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General Information

Name:  Betty Carlson Kay  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children; Children;

Born: January 8, 1949 in Cicero, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Betty was born in Cicero. She graduated with her MA from the University of Illinois at Springfield. She was a teacher in the Springfield Public School District and currently resides in Jacksonville.

Biographical and Professional Information

Betty is a retired teacher after 34 years of teaching in the Springfield Public Schools.

Published Works

  • Americans of Character, Roberto Clemente, Young People`s Press, 1997
  • Americans of Character, Maya Lyn, Young People`s Press, 1997
  • Americans of Character, Chief Joseph, Young People`s Press, 1997
  • Americans of Character, Abraham Lincoln, Young People`s Press, 1997
  • Americans of Character, Harriet Tubman, Young People`s Press, 1997
  • Jacksonville, The Tradition Continues, Arcadia Press, 1999
  • Cicero, The First Suburb West, Arcadia Press, 2000
  • Illinois from A to Z , University of Illinois, 2000
  • What Did Lincoln Do In 1832?...1842?...1862?, Author House 2005
  • The Lincolns From A to Z, Author House, 2008
  • The Civil War from A to Z: Two Points of View'', Author House, 2010

Selected Titles At Your Library

Roberto Clemente /
ISBN: 1572790636. OCLC Number:

Young People's Press,. San Diego, CA :. 1997.

Maya Lin /
ISBN: 1572790644. OCLC Number:

Young People's Press,. San Diego, CA :. 1997.

Chief Joseph /
ISBN: 1572790628. OCLC Number:

Young People's Press,. San Diego, CA :. 1997.

Harriet Tubman /
ISBN: 157279061X. OCLC Number:

Young People's Press,. San Diego, CA :. 1997.

This book is about Harriet Tubman who talks about the most important traits that a person of good character has and they are called "six pillars of character."

Abraham Lincoln /
ISBN: 1572790601. OCLC Number:

Young People's Pres, Inc.,. San Diego, CA :. 1997.

Jacksonville, Illinois :
ISBN: 0738502324. OCLC Number:

Arcadia Pub.,. Charleston, S.C. :. ©1999.

Cicero :
ISBN: 0738507865. OCLC Number:

. .

"Circero: The First Suburb West tells the story of this vibrant community and its links to the past--including its connections to Western Electric and the tragic Eastland disaster. The Hispanic families that are making their homes in Cicero today mirror the Slavic immigrants who settled here a century ago. Their goal was, and is, to provide a safe and affordable housing for their families, and pusue the 'American Dream.'"--Back cover

Illinois from A to Z /
ISBN: 0252025407. OCLC Number:

University of Illinois Press,. Urbana :. ©2000.

Alphabetically arranged entries profile important Illinois residents and describe their contributions to the state's history.

What did Lincoln do-- in 1832? in 1842? in 1862? /
ISBN: 1420802860. OCLC Number:

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The Lincolns from A to Z /
ISBN: 1434368270. OCLC Number:

AuthorHouse,. Bloomington, IN :. ©2008.

The Civil War from A to Z :
ISBN: 1452094519. OCLC Number:

AuthorHouse,. Bloomington :. 2010.



Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Celebrate the Lincoln Bicentennial with a visit to your school!

During the school year 2008-2009, I will be visiting schools across the state bringing the history of our 16th President to life. Choose from two different presentations that go with two books I have written.

  • For grades 1-3, I recommend that I present as Mrs. Rutledge of New Salem, depicting life in the small, log cabin village near Springfield. Meet Mr. Lincoln as a young, yet already ambitious resident and hear of the day to day life on the prairie.
  • For grades 4-8, I recommend that I present Mrs. Elizabeth Todd Edwards, older sister of Mary Lincoln, who will talk about Marys interesting life. Dressed in hoop skirts and trimmings, Elizabeth talks honestly about her younger sister, stressing Marys good points while acknowledging her faults. At each presentation, I will be selling my books priced especially for schools. The chapter book,
  • WHAT DID LINCOLN DO IN 1832?...1842?...1862?

    fits nicely with my presentation of Mrs. Rutledge and the book


    fits nicely with the presentation as Mrs. Edwards. Always available is my book,


    which is in hard back and published with the University of Illinois Press. An order form will be sent to you to duplicate for the children so that they can order a special remembrance of the Bicentennial Year. My latest book,


    and the school visits are endorsed by the Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. There is no fee for my visits, but a $25 donation to help defray mileage costs is asked. Book early by e-mailing me at See my web site http // and see also Click on The Bicentennial and then Endorsed Programs. I am about the 7th endorsed program on the list.