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General Information

Name:  Donald Lehmann  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1941 in Oak Park, Illinois

Died: November 2014

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Illinois Connection

Lehmann lived in Mokena, Illinois. He was a graduate of Knox College.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lehmann was a dispatcher and had no connection to baseball, no special expertise or inside knowledge. He played the game as a kid, and was always a fan. A graduate of Knox College and the Iowa Writers' Workshop, he taught at Parsons College, then worked as a systems analyst and training developer in the corporate world.

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Titles At Your Library

Courtland's Spirits: A Carol for the National Pastime
ISBN: 0595198597

iUniverse. 2001

John Courtland, the Scrooge-like owner of the Central City Champs thinks he knows the National Pastime. He lets the baseball men make the baseball decisions while he concerns himself with TV revenues, season ticket sales, merchandising deals, skyboxes, lawyers and agents and escalating player salaries. Thats what owners do. They count the money. And thats what baseball is all about. Money. His eight-year-old grandson, Jordan, lives in a world in which baseball is an activity run by grownups. Its all about official rules, official distances, and official uniforms. Its about playing in front of your parents and running laps for your coaches and selling candy bars to raise money. Its a pastime thats directed, organized and scheduled by grownups to entertain other grownups at hours convenient to those grownups. That baseball.Courtlands Spirits is the story of what happens when John Courtland meets the Spirits of Baseball Past, Baseball Present, and Baseball Future, and how it affects him, his team, and those around himfrom his whining star pitcher to his grandson Jordan. He learns what all of us have always known but are constantly forgettingbaseball is about HITTINGPITCHING RUNNING FIELDINGTHROWING

ISBN: 0595300502

iUniverse. 2003

There's something fishy in the state of Illinois: 32 keeps getting selected. It happens every night. The public wants to know what's going on, the media want to know who's to blame, and the tall and stately Claudia Higginson loses her job as lottery drawing hostess. Numerologists, math professors and Native American activists step forward to explain the situation, and the government sets up a commission. But 32 goes right on winning.Narrator Monk Lewis puts it in sports terms: "32 is making a statement! Delivering a message! He wants respect!" remarks that infuriate his 29-year-old daughter, Karen, and his friend Hector Martinez. She's a gender equity specialist, and he's a middle-aged Mexican-American grandfather.In their eyes, 32 is just a number, a symbolic representation of a value. They claim that numbers do not have personalities, but how would they know? Neither of them plays the lottery. Of course 32 has a personality. Why else would it continue to win?

The Slaymaker Interrupt
ISBN: 1450241905

iUniverse. 2010

Sixty-five-year-old Fred Montrose wakes up in the wrong place and the wrong body with no idea how he got there. He’s been transformed into a teenager, and seventeen-year-old Brent Slaymaker is in his body. When they meet, it’s instant dislike. Fred sees a hot-tempered old man who seems headed for a stroke. He’s got to teach the elderly dude to take his blood pressure pills and protect his health. The old man has a different idea—to pursue his dream of becoming a Nascar driver. Using Fred’s money. To stop him, Fred takes up driving himself. The two go head to head on a small town track, then race again in a lunatic chase across the state of Indiana. The prize may be the attractive grief counselor who encourages both. Or maybe it’s just a demented macho thing. At any rate, youth faces age in a tale of male rivalry, with all the bragging, lying, trash-talking, and trickery that go with it.