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General Information

Name:  Kathryn Flatt  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Kathryn was born in Illinois and has lived here her entire life.

Biographical and Professional Information

After many years working as a computer programmer, she launched her new careers as a writer in 2011 with the release of The Dreamer Gambit, a mystery set in Chicago. She also has several books in kindle format including ''Dabbers'', ''Game Faces'' and ''Stranger Faces''.

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Titles At Your Library

Dreamer Gambit
ISBN: 1613860161

Cambridge Books. 2011

Jack Watson Series, Vol. 1 Tabitha Solo thought nothing of dropping the name of Scot Cunningham, the object of her high school crush who recently died in a car crash, as the inspiration for her first hit song, “Dreamer,” during a TV interview. But now, the FBI is asking about him, people are following her, and Carren Bixby--Tabitha’s manager and Scot’s one-time girlfriend--is behaving suspiciously. When Tabitha finds a listening device in her bedroom, she runs away and hires private detective Jack Watson. Jack met Tabitha once before and suddenly believed in love at first sight, but he was recovering from a disastrous marriage then and had yet to fight off the commanding influence of his ex-wife. When Tabitha arrives in his office looking for help, he is both thrilled and disappointed because his professional ethics forbid him from becoming personally involved with a client. He gets the career-making case he had been longing for in finding out why Tabitha’s life has been turned upside down. Was Scot’s car accident actually murder? Does someone in the Bixby family know the truth? Was Carren in on it? What secret does everyone think Tabitha knows? As the bad guys close in around her, the bond between Jack and Tabitha grows. If they can stay alive by figuring what role Tabitha plays in this chess game for power, can love flourish or is Tabitha’s case the only thing holding them together?

Two Faces: Two-Faced: Faces Series, Vol. 1 (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1613860773

Cambridge Books. 2013

For Tracy Wiley, life is smooth sailing. Armed with a sharp wit and sharper mind, she has everything under control, taking things as they come. At least until her boyfriend breaks up with her and she takes a singles’ cruise to Jamaica to get over him. On the ship, she meets a charismatic rogue who seems to seek only platonic companionship. Back home in Miami Beach, however, her vacation friendship sweeps her into a dangerous world of international intrigue where everyone has two faces, including Tracy. Except her other face is on someone else’s body and might just get her killed.

Changeling Kill: Jack Watson Series, Vol. 2
ISBN: 1613862008

Cambridge Books. 2013

Jack Watson vowed not to be choosy about taking any new cases, then who walks into his office but his exwife. Dr. Victoria Pressler, the psychologist also known as “The Mind Bender,” who had once made Jack’s life pure hell. Now she wants him to figure out if her new lover, loves her — or her money. Jack hopes to find some dirt on him and take Victoria down a peg, to prove to himself that she no longer has any power over him. Soon, however, Jack learns her lover may be fronting for an elusive assassin known as “The Changeling,” who through Victoria’s position, gets access to a gala show in Chicago. Even as Jack navigates down some dark paths, he must race against the clock to identify both the killer and the target and keep the show’s star performer, Jack’s one-time client Tabitha Solo, out of the crosshairs.

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