swell guy. He has traveled and worked around the world and the Souters' books have been translated into many languages. They currently have agents and publishers in New York, Paris, London and California.

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Titles At Your Library

Buying and Selling Multimedia Services
ISBN: 0240802721

Focal Press. 1997

This book is a comprehensive guide to buying and developing multimedia in the most cost-effective manner. Focusing on the human factors in producing multimedia, rather than just the software, Buying and Selling Multimedia Services is aimed at both buyers and sellers of multimedia services and draws on real-world anecdotes¦war stories¦from project diaries and first-hand experience, to provide examples of the key ideas delineated within the book. These are true stories culled from 25 years of working on both sides of the desk as a purchaser of creative services for a Fortune 500 company and as a producer and seller for one of the largest multimedia production shops in the country.

This book helps the multimedia producer and buyer to recognize flaws in past performances and to anticipate situations in future projects in order to save money and eliminate boardroom confrontations. Accusations, altercations, and recriminations can be avoided and the bottom line enhanced with the production of an effective product targeted to a receptive audience. Souter examines the skills necessary to both the producer and the purchaser of multimedia, allowing each to see the others' problems and viewpoints. Viewing the multimedia project from both sides, as both buyer and seller, Souter highlights the issues which will allow for effective communication between parties, resulting in a better product and a more creative relationship among all involved.

In the second part of the book, Souter provides a comprehensive guide to all the digital formats available, to help the buyer and the developer select the most appropriate for a given project.

· Comprehensive guide to buying and developing effective multimedia for the least amount of money
· Examples based on true anecdotes (¦war stories¦) from project diaries and first-hand experience
· Focuses on the human factor in producing multimedia, rather than just the software.

The American Toy Train
ISBN: 0760306206

Motorbooks Intl. 1999

In the 20th century, perhaps no toy has enjoyed as much adulation as the toy train. It seems virtually everyone who came of age before the era of the computer chip was once a scale-size railroad baron, building empires on their parents' living room floors. As we debark for the 21st century, the popularity of toy trains as playthings has been somewhat displaced by high-tech electronic gadgetry, but their desirability to collectors and hobbyists rolls ahead more determined than ever.

This chronological history of the toy train celebrates the wares of all prominent American toy train manufacturers from the turn of the century to the present, with special focus on the big three: Lionel, American Flyer, and Marx. All scales are discussed, and the trains themselves are richly illustrated with specially commissioned color photography, archival black-and-white shots, and classic print advertisements. Sure to appeal to collectors, hobbyists crafting sophisticated layouts, and those legions of former pint-size engineers.

American Fire Station
ISBN: 0760309299

MBI. 2000

This red-hot tribute delivers the fascinating history of fire stations and the unique culture that surrounded them, from 1880s stables filled with horse-drawn fire wagons through the advent of "modern" styled stations of the late 1960s. The story of how fire-station design and fire-engine design effected each other is told through the use of historical black and white and modern color photography of restored stations, vehicles, and equipment. See how fire engines, firefighters, and their gear evolved in The American Fire Station.

James Buchanan: Our Fifteenth President (Our Presidents)
ISBN: 1567668526

The Childs World Inc. 2001

Discusses the early life, family, political career, and contributions of the fifteenth president of the United States.

Arlington Heights Illinois: Downtown Renaissance (Images of America)
ISBN: 0738518689

Arcadia Publishing. 2004

Arlington Heights, Illinois, began as a hodgepodge of mercantile and service ventures straddling the tracks of the Illinois and Wisconsin Railroad. Today the village center has become a model for explosive growth and redevelopment studied by other towns across the United States. Through the medium of historic photographs, this book captures the evolution of the people of Arlington Heights, from the mid-1800s to the present day. These pages bring to life the people, events, communities, and industries that helped to shape and transform Arlington Heights. With close to 200 vintage images, Arlington Heights, Illinois: Downtown Renaissance, includes the first known photograph of the community, the town's founder, and its first post office. There was rarely a dull moment in the development of this community's core-the center of village life. Over the years, it alternately blossomed and faded, and at the bottom of a long decline, Arlington Heights' cluster of businesses around the railroad tracks spun on its heel and reinvented itself.

Modern Toy Trains (Enthusiast Color)
ISBN: 076031179X

MBI. 2002

This brilliant showcase of color looks at the evolution of the toy train industry and its miniature products from 1970 to today. Presented are the O- and G-gauge offerings of Williams, MTH, Weaver, Marx, Railking, Lionel and others. Collectors of these toy trains will delight in the contributions of major industry players as they examine the modern technologies incorporated by the manufacturers and the market trends that dictate their products.