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Name:  Lorijo Metz  

Pen Name: N/A


Born: in Waukegan, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Metz was born in Waukegan and grew up in Antioch. She attended Illinois State University in Bloomington and now resides in Gurnee.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lorijo Metz currently resides in Indiana. Though she has a degree in acting and directing, she much prefers the anonymity of the keyboard, allowing her characters to revel in the spotlight while she sits quietly sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on cookies, and dreaming up ways to complicate their lives.

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Selected Titles At Your Library

A Nation of Immigrants.
ISBN: 9781477731437. OCLC Number: 1057685063

Rosen Publishing Group,. .

Abolitionist Movement, The.
ISBN: 9781477731413. OCLC Number: 1024265200

Rosen Publishing,. .

Learn about the brave men and women who fought to end slavery. This book introduces young readers to heroes such as Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and Harriet Tubman. Explore the Underground Railroad, the long struggle between free states and slave states, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Thirteenth Amendment. A map explains the Missouri Compromise, while an illustrated timeline helps readers trace the evolution of this important movement. The final chapters explain how the civil rights movement continued the fight for racial equality and discuss how the abolitionists inspir.

Arabian horses
ISBN: 9781448874262. OCLC Number: 761383854

PowerKids Press,. .

This book presents the physical characteristics, care, training, and competitions of Arabians, one of the oldest-known breeds of horses.

Cattle :
ISBN: 9781448810390. OCLC Number: 855023967

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces cattle, describing their physical characteristics, herd behavior, eating habits, and such products as milk, meat, and leather obtained from them.

Chickens :
ISBN: 9781448810437. OCLC Number: 855024350

PowerKids Press,. .

Explores the life stages, living conditions, and uses of the chicken.

ISBN: 9781448874279. OCLC Number: 766609054

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces Clydesdales, describing their physical characteristics, how they are cared for, their historic background, and where to find them today.

Discovering clams
ISBN: 9781448853823. OCLC Number: 799893181

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces clams, discussing their physical characteristics, life cycle, and predators.

Discovering crabs
ISBN: 9781448853816. OCLC Number: 799892214

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces crabs, discussing their physical characteristics, life cycle, and eating habits.

Discovering jellyfish
ISBN: 9781448849970. OCLC Number: 700205490

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces jellyfish, discussing physical characteristics, life cycle, predators, and eating habits of the species.

Discovering sea lions
ISBN: 9781448853809. OCLC Number: 799891877

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces sea lions, discussing the physical characteristics, life cycle, and eating habits.

Discovering seagulls
ISBN: 9781448853830. OCLC Number: 799894070

PowerKids Press,. .

Describes the clever ways these birds find food, traces their life cycle, and examines their relationship with the human beings with whom they interact both frequently and loudly.

Discovering starfish
ISBN: 9781448853847. OCLC Number: 799891917

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces starfish, discussing their physical characteristics, life cycle, and eating habits.

Donkeys :
ISBN: 9781448810406. OCLC Number: 855024802

PowerKids Press,. .

The donkey, along with its close kin the hinny and the mule, is known for its stamina. Readers will learn that, though these members of the horse family have a reputation for stubbornness, they have successfully worked alongside humans for thousand of years.

Floridius Bloom and the planet of Gloom /
ISBN: 0803730845. OCLC Number: 122928270

Dial Books for Young Readers,. .

Floridius Bloom builds a high wall to keep the feared monsters of Gloom out of his light-filled garden, but one day he gets a visitor that changes everything.

ISBN: 9781448874316. OCLC Number: 771654431

PowerKids Press,. .

This book presents the physical characteristics, care, training, and performance of Friesians, one of the few breeds of horses that are native to the Netherlands.

Geese :
ISBN: 9781448810444. OCLC Number: 855025234

PowerKids Press,. .

Describes geese, ganders, and goslings.

Goats :
ISBN: 9781448810413. OCLC Number: 855023494

PowerKids Press,. .

Introduces goats, describing their physical characteristics, social behavior, eating habits, and such products as milk, cheese, and angora and cashmere fibers obtained from them.

La Constitución de los Estados Unidos y la Carta de Derechos =
ISBN: 9781477732472. OCLC Number: 856902898

. .

Después de más de 200 años, la Constitución estadounidense permanece la ley suprema de la tierra. Este texto bilingüe cava en por qué la Constitución fue escrita y habla como las enmiendas lo han permitido evolucionar con el tiempo. El libro explica cada uno de los siete artículos de la Constitución, así como las diez enmiendas que arreglan la Declaración de derechos.

La Declaración de independencia =
ISBN: 9781477732540. OCLC Number: 871542944

. .

The belief that, All men are created equal, and have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness has inspired generations of Americans. Readers will learn what historical circumstances necessitated the writing of Declaration of Independence and gain a deeper understanding of that central document.

ISBN: 9781448876556. OCLC Number: 852140443

PowerKids Press,. .

An introduction to Lipizzaner horses that discusses their physical characteristics, abilities, and other related topics.

Sheep :
ISBN: 9781448810420. OCLC Number: 855020381

PowerKids Press,. .

Discusses sheep, how they are raised, and how they are used as sources of food and clothing.

The women's suffrage movement =
ISBN: 9781477732502. OCLC Number: 858672367

. .

While women were part of American history from the outset, they did not win the right to vote until 1920. Readers of this engrossing history of the women's suffrage movement will discover its roots in the abolitionist movement.

ISBN: 9781448874293. OCLC Number: 769141529

PowerKids Press,. .

This book presents the physical characteristics, care, and training of Thoroughbreds, horses that were bred in England.

Using beakers and graduated cylinders
ISBN: 9781448896851. OCLC Number: 809925937

. .

Explains how to use beakers and graduated cylinders to measure liquids, including safety measures, displacement, and the scientific method.

Using clocks and stopwatches
ISBN: 9781448899289. OCLC Number: 855023039

PowerKids Press,. .

This guide teaches students how to use clocks and stop watches. Explanations are provided of how these tools can be used to study things, such as a persons heart rate and how fast animals learn. Discussion about how to construct an experiment make it easy for readers to do one themselves and one is provided for them to try.

Using hand lenses and microscopes
ISBN: 9781448899265. OCLC Number: 864552439

. .

Explains about microscopes and magnifying glasses, including compound light microscopes, electron microscopes, and hand lenses.

Using rulers and tape measures
ISBN: 9781448899272. OCLC Number: 855019832

PowerKids Press,. .

Using scales and balances
ISBN: 9781448899258. OCLC Number: 855023067

PowerKids Press,. .

Using thermometers
ISBN: 9781448899234. OCLC Number: 855019823

PowerKids Press,. .

What can we do about global warming?
ISBN: 9781404280793. OCLC Number: 278980753

Rosen Pub. Group,. .

Teaches children about global warming, and discusses the causes and effects on the animals and the environment, renewable energy, global solutions, and other related topics; and offers tips and advice on ways to prevent global warming.

What can we do about invasive species?
ISBN: 9781404280847. OCLC Number: 298538000

PowerKids Press,. .

Explores how and why plants and animals enter ecosystems to which they are not native, as well as the consequences of these invasions for other animals, plants, and humans.

What can we do about trash and recycling? /
ISBN: 1435824830. OCLC Number: 289095949

PowerKids Press,. .

Teaches children about the importance of recycling, discusses the impact of trash on the environment, biodegradable materials, and other related topics; and offers tips and advice on what and how to recycle.