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Name:  Paul R. Meredith  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1935 in Decatur, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Meredith was born in Decatur, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Paul R. Meredith is a romance and mystery novelist. His latest title are ebooks. Those titles include: ''The SWOB Affair'', ''Memories of Lake Wabaskang'' and ''In My Wildest Dreams'' in 2012 and ''The Rise of the Vigilante Goddess'', ''The Return of the Vigilante Goddess'', ''My Scottish Connection'' and ''Second Chance'' in 2013. Meredith is a seasoned traveler and often incorporates his travel experiences in his stories. He lived most of his life in Illinois and Iowa before moving to Florida.

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Titles At Your Library

His Soul Mate
ISBN: 0595171354

iUniverse. 2001

They met by fate and were destined to be soul mates forever. Only one thing could change that.

By All Accounts
ISBN: 0595190200

iUniverse. 2001

Doris Hopkins was an extremely successful stockbroker who apparently fell into bad company.The events surrounding her murder were so bizarre and unbelievable that it was difficult for the police to see how to start a legitimate investigation. Quite by accident, a big-city detective fell heir to the crime and started the investigative process to try to solve it. Just as he started making progress, a string of murders with the same MO came to his attention. The winding path to solving the crimes led the detective on a multi-state investigation that unfolded a myriadof circumstances and weird people he'd never seen the likes of before. The powerful conclusionto the story leaves the reader at the same time both satisfied, but with a lingering question inhis mind about whether it is all over or not.

Ten Minutes Past Two
ISBN: 059520628X

iUniverse. 2001

The death of Estelle Mercer's husband of thirty years in a violent work-related accident, leaves her by default as the new president and sole owner of the family construction business, a business of which she has virtually no working knowledge. As the new president of the company, she has no choice but to lean on the management team in place to help her get up to speed with her new responsibilities. Gene Davidson is one of the management team members who is most helpful during this early transition period, and eventually a romance develops that leads to complications that could cause a sudden end to the relationship. The sudden death in a foreign country of Estelle's close friend, Tara Isome, complicates the romance even more. There are many twists and turns and ups and downs as the story moves toward its dramatic, shocking and totally unexpected conclusion.

The Love Wish
ISBN: 0595230288

iUniverse. 2002

Linda Folger had always dreamed of growing up and finding her prince charming, marrying him and having two or three children. She wanted to live happily ever after with her little family in a house in the woods with a white fence around it. That was it! That was all she ever wanted from life. She suffered through a rocky period when her love wish seemed to be out of reach, but then her life took an unexpected turn for the better. Suddenly she had it all in the palm of her hand, and she thanked God for all that He had done for her. Then, as life often does, Linda's life took yet another turn and she was dealt a situation that took her life a totally different direction, a situation that we all fear could someday be dealt to us. This is Linda's storyof how she handled both the ups and the downs. This is the story of Linda's love wish.

The Vigilante God
ISBN: 0595233546

iUniverse. 2002

The accidental hunting death of his eight-year-old son caused attorney Paul Dixon to go off on a wild tangent, costing him his marriage, his law career, and much, much more. He quit his position at the law firm where he was employed and left town after his divorce was final. He went into seclusion, changed his identity to Sam Little, and carefully conceived a plan to seek out the family members of those victims whose loved ones had suffered violence at the hands of the criminals in our societycriminals who had not received the full punishment of the justice system due to technicalities, loop holes in the law, crooked police, crooked judges, or slick-talking lawyers. Dixon's plans would be financed by those family members who felt they were cheated by the system, and the custom plans would be carried out by Sam Little's select few hand-chosen associates.This is a Meredith story of such mystery, suspense, and intrigue, that the reader will find it difficult to lay it aside.



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