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General Information

Name:  Ron Stelle  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Mystery Science Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1954 in Houston, Texas

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Illinois Connection

Stelle has lived in Chicago since 2008.

Biographical and Professional Information

I was raised in Houston Texas in the sixties which, amazingly enough, is what my first book is about. I have been a restaurant manager, musician, and I spent 23 years in the U.S Navy. After retiring in 2001, I went into the automobile industry as a Service Advisor. My wife told me (after I started blogging daily motivations on Facebook) that I should write a book! So, I did. I found that I have a natural gift that I was unaware I possessed. I finished writing my second novel (a S.K. type thriller) called "The Globe" and released a book of great short stories called "Almost Reality." Currently I am writing my first of a series of books featuring Bryce Mallory, a retired profiler Detective from West Palm Beach. Bryce and his partner Shamus are Irish and make sure everyone knows it! Join them as they take on the terrible and elusive serial killer "The Spector." Be sure to leave a review after reading one of my books. I really appreciate it and wish everyone a wonderful life!

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Titles At Your Library

The Globe
ISBN: 1500805394

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

Join three hapless mortals as they are thrown together to battle Tueates for control of the Teskele which is trapped inside a Globe filled with ashes from Pompeii. Will they defeat the treacherous Teuates or will darkness take over the world? Travel across the globe and through time as our unlikely heroes learn the true meaning of bonding and sacrifice. Laugh as Skee, a twin for the third Stooge Larry, finds love with Alondra, a seductive Gypsy with heart and courage. Thrill to the courage shown by Madame Solvena as she guides the group with her special abilities. The Globe is book unlike any other. You will laugh and you will keep one eye open but you will never forget...The Globe... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Almost Reality
ISBN: 150074624X

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

Join us as we take you down a trail, a trail of the unexpected, a trail which leads to places only dreamed of. We will visit the world of computer monsters and costumes that take on a life of their own. Walk with us as we re-visit the world of magical fairy tales with a modern twist. Take cover as the elements and nature herself steps in to teach those who would destroy just who it is that it is not nice to mess with. Jog to the town that learned which side of the tracks it lied on and step off the path that normal built and view the world through muted, scopic eyes. “Almost Reality” is nine tales guaranteed to keep you reading until the very end. Prepare to stay where you are as the author of “The Streets of Our Youth” and “The Globe” takes you down the path of uncertainty and be sure not to close your eyes…

Xtreme Ramifications: a Bryce Mallory Mystery
ISBN: 1500828750

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

Life is good for retired Detective Bryce Mallory. While living the good life in West Palm Beach he finds that being the best serial killer profiler in the world doesn't really allow much retirement time. The "Spectral Killer" is taking out CEO's of major import/export companies and the FBI needs help, needs an Irishman's help. Join Bryce, his partner Shamus Crowley,who pumps the iron don't ya know, and Lead Agent Clausen of the FBI, as they take on the greatist serial killer mind of our time as he enacts "Xtreme Ramifications."

The Streets of Our Youth
ISBN: 1618977288

Strategic Book Publishing. 2012

Can you remember a time before video games? A time where kids were forced to use their i-Maginations instead of their i-Pads? Where "Tribes" were formed and innocence was lost? Where growing up and growing strong was not just for the body, but also for the spirit? The Streets of our Youth follows the hilarious and often embarrassing adventures of Richey Storm and the Draden Tribe, a club of ten- to fourteen-year-old boys caught up in the tumultuous times of the sixties, just trying to get from one day to the next. The story opens on November 22, 1963. President Kennedy has been shot and the Draden Tribe is faced with a weekend without television. What to do? "We all chatted about how crazy someone shooting our President was and then we tried to figure out how to pass the time. We decided to form a squad of bad-asses and find out who had done such a thing! 'I am going to be The Hulk and go find this guy and SMASH him,' I announced! Comic book heroes rule! End of story." Come join Richey Storm and the Tribe as they boldly go where only the most foolhardy dare. Armed with only their imaginations, the boys tackle the challenges of boredom, the joy of the holidays, the pain of "girls" and the death defying antics only those emboldened with courage born from the eternal optimism of unbridled youth would ever attempt. As we follow their exploits, we are transported back to a time before 500 channels, DVRs, laptops and zombie-zapping video games, when young boys and girls fended for themselves. They lived life to the fullest using ingenuity and creativity to invent magical worlds and dangerous excursions while shaping the hopes and dreams of a generation. Ron Stelle grew up on the southwest side of Houston, Texas. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1978, which moved him to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he retired in 2001. He has one daughter, Phoebe, and two step-children, Michelle and Mitch. He now resides outside Chicago with his wife, Sandy, and their many pets. Currently, he is working on several exciting projects as he prepares for his next offering to the literary world. http:/

The Avenues of Adolescence
ISBN: 1500948101

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014

It was the summer of 69' and the world was changing. For the Draden tribe, it was a time of moon landings and Woodstock. It was a time of first drivers licences and going to the drive-ins. It was the awkward years of adolescence. Join Richey and the gang as they face great moments in time, great moments in love, great moments on vacation and great friendships that shaped their lives. you will laugh out loud and you may shed a tear but you will never forget...The Avenues of Adolescence.

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