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General Information

Name:  June Sawyers  

Pen Name: June Skinner Sawyers

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1957 in Glasgow, Scotland

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Illinois Connection

Sawyers lives in Chicago and is an adjunct lecturer in the humanities at the Newberry Library in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Born June Sawers, June Skinner Sawyers is an editor, author and lecturer of Celtic Music, popular and regional histories and culture. She has written or edited more than twenty books and has also written an ebook, ''Workingman: The Faith-Based Politics of Bruce Springsteen, Now and Then Reader''.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Bearing the people away :
ISBN: 1927492599. OCLC Number: 851897420

. .

"Part reference guide, part handbook, part travel guide and part resource in one portable volume, Bearing the People Away uses an encyclopedia format geared toward the general reader. The entries vary in length from brief sentences to several paragraphs. They include major Clearance sites, major and minor figures associated with the Clearances, Clearance-related sites outwith Scotland (significant parts of the Scottish Diaspora as Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand), places and historical events with Clearance and or Highland connections, and recordings, websites and relevant museums and organizations identified with the Highland Clearances."--From publisher's website.

Bob Dylan :
ISBN: 9780984625451. OCLC Number: 739703748

Roaring Forties Press,. .

Packed with information, savvy insights, and surprising facts, this guide to Dylan's years in New York City examines the role that the city played in the creation of his music, the evolution of his creative process, and the continual reinvention of his public persona. In the landscape of Manhattan, Dylan created words and sounds that redefined the possibilities of popular music throughout the world. Chronicling where he lived, worked, and played, this book offers an evocative portrait of the city, especially its folk scene during the 1960s. With street maps featuring more than 50 sites, from fleabag hotels and avant-garde clubs to tiny coffeehouses and vast concert halls, readers can navigate Bob Dylan's New York and experience the sites and sounds that influenced the singer, such as Café Wha?; the Chelsea Hotel; Columbia's Studio A, where he recorded songs such as “Desolation Row and “Positively 4th Street; the Decker Building, where he hung out with Andy Warhol and Nico; the Delmonico Hotel, where he introduced the Beatles to marijuana; and the Bitter End, where he spent much of the summer of 1975 playing pool and guitar.

Bruce Springsteen :
ISBN: 1435111877. OCLC Number: 458756559

Metro Books,. .

" ... June Skinner Sawyers traces Springsteen's development as a performer, from his days as a New Jersey teenager gigging at clubs and coffeehouses with the musicians who form his now legendary E Street Band to his transformation into an international icon who sells out stadium-sized arenas for weeks at a stretch. In addition to in-depth analyses of each album he has cut, this celebratory volume features hundreds of photographs that take you back to the most memorable moments of Bruce Springsteen's career, from his pick-up gigs at Asbury Park's Stone Pony and the phenomenal Born in the USA world tour to his campaign concerts for Barack Obama in 2008 and his stellar halftime performance at Super Bowl XLIII in 2009."

Cabaret FAQ :
ISBN: 9781495051449. OCLC Number: 973907594

. .

Features chapters on Jean Ross and Christopher Isherwood--the real people behind the singular characters of Sally Bowles and Clifford Bradshaw/Brian Roberts. Also includes background information on the original source material, Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin stories; delves into the stories behind the figure of the outlandish Emcee as well as the actors who played him, from Joel Grey to Alan Cumming; studies the famous musical score by John Kander and Fred Ebb; and looks into the burlesque roots of director Bob Fosse in his native Chicago. Throughout the book, connections and associations to Cabaret are explored by looking at such diverse topics as the first cabarets in Paris, Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, the Dada movement, early Berlin cabarets during the Weimar Republic, German expressionism, the Bauhaus, Marlene Dietrich and The Blue Angel, David Bowie's many German influences, and the present and future of modern cabaret. Cabaret FAQ is the definitive guide for all fans of the Broadway musical and movie as well as for fans of the art form known as cabaret.--Back cover.

Celtic music :
ISBN: 0306810077. OCLC Number: 55473726

Da Capo Press,. .

