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General Information

Name:  Fred Hunter  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Mystery

Born: 1954

-- Fred Hunter on WorldCat --

Illinois Connection

Hunter lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Hunter began his writing career as a playwright. He is the author of the Jeremy Ransom/Emily Charter mysteries and mysteries involving gay sleuth Alex Reynolds.

Published Works

  • Presence of Mind, Worldwide Library, 1994
  • Ransom for an Angel, Worldwide Library, 1996
  • Ransom for Our Sins, Worldwide Library, 1997
  • Ransom for a Holiday, St. Martin's Press, 1997
  • Government Gay, St. Martin's Press, 1998
  • Federal Fag, St Martins Press, June 1998
  • Tis The Season For Murder, Worldwide Library, 1998
  • Ransom for a Killing, Worldwide Library Mysteries, 1999
  • Capital Queers, St. Martin's Minotaur, 1999
  • Ransom Unpaid, Worldwide Library, 2000
  • National Nancys, Minotaur Books, 2000
  • Ransom at the Opera Worldwide Library, 2002
  • The Chicken Asylum, St. Martin's Griffin, 2002
  • The Mummy's Ransom, Worldwide Library, 2003
  • Ransom at Sea, St. Martin's Minotaur, 2003

Selected Titles At Your Library

Presence of mind /
ISBN: 0373262825. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. New York :. 1998, ©1994.

Ransom for an angel /
ISBN: 0373262248. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. Toronto ;. [1997], ©1995.

Ransom for our sins /
ISBN: 0373262493. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. Toronto ;. 1997.

"The young man's body was found nude, the marks on his palms and feet revealing his grim fate: he had been crucified. The body is later identified as a parishioner of the Community of the Lord Church. As Chicago police detective Jeremy Ransom investigates the cultlike enclave led by its rigid and autocratic minister, the invisible bond of the community tightens. But Ransom is convinced that the killer lurks among them, especially when another victim meets the same torturous death. With insightful help from his surrogate grandmother, Emily Charters, Ransom discovers the truth that did not set these victims free ... it only got them dead."--BOOK COVER.

Ransom for a holiday /
ISBN: 0312169760. OCLC Number:

St. Martin's Press,. New York :. 1997.

A mystery featuring a pair of inter-generational sleuths. He is Detective Jeremy Ransom of Chicago, she is his friend, Emily Charters, an elderly lady recuperating from heart surgery. They solve a murder while on holiday together.

Government gay /
ISBN: 0312187211. OCLC Number:

St. Martin's Press,. New York :. 1998.

Federal fag /
ISBN: 0312185804. OCLC Number:

. .

In Los Angeles, PI Alex Reynolds tours the pornographic film industry in the hope of finding the killer of his lover, Pat, an actor in porno films.

'Tis the season for murder :
ISBN: 0373262906. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. Toronto ;. ©1998.

A collection of short stories that involve crimes happening at Christmas time.

Ransom for a killing /
ISBN: 0373263295. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. Toronto ;. 1999.

After being exonerated in the rape of a high school classmate, Ben Harvey becomes the suspect in the girl's murder eight years later. Jerry Ransom is drawn to the case, only to discover that the fine line of justice can be razor sharp ... and deadly. "(Ransom's) sharpest, most urgent case yet."--"Kirkus Reviews." Martin's Press.

Capital queers /
ISBN: 0312204639. OCLC Number:

. .

Alex Reynolds, his lover Peter, and Alex's mother are thrust into a confusing and deadly game when friends of theirs are killed for possessing a stolen religious artifact. Now, in addition to inheriting their friends' annoying dog Muffin, the killers believe that Alex and his family also possess the missing artifact, putting Alex next on their list if the object isn't found and returned very soon.

Ransom unpaid /
ISBN: 0373263651. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. Toronto ;. 2000.

On seeing the ghost of her dead husband, a woman in Chicago has a heart attack. Police attribute her vision to old age, but sleuthing senior citizen Emily Charters sees the hand of a criminal.

National nancys /
ISBN: 0312252331. OCLC Number:

. .

Alex Reynolds has reluctantly agreed to help out in a Chicago camppaign office, but the office is bombed, and he and his lover Peter Livesay are hoping "to avoid getting killed themselves."--Jacket.

Ransom at the opera /
ISBN: 0373264208. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. Toronto ;. 2002.

The chicken asylum /
ISBN: 0312287100. OCLC Number:

St. Martin's Minotaur ;. New York :. 2002.

The mummy's Ransom /
ISBN: 0373264518. OCLC Number:

Worldwide,. Toronto ;. 2003.

Ransom at sea /
ISBN: 0312300662. OCLC Number:

St. Martin's Minotaur,. New York :. 2003.

When a passenger aboard a Great Lakes senior cruise is found murdered, church group member Emily Charters teams up with her friend, detective Jeremy Ransom, to solve the case.



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