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General Information

Name:  Michael Alan Peck  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Peck currently resides in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Michael Alan Peck grew up outside Philadelphia and has lived in New York, L.A., and San Francisco. He currently makes his home in Chicago. His book, ''The Commons: Book 1: The Journeyman'' was selected as the winner of the ''Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project'' in 2015. Peck has also penned the column ''Ask the Televisionary'' for TV, has written about travel and reviews about restaurants.


'The Commons '

Winner, Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Project, 2015

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

The Journeyman: The Commons Book 1
ISBN: 0986082325. OCLC Number: 903155267

Dinuhos Arts,. .

The afterlife, which is known as the Commons, has been taken over by a corporate raider who uses the energy of its souls to maintain control. Three people board a bus and after a horrific accident, they are the last, best hope for the Commons to free itself.

The Margins: The Commons, Book 2
ISBN: 0986082341. OCLC Number:

. .

"I think I did something. Something someone really bad was counting on me to do. And I think you helped me." Ray-Anne Blair isn't buying it. She just wants Paul Reid to forget about the imaginary place he says he needs to return to-and to stop calling her Rain. Everyone wants something. Jeremy Johns wants to do well at his job, but the new office is strange. So is his boss, Mr. Truitt. Annie Brucker wants to understand how she ended up back with her abusive ex. Zach, her son, wants to know if he should trust whatever it is that speaks to him from the darkness of his closet-something so heavy it makes the floorboards creak. Jonas Porter, Audra Farrelly, Po the silent monk, and Charlene Moseley want to know why their colleagues and prospective Journeymen have disappeared, though the answer might spell the end of all existence. Welcome to The Margins, a place that shouldn't be-but is, thanks to Paul and his friends. They thought they'd won. But they played right into the hands of an evil that anticipated their heroic act. Now realms are crossing over, the universe is collapsing, and it's up to those who created the danger to neutralize it. No one said it would be easy. No one's sure it's even possible. But this is where the difficult and the impossible abound. This is The Commons.