"Celtic music means many things to many people. To some it recalls the Irish rebel songs of the Clancy Brothers, to others the ensemble playing of the Chieftains or Enya's ethereal vocals. Yet Celtic music is much more than reels, jigs, and lamenting ballads. It is unaccompanied singing, feverish fiddle tunes, the haunting strains of a Highland bagpipe, and the sweet music of the uilleann pipes. It can be heard in the modern rock arrangements of U2, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor, and Hothouse Flowers; beneath the fundamental chords of hillbilly and bluegrass music; and on the distinctive film soundtracks of Braveheart and Titanic. It comes not just from Ireland and Scotland, but also from Wales, Brittany, the Isle of Man, and Cornwall." "In the first guide to chart the history and influences of this musical tradition, Celtic Music explores its evolution from 12th-century bardic roots to the exciting developments on the contemporary scene. June Skinner Sawyers examines the music and dance styles fundamental to the Celtic tradition - reels, jigs, ballads, airs, and carols - as well as the unmistakable Celtic impact on quintessential American folk and rock musicians such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Woody Guthrie. She profiles hundreds of artists, and compiles suggestions for recommended listening, including "100 Essential Celtic Recordings." Packed also with lists of Celtic festivals and publications, record outlets, record labels, and music schools, Celtic Music is the essential primer for all lovers of the music."--Jacket.

Chicago portraits /
ISBN: 0810126494. OCLC Number: 318428619

Northwestern University Press,. .

Chicago portraits :
ISBN: 0829407014. OCLC Number: 24066734

Loyola University Press,. .

A collection of biographies by writer June Skinner Sawyers that chronicle the lives of 250 people who have had a major influence on the history of Chicago.

Chicago sketches :
ISBN: 0829408193. OCLC Number: 31518033

Wild Onion Books,. .

" ... A collection of seventy-two essays ... offers a wide ranging glimpse of the people and events that have shaped Chicago's rich past."

Dreams of elsewhere :
ISBN: 1903238692. OCLC Number: 50433367

In Pinn,. .

A comprehensive and representative sampling of Stevenson's prolific travel output, including excerpts from his most famous travel books, travel essays and travel poetry, and includes some lesser-known works from US collections.

Famous firsts of Scottish-Americans /
ISBN: 1565541227. OCLC Number: 34472196

Pelican Pub. Co.,. .

Focuses on notable Scottish-Americans who have helped shape American destiny, including contributors in the fields of politics, sports, and the arts.

Maverick guide to Scotland /
ISBN: 1565542274. OCLC Number: 42216752

Pelican Pub. Co.,. .

Praying with Celtic saints, prophets, martyrs, and poets /
ISBN: 1580510949. OCLC Number: 45951589

Sheed & Ward,. .

Quiet moments with Patrick and the Celtic saints :
ISBN: 1569551375. OCLC Number: 42295941

Charis Books,. .

Racing in the street :
ISBN: 0142003549. OCLC Number: 53019741

Penguin Books,. .

Read the Beatles :
ISBN: 0143037323. OCLC Number: 65538669

Penguin Books,. .

"A must-have book for all Beatles fans--a career-spanning selection of writings about the fab four"--Page 4 of cover.

The best in rock fiction /
ISBN: 0634080288. OCLC Number: 55960743

Hal Leonard,. .

Contains a collection of twenty-one short stories and novel excerpts related to rock music, including selections by Ricky Moody, Don DeLillo, Nick Hornby, Tom Perrotta, T.C. Boyle, and others.

The civilized shopper's guide to Edinburgh & Glasgow /
ISBN: 1892145588. OCLC Number: 212627298

Little Bookroom,. .

The complete guide to Celtic music :
ISBN: 1854106945. OCLC Number: 43032238

Aurum Press,. .

The complete guide to Celtic music :
ISBN: 1559725001. OCLC Number: 40120031

Carol Pub. Group,. .

The Greenwich Village reader :
ISBN: 0815411480. OCLC Number: 47521274

Cooper Square Press.,. .

An anthology celebrating Greenwich Village presents memoirs, articles, essays, poems, short stories, and excerpts from novels set in the West Village or penned by a Villager.

The road north :
ISBN: 1897784953. OCLC Number: 46790877

In Pinn,. .

The Scots of Chicago :
ISBN: 0787228370. OCLC Number: 37372641

Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co.,. .

The Scottish bed & breakfast book :
ISBN: 1589802918. OCLC Number: 63263473

Pelican Pub. Co.,. .

Tougher than the rest :
ISBN: 0825634709. OCLC Number: 71005820

Omnibus Press :. .