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Name:  Charles Fanning  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult;

Born: 1942 in Norwood, Massachusetts

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Fanning was a professor of English and History at SIU in Carbondale

Biographical and Professional Information

Attended Bridgewater State College, in Bridgewater,MA. Also, a director of Irish and Irish Immigration Studies program. He has written a number of critical works examining the contributions of Irish Americans to literary history. He earned degrees from Harvard the Univerity of Pennsylvania.

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Finley Peter Dunne & Mr. Dooley: The Chicago Years
ISBN: 159740201X

ACLS History E-Book Project. 2001

The Exiles of Erin: Nineteenth Century Irish-American Fiction
ISBN: 0802313159

Dufour Editions. 1997

Of immense value to anyone interested in the Irish story in America."" - The Boston Globe. This collection of three generations of Irish immigrant fiction excerpted from novels, magazines, and newspapers provides new insight into the nineteenth-century immigrant experience. It captures the spirit of those who were experiencing the traumas of adjustment and assimilation. The men and women authors of these pieces vividly render the details of immigrant life in a variety of settings, from Virginia and Nebraska to San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston, from 1820 to 1906. Fanning places each selection in its historical and cultural context by means of introductory notes. Together, they provide the most extended, continuous body of literature available to us by members of a single American ethnic group. This new edition provides some additional selections as well as new background material. Charles Fanning is Professor of English at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

The Irish Voice In America 250 years of Irish-American Fiction second edition
ISBN: 0813109701

University Press of Kentucky. 1999

In this study, Charles Fanning has written the first general account of the origins and development of a literary tradition among American writers of Irish birth or background who have explored the Irish immigrant or ethnic experience in works of fiction. The result is a portrait of the evolving fictional self-consciousness of an immigrant group over a span of 250 years.

Fanning traces the roots of Irish-American writing back to the eighteenth century and carries it forward through the traumatic years of the Famine to the present time with an intensely productive period in the twentieth century beginning with James T. Farrell. Later writers treated in depth include Edwin O'Connor, Elizabeth Cullinan, Maureen Howard, and William Kennedy. Along the way he places in the historical record many all but forgotten writers, including the prolific Mary Ann Sadlier. The Irish Voice in America is not only a highly readable contribution to American literary history but also a valuable reference to many writers and their works.

For this second edition, Fanning has added a chapter that covers the fiction of the past decade. He argues that contemporary writers continue to draw on Ireland as a source and are important chroniclers of the modern American experience.


Frederick Jackson Turner Award, Organization of American Historians, American Book Award, Before Columbus Foundation, Book Pirse in Literary Criticism, American Conference for Irish Studies

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