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Name:  Elizabeth Taylor Greer  

Pen Name: Ibby Greer, Elizabeth T. Greer

Genre: Children's Literature Coloring Book Fiction Memoir

Born: 1950 in Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Greer is a native of Springfield.

Biographical and Professional Information

Elizabeth "Ibby" Taylor Greer is a native of Illinois and attended Palm Beach Day School, is a graduate of the Westover School in Connecticut, has a B.A. with Honors and Phi Beta Kappa from Hollins University in Virginia, an M.A. in Comparative Literature (English, French, German 18th century novel) from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and has lived all over the USA and in London and Vienna. She is an artist whose paintings are in private collections and colleges. She taught pre-school, kindergarten, and 5th grade in Boulder, owned and published a magazine and ran her Blue Lady Bookshop in Rocky Mount, Virginia, for five years, is an editor, and an active civic volunteer. She is the author of two novels, a memoir, and editor of her late husband's military memoir - ''Thomas Keister Greer, Youth, WWII Marine, Early Legal Career''. She currently resides in Roanoke, Virginia.

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Titles At Your Library

Old-Fashioned Stories and Poems for Children and Everyone: Includes "The Gingerbread Angel"
ISBN: 1502993821

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

This little book is filled with vivid images and whimsy. The author believes that children learn to enjoy reading, art, and writing if they are encouraged to recite rhymes, write their own poems or songs, and are given a chance to illustrate. Some of these little lyrics were written when the author was very young. Others were written decades later for her son Andrew, who grew up to be a writer and a lawyer and lover of art. These poems and stories are meant to be read aloud, especially to young children. The author has been drawing and writing since she was a little girl. Her imagination lets her "see" the world in a whimsical way. The poems and stories in this collection are meant to trigger imagination in a youngster who is able to read or is being read to.

Wiggle and His Friends: Six True Stories
ISBN: 151951235X

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2016

Six stories that can be read to children, or read by young readers, of animals and children, in the eastern hills of Kentucky, these tales are based on true stories and the five books by R.L. Mackintosh: "Reigning Cats and Dogs," "Extraordinary, Ordinary Farm," "To Drink the Wind," "The Wildest Neighbors," and "The Best of the Tooth, Claw, and Hoof Stories," all available online and as Kindle books. Dogs, cats, a goat, a mule, a raccoon, a retired racehorse, and a fawn star in these stories, each with a happy ending.

Paper Faces: Babyboomer Memoir
ISBN: 1556182007

Blue Lady Bookshop. 2002

Ibby Greer’s Paper Faces, Babyboomer Memoir, is her poetic record of the past fifty years. Filled with details of person, place, and decade, this collection of "bio-poems," with abundant photographs, and the occasional portrait, sketch, and illustration, is like a family photo album. Heritage and traditions are candidly balanced with social upheaval and political change. The memories are poignant and personal, revealing humor, anger, grief, and joy. Recurrent images of games, landscapes, ship and train travel, and domestic interiors appear throughout the collection and link the experiences together through the passage of time and the maturing of the writer. Look at what poetry can bring to memory and vision.

Moving Day: A Season of Letters : A Novel
ISBN: 1556181906

Blue Lady Bookshop. 2000

Every day of Ann Cunningham Bow's life in her cozy apartment in Boulder, Colorado, with her cat is a "moving" day, full of her observations of the wonders and changes around her. Writer, civic volunteer, mother, widow, and friend to a spectrum of individuals whom she regularly corresponds with, Ann infuses her world with spirituality, common sense, and humor. Pressured by family to move into an assisted care community, as most of her good friends have already done, this active lady holds her own and draws the reader into a world of music, reflection, and good causes. Join her and her neighbor for tea as they watch snow fall on the Rockies. Join her in a winter season of letters, and come away with a new appreciation for the poignant, moving, everyday moments of a modern older woman's life.

Moonshine Corner, Keys to Rocky Mount
ISBN: 1500980110

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

A time-warp, historical, love story, and ghost novel full of local color, set in a small town in Franklin County, Virginia, known by all as the "moonshining capital" of the world, this story was written by the widow of the author of the authoritative legal history on the subject, T. K. Greer, Esq., and his "The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935." Through the eyes, and keys, of a young realtor new to town, times past and hidden secrets come to light. A love story set in layers of history, this novel is chock-full of fun and answers. The book is NOT about making moonshine.

The Double-E Chronicles: Short Short Stories
ISBN: 1508691363

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

Twelve short, short stories that lead the reader down twists and turns until a surprise ending appears. These stories reveal modern society in glimpses of the lives of a surreal celestial event in south Florida, a fashion-obsessed teen, a lonely teacher, a bedroom full of history, a startling scene at a closed motel, a bored church-goer, a misunderstood son, a secretive daughter, an abandoned house, a widow's decision, a wealthy man's loss, and a campaign worker's revelation.

Coloring Is Cool (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1500345628

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015

This is a whimsical coloring book for anyone of any age, but is meant to be fun for adults! The drawings are shapes and abstracts, trees, cats, stars, houses, coffee cups, flowers, leaves, moons, and other simple designs swirled together to become pretty pages. Each drawing is accompanied by a lyrical poem.

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