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General Information

Name:  Guy Sternberg  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1947 in Harvey, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Sternberg was born in Harvey and now lives in Peoria, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Guy Sternberg is the owner and operator of Starhill Forest Arboretum in Petersburg, Illinois. He is an arborist, author of books on oaks and is a founding member of the International Oak Society, tree consultant, and lecturer.

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Titles At Your Library

Landscaping With Native Trees: The Northeast, Midwest, Midsouth & Southeast Edition
ISBN: 1881527662

Chapters Pub Ltd. 1996

Native trees - species that grew in North America before the arrival of Europeans - were once overlooked in favor of rare and unusual varieties from afar. This book, the first of it's kind, focuses exclusively on the cultivation and preservation of Hardy, beutiful native species.

Native Trees for North American Landscapes
ISBN: 0881926078

Timber Press, Incorporated. 2004

Many common native trees are just as beautiful as cultivated exotics. Since they have evolved with local conditions and are well adapted to their climate, they often require less maintenance and won't escape to invade a balanced ecosystem. The authors' extensive horticultural knowledge is distilled in this comprehensive cross section of trees native to North America, from the Atlantic to the Rockies and from northern Canada to the Gulf Coast. The main section of the book is divided into tree profiles, each describing flowers and fruit, native and adaptive range, culture, and problems. The authors also list the best seasonal features---whether a tree has striking bark in winter, for example, or bright fruit in fall. In all, more than 650 species and varieties, and more than 500 cultivars, are discussed.



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