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Name:  Laura L Enright  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Enright grew up and went to school in the Chicago area. She lives in a suburb just outside of Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Laura L. Enright works for the North Shore editions of Pioneer Press newspapers and is author of Chicago’s Most Wanted™: The Top 10 Book of Murderous Mobsters, Midway Monsters, and Windy City Oddities (Potomac Books, Inc., 2005). She is currently working on her fourth novel in a vampire series.

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Titles At Your Library

Chicago's Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Murderous Mobsters, Midway Monsters, and Windy City Oddities
ISBN: 1574887858

Potomac Books. 2005

Established less than 200 years ago, Chicago has seen a lot of living in that short span of time. Burned to the ground early on, it’s been frozen and just recently flooded. Tucked away in the Midwest, it still rivals both coasts with its food, entertainment, and cultural venues. Chicago’s Most Wanted™: The Top 10 Book of Murderous Mobsters, Midway Monsters, and Windy City Oddities takes you on a tour of that toddlin’ town with dozens of top-ten lists containing memorable minutiae and delightful details. Laura L. Enright will blow you away with this collection of amusing and amazing facts about the Windy City. One would be hard-pressed to decide what Chicago is most famous for. Is it disasters, such as the Great Chicago Fire? Or perhaps gangsters are its calling card, with Al Capone at the head? Maybe it’s the politics, with “Hizzoner, da Mayor” and stories of votes coming from the dead. Or do sports come to mind first, like the Cubs’ dismal failures―some say due to a decades-old curse―and the glory days of da Bulls and da Bears? Whatever it is that makes Chicago, it’s in Chicago’s Most Wanted™. The famous and the infamous, festivals and food, blues and jazz, and so much more are all included in this collection of fascinating and often humorous trivia tidbits. Frank Sinatra rhapsodized that Chicago “won’t let you down,” and neither will Laura L. Enright’s Chicago’s Most Wanted™!

Vampires' Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Bloodthirsty Biters, Stake-wielding Slayers, and Other Undead Oddities
ISBN: 1597976784

Potomac Books. 2011

Although the word "vampire" was not introduced until the eighteenth century, variations of this hemo-craving creature have existed since long before the Christian era. Almost every civilization had a demon or spirit―often a god or goddess―whose bloodlust complicated things for the general populace. But sometimes it’s not all about the blood. Modern vampire tales have stronger-willed and less traditional beings at their core: beings who strive to coexist with mortals by drinking synthetic blood, like True Blood’s Bill Compton, or who sparkle in the daylight instead of disintegrating, like Twilight’s Edward Cullen. Plus, these guys are way easier on the eyes than the more old-school vampires out there, especially filmmaker F. W. Murnau’s infamous Nosferatu, a terrifying vampire in dire need of a manicure.Regardless of time, place, and blood type, Laura Enright cordially invites you into the dark underworld of the vampire. She sheds light (but not too much) on this captivating, age-defying creature by exploring topics ranging from the powers it can possess to what will kill it―for good. With close to thirty top-ten lists brimming with gore and fang-tastic facts, Vampires’ Most Wanted™ is sure to provide the reader with a biting good time.

To Touch The Sun (Chicago Vampire)
ISBN: 149474080X

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

Narain Khan was 25 when he left his native India to fight in the trenches of the West­ern Front dur­ing WWI. It was his hope that he could stay on after the war to pur­sue his dream of study­ing the culi­nary arts and becom­ing a world class chef. Instead, he fell to shrap­nel amidst the car­nage of that bit­ter war. Car­nage which, when dark­ness fell, attracted some­thing ter­ri­fy­ing: A roam­ing pack of feral vampires–mindless feeders–who fell upon the sol­diers left wounded and dying in No Man’s Land. Attacked by the fer­als, Narain was trans­formed into the other type of vam­pire: A sen­tient capa­ble of mov­ing about in soci­ety with only a few restric­tions and able to feed with­out killing the host. Present Day: Chicago, U.S. After the death of his long-term partner and food source Sophie from cancer, Narain, now a successful chef and businessman, albeit with an unusual set of problems that make life in "normal" society difficult, has reached a crossroads in his life as a sentient vampire. His growing attraction to Cassie Lambert, a scientist with an unexpected link to his past, the re-emergence of Reginald Jameson, his old captain in WWI and now a sadistic predator who shares the night with Narain, and a new, terrifying breed of vampire Boris, a monster who destroys everything in his path. All these events will conspire to drag Narain into a climactic struggle. A struggle against everything he holds dear, against himself, against Jameson, Boris and the forces that will stop at nothing to discover the secret Cassie has learned about the nature of Vampirism. A struggle that will show Narain that to defeat the real mon­sters, he will have to embrace what he is and awaken the beast within. That to touch the sun, he will have to risk being burned up in its fury... *** "To Touch The Sun" is the debut novel by US author Laura Enright

Ujaali (The Chicago Vampires)
ISBN: 1517685249

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

After the events of To Touch the Sun, Book One in the Chicago Vampire Series, Narain Khan is finding his life returning to normal—or as normal as life can be for the chef and owner of one of Chicago’s premiere restaurants who also happens to be a vampire. And yet, as the romance deepens between him and microbiologist Cassie Lambert, and investors approach he and business partner Dom Amato to open a London restaurant, Narain can’t shake the feeling that something terrible is coming. Something he’ll be totally unprepared to deal with. Indeed, something terrible does come as the consequences of a careless action taken decades ago come back to haunt him. It forces him to lie to Dom, a friend he’s never lied to before, and puts at risk the relationship he’s built with Cassie after a blackout causes him to do the unthinkable one night. To save those he loves, victims of his mistake, Narain must turn to his greatest nemesis for help and agree to the harsh terms that Reg Jameson is only too glad to put forth.

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Chicagos Most Wanted Program

Chicago, when told it couldnt do something, went ahead and did it anyway. Far from a toddling town, it was, is, a charging town, meeting challenges head on, losing big and winning bigger. From sports to gangsters to ghosts, Enright presents amazing facts from her book ''Chicagos Most Wanted The Top Ten Book of Murderous Mobsters, Midway Monsters and Windy City Oddities'' (All ages; 60+ min; $150 with permission to sell books)

. Vampires From Ancient Bogeymen to Romantic Heroes Program Once the sum of all our fears, the vampire has retained an allure and evolved to fit todays fantasies. Enright, author of Vampires Most Wanted The Top Ten Book of Bloodthirsty Biters, Stake-wielding Slayers and Other Undead Oddities and To Touch the Sun, the first book in her Chicago-set vampire series, discusses vampires in legend, literature, and media. (All ages; 60 min; $150 with permission to sell books)