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General Information

Name:  Gina Boekhout  

Pen Name: Gina Marie Long

Genre: Fiction Paranormal Thriller Urban Fantasy Young Adult

Audience: Young Adult;

Born: in Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Long grew up in Marine, Illinois and now lives in Highland, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gina Long is also a licensed cosmetologist since 1986. She sold her beauty salon in her hometown of Marine, Illinois, in June 2010 to pursue a full-time career in writing.

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Titles At Your Library

Unknown Touch - Werewolf Series, Book One
ISBN: 0982554257

Black Rose Writing. 2009

Without warning, Kara McBride is violently abducted by a secret group of diversely skilled humans. The Liaison have discovered her astounding psychic power to manipulate thought and persuade her to join their covert operation. Kara's abilities are vital to the success of saving a small group of werewolves from self destruction. In the tiny town of Hamlin, Kentucky, a few rogue werewolves have split off from the main pack and committed crimes against humans, bringing unwanted attention to the area, and risking their hidden existence from society. Kara will create mental connections with the wolves in an attempt to calm their aggression. But, in the midst of chaos, a love triangle develops and Kara must make a heart-wrenching choice between a human...or a werewolf. Her decisions could be life-altering for her and others as she delves into the unknown.

Unknown Scent - Werewolf Series, Book Two
ISBN: 1612960197

Black Rose Writing. 2011

Danger awaits Kara and her friends on unfamiliar territory when their covert operation goes bad. Werewolves, a vampire, psychics and black magic witches face-off in several fast-paced battles of good vs. evil. Time is running out for The Liaison team. They must locate the witches' hideout and prevent a sacrificial ritual before it's too late and all beings suffer the consequences. But major shocks and turmoil cause self-control and aggression issues within Kara's circle of friends. A gift Kara receives proves priceless in a life or death situation. Her psychic powers of mental manipulation and mind-reading are instrumental to the survival of others and herself. New allies are formed not all are human. Throughout the mayhem, Kara's internal battle remains in limbo over who she truly loves the most: her best friend who is a psychic human or her boyfriend who is a werewolf. A choice needs to be made that could be life-altering. Especially as she continues to delve into the unknown.

Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, 1 (Volume 1)
ISBN: 1482383691

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

The Apocalypse is one week. Chelsie Valdar and her brother are modern-day Viking warrior teenagers. They must find a mystical sword belonging to their ancient ancestor and flee to safety at a secret shelter, if they hope to survive. As the clock ticks, several Bigfoot and an outcast werecat become invaluable friends helping with the search for the sword and offering supernatural protection. Misfortune haunts their every move. Conflicts delay their progress. Especially when a devious and deranged enemy is infatuated with Chelsie and hungers for the sword, desperate to escape to the shelter with Chelsie by his side. Time is running out.

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