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Name:  Mary V. Welk  

Pen Name: Mary Welk

Genre: Fiction Mystery

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Welk lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Welk is a writer and editor. She writes the ''Rhodes to Murder'' mystery series set in a rural university town in northern Illinois. She also writes short stories and have had several accepted for print anthologies. Welk has also written a column for ''Mystery Scene Magazine'' featuring info on new releases from independent publishers.

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Titles At Your Library

A Deadly Little Christmas (Caroline Rhodes Mysteries)
ISBN: 0966515706

Kleworks Pub Co. 1998


Something Wicked in the Air (Caroline Rhodes Mysteries)
ISBN: 0966515714

Kleworks Pub Co. 1999

The discovery of a rune stone on the campus of Bruck University threatens to disrupt the school's annual Renaissance Faire, the Festival of Knights. When the eccentric Professor Andrew Littlewort attempts to prove the stone is a genuine Viking relic, he stirs up a hornet's nest that leads to murder. Caroline Rhodes, RN, and Professor of History Carl Atwater track a killer without a conscience in the little town of Rhineburg, Illinois.

To Kill A King (Caroline Rhodes Mysteries)
ISBN: 0966515722

Kleworks Pub Co. 2000

TO KILL A KING is available in print and ebook format with a NEW COVER. The cover shown here -- a cover showing a playing card -- represents an OLD OUT-OF-PRINT edition. Please look for TO KILL A KING with a cover showing a stethoscope and syringe. That is the NEW up-dated edition of the book. Thank you!

This third book in the "Rhodes to Murder" series takes Caroline back to Ascension Hospital in Niles, a suburb of Chicago, where she worked before moving to the university town of Rhineburg, Illinois. Readers may think that some of the book's funnier scenes in the ER are too wild to be believable, but let me assure you they're based on actual incidents that I and other ER nurses observed during the course of our work. Think of them as tales from the medical edition of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. :)

The Scarecrow Murders
ISBN: 1591330866

Hilliard & Harris Pub. 2004

It's a battle of the sexes in little Rhineburg, Illinois, when Bruck University's fledgling football team butts heads with female rodeo riders during Halloween Homecoming Days. The Bruck Bruins protest President Garrison Hurst's hiring of the Moore Sisters' Rodeo to perform in the school's new stadium the night before the Homecoming game. Joined on the picket line by the town fathers, the Bruins meet resistance from the women of Rhineburg who rally in support of their cowgirl sisters. ER nurse Caroline Rhodes worries when her son and his wife take opposite sides in the argument. Her worries grow when a football player is found dead in a rodeo bullpen and Martin Rhodes is charged with the young man's murder. Caroline looks to Professor Carl Atwater, Maddy Moeller, and the ladies of the Rhineburg Boarding House and Home for Gentle Women for help in catching a clever killer.

A Merry Little Murder (Rhodes to Murder)
ISBN: 1590805623

Echelon Press. 2007

It was nobody's fault, unless you counted the mice, and even they didn't mean to start trouble. A forgotten candy cane lured them to the Christmas tree stored in the basement of St. Anne's Hospital. The nibbling and gnawing just went on from there. Now there are holes in the trunk where none should be and not a single branch will stay in place. Despite this disaster, the nurses of Psychiatric Ward One are determined to deck the blues by decking the halls. When an anonymous donor sends them an artificial balsam, they happily press their patients into decorating it. But lighting the new tree ends with a bang! Who planted the bomb that wrecks havoc in the little town of Rhineburg? A frustrated employee fired by St. Anne's despised administrator? A student terrorist from Bruck University? Or Caroline Rhodes, a nurse with a suspicious past who survived the explosion but refuses to discuss it? Tagged as a suspect by the FBI, Caroline must prove her innocence by unraveling a devilish plot devised to eliminate one man's nemesis. Aided by history professor Carl Atwater, Caroline cuts through a maze of conflicting stories, red herrings, and downright lies to bring a killer to justice.

The Rune Stone Murders (Rhodes to Murder Mysteries)
ISBN: 1590806336

Echelon Press Publishing. 2009

"We are surrounded by death, and there is no way to stop it. No way at all." Caroline Rhodes is skeptical of the dire warning. But a Gypsy fortuneteller's words prove true when the discovery of a Viking rune stone on the campus of Bruck University leads to murder during the school's annual Festival of Knights. Blackmailed into investigating the crime by the despised university president, Caroline is dismayed to find her suspects are as plentiful as the flowers on Bruck Green. Questions come easily to the veteran ER nurse, but the answers are not so obvious. Did Andrew Littlewort's famous temper get the best of him, or is the eccentric professor as innocent as he claims? Is Sid Burke the proverbial "bad seed", or just a troubled student from a famous family? How did Emma Reiser amass a fortune on a government salary? And why does Bruck's gardener call his flowerbeds 'paths of gold'? Most troubling of all, what is Agatha Hagendorf really gazing at through her telescope at the Rhineburg Boarding House and Home for Gentle Women? Caroline teams up with septuagenarian Professor Carl Atwater to track a killer without a conscience in little Rhineburg, Illinois.


  • 2002 Love Is Murder Readers' Choice Award for Best Series, ''The Scarecrow Murders ''
  • 2000 Readers' Choice Award for Best First Mystery, ''A Deadly Little Christmas''
  • 2002 Readers' Choice Award for Best Traditional Mystery, ''Something Wicked in the Air''

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