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Name:  Iris Krasnow  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: in Oak Park, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Krasnow was born and raised in Oak Park.

Biographical and Professional Information

Iris Krasnow is a New York Times bestselling author, journalist, professor, and professional speaker. She is a journalism and women's studies professor at American University in Washington, DC.Her writing has been featured in many national publications, including Parade, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and AARP The Magazine. Iris has been a guest on numerous national television and radio programs including Oprah, Good Morning America, Today, All Things Considered, and has been featured on CNN several times. Interviews with Iris, and reviews of her work, have appeared in Time, O: The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, The New Yorker, U.S. News & World Report, and Redbook. She has appeared on numerous national shows, ranging from Oprah and Good Morning America to All Things Considered. Krasnow currently resides in Maryland.

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Titles At Your Library

Surrendering to Motherhood: Losing Your Mind, Finding Your Soul
ISBN: 0786862173

Miramax. 1997

A successful woman who did not feel fulfilled until she became a mother shares her story of passionate surrender to her children and the joy beyond expectations that she gained as a result of living in the moment.

Surrendering to Yourself
ISBN: 0786869135

Miramax. 2003

Best-selling author Iris Krasnow presents a powerful, exhilarating book about living from truth, about uncovering who you are, beyond marriage, children, and career. With passionate narrative and insightful interviews, Krasnow helps readers muster up the courage to discard old selves that are false, and to live their dreams. She pushes people to sever unhealthy relationships, to resurrect childhood hobbies, to consider a new career, and to face their own mortality. Krasnow stresses that Surrendering to Yourself is not a selsh pursuit, that developing clarity and strength from within means opening up to the world and to love. 'My goal is for midlifers to think life-lifts, not facelifts for people with crevices in their faces to realize that Botox cannot x their souls,' writes Krasnow. 'It is only when we plug into the passion of our souls can we nd happiness.' With humor and grace, Krasnow propels us to identify our true selves and live the lives we were meant to lead, with purpose, exuberance, and direction.

I Am My Mother's Daughter: Making Peace with Mom--Before It's Too Late
ISBN: 0465037550

Basic Books. 2007

Iris Krasnow-mother, daughter, and bestselling journalist-tackles the toughest relationship in the lives of many grown women: the mother-daughter bond. With women's life expectancy inching up past 80, you may be embroiled with your mother well past the time your own hair turns white. The good news: Living longer means more time to make peace-and this book shows you how. Drawing on her own experience with her colorful 85-year-old mother and the collective wisdom of more than 100 other adult daughters, Krasnow offers a fresh perspective on how to overcome the anger, guilt, and resentment that can destroy a family. The time to repair the bond is now, she reminds us: You can't kiss and make up at her funeral. The key is to let go of the fantasy mom and embrace the flesh-and-blood woman, with all her flaws.

Surrendering to Marriage: Husbands, Wives, and Other Imperfections
ISBN: 0985134089

IBKBooks. 2012

In the New York Times best-seller Surrendering to Marriage, Iris Krasnow offers a raw and penetrating portrait of modern marriage and the backbreaking work required to make it last. With joyous, sexy, and shocking stories of real marriages, real affairs, and real divorces, Surrendering to Marriage moves far beyond a how-to manual Krasnow shows us that a successful marriage has less to do with bursts of bliss, and everything to do with embracing the ordinary in our day-to-day relationships.

The Secret Lives of Wives: Women Share What It Really Takes to Stay Married
ISBN: 1592407390

Avery. 2012

A bestselling, groundbreaking author investigates wives who thrive, sharing their uncensored strategies for staying married.

America’s high divorce rate is well known. But little attention has been paid to the flip side: couples who creatively manage to build marriages that are lasting longer than we ever thought possible. What’s the secret? To find out, bestselling journalist Iris Krasnow interviewed more than two hundred wives whose marriages have survived for fifteen to seventy years.

In raw, candid, sometimes titillating stories, Krasnow’s cast of wise women give voice to the truth about marriage and the importance of maintaining a strong sense of self apart from the relationship. Some spend summers separately from their partners. Some make time for wine with the girls. One septuagenarian has a recurring date with an old flame from high school. In every case, the marriage operates on many tracks, giving both spouses license to pursue the question “Who am I apart from my marriage?”

Krasnow’s goal is to give women permission to create their own marriages at any age. Marital bliss is possible, she says, if each partner is blissful apart from the other. For anyone who wants to stay married and stay sane, this is the book to read!

Sex After . . .: Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes
ISBN: 1592409180

Avery. 2015

The bestselling author of The Secret Lives of Wives offers a refreshingly straightforward guide to enjoying a long, satisfying sex life.

Women of the baby boomer generation know and trust Iris Krasnow as a writer who speaks candidly to the issues that concern them most. In the months following the publication of her most recent book, The Secret Lives of Wives, Krasnow addressed thousands of women, and she discovered that two subjects dominated her audiences’ conversations: sex and change. Whether women are worried about marriage and divorce or illness and death, they’re all asking: “How do I handle the shifts in my sexuality caused by these events?” Sex After . . . holds the answers to everything from regaining sexual confidence after childbirth and breast cancer to navigating the dating scene in senior communities.

As with all of Krasnow’s books since her New York Times bestseller Surrendering to Marriage, the narrative is driven by real women’s stories: raw, intimate, and, most importantly, true. Prescriptive, emancipating, and insightful, Sex After . . . addresses a range of circumstances, including what happens:

  • When you or your spouse doesn’t want sex anymore
  • After cancer, amputation, PTSD, or another illness maims the body
  • If you come out of the closet at middle age
  • When your marriage is damaged by adultery
  • If you’re dating again after twenty-five years with the same sexual partner
  • When your husband is addicted to Viagra

Filled with edgy and honest stories of carnal challenge and triumph from women of all backgrounds and life stages, Sex After . . . is Krasnow’s signature take on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask—during all of life’s passages. Krasnow is a media and lecture tour favorite, and readers—whether in the heat of an initial can’t-eat-can’t-sleep attraction or rounding the corner to their sixtieth anniversary—will applaud her eye-opening perspectives on the one issue that can change lives for better or worse like nothing else.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Iris Krasnow speaks on issues related to family, relationships and female empowerment to many national groups, including business organizations, religious institutions, womens groups and colleges and universities. She speaks on the following topics

  • Having It All Balancing work, family and personal growth
  • Surrendering to Marriage Make your relationship last forever
  • How Purpose and Passion Lead to Business Success
  • The Healing Power Of Female Friendships
  • Surrendering To Yourself Exploring and loving your self of truth
  • Mother-Daughter Relationships Turning war into peace
  • The Circle of Life From mothering children to mothering aging parents
  • Women In Transition Creating fulfillment and growth at every stage