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General Information

Name:  Bruce Steinberg  

Pen Name: B.R. Robb, Bee Robb, A.D. David

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1958 in Skokie, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Steinberg lives in St. Charles, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and earned his law degree from the Loyola School of Law, Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Steinberg is an attorney whose first novel, ''The Widow's Son'', is set in 1966/67 Chicago and its suburbs. It tells the based-on-fact story of a 12-year-old's unwanted task of saving his family from self-destruction after his family witnesses the unexpected death of their father.''My Occasional Torment'' was written under the pen name of Bee Robb. It was published in 2010 and set in Highland Park, Illinois. It was also adapted into a stage play performed at Center Stage Theater in Naperville, Illinois.Steinberg is also the author of ''River Ghosts'' and ''An Assassinated Man.'' His book, ''Allen's Rocket'', was created by his son and was a joint effort between father and son.As BR Robb, Steinberg also writes a slice-of-life humor column for ''Silent Sports'', a monthly print magazine, has appeared as a guest on NPR and WGN radio, and has written feature columns for Chicago area newspapers including ''The Daily Herald''.

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Titles At Your Library

The Widow's Son
ISBN: 096788957X

CreateSpace. 2013

Enjoy the music, politics, fashion, television and movie fare of the 1960s. Did you know that 2 days before the blizzard of 1967 that brought the Midwest to a halt, it was a balmy 65 degrees? Or that Wild Thing by the Troggs kicked the Beatle's Paperback Writer off the top of the pop charts? Or that Gomer Pyle USMC replaced the Dick Van Dyke Show? These details unique to 1966 and 1967 also include the Apollo 1 disaster, what young men did to avoid the draft and Vietnam, and President Johnson's conclusion in 1966 that the Vietnam War had been as good as won. All of this incredible history, accurately researched and woven into this incredible story without a seam, presents a historic backdrop for a powerful tale of survival - and the determination of a neighborhood filled with beloved nuts and bolts who go beyond the call to save a broken family. And it all begins with these words of a child's lament - When I hear the news I want to jump on the dining room clock and make time go backwards . . .Based on the real life loss of the author's father, Bruce Steinberg brings his passionate tale home as told through the eyes of his oldest brother - a child on the cusp of manhood who does not easily take to wearing the crown of New Man of the House.The moment 12-year-old Jeremy Rosenberg witnesses his father's death, Jeremy loses the world he assumed would last forever. With a young brother expecting their father to yet come home, a sister blaming herself, and a mother falling toward isolation, Jeremy is sent fatherless into the world just as he enters adolescence. Beautifully and memorably set in mid-1960s Chicago suburbia, The Widow's Son is launched on a devastating moment. But this tale of misguided efforts and accidental triumphs of children forced into adult emotions creates a humorous, poignant novel. The reader's laughter and tears are sure to flow together to the last page as Jeremy battles to make his family into a family once again.

River Ghosts (Five Star First Edition Mystery) (Five Star Mystery Series)
ISBN: 1594146543

Five Star. 2008

Kirkus Starred Review Literary Mystery on Racism and Race Relationships the Antidote to a DysTrumpia Society: River Ghost's soars as a murder mystery in literary fashion, but its story is so much more. Sadly relevant to today's racial dynamics, both subtle and blatant. Rich Hill symbolizes the unification of Black and White, at first a creation of beauty, birthed in love that later, due to horrific murders, can only sense the worst, as well as rejection from both sides. In his search for the truth of his parents' murders in the face of DNA evidence, Rich discovers a path toward understanding and acceptance, of finding good among the bad, that his existence symbolizes the better possibilities of humanity, and solutions to problems that have dogged American society for far too long. Followers of Trump will find much to dislike, even hate, in River Ghosts, "Believe me." For the rest of society, for those willing to listen, there is beauty within River Ghosts, among those who give legitimacy to the concerns of all sides. In coming to the truth of his parents' murders, Rich Hill's understanding, which soothes his deepest wounds, will give open-minded, anti-DysTrumpia Society readers of River Ghosts a sense of the truth that may restore hope in all of us.

My Occasional Torment (Five Star Expressions)
ISBN: 1594149232

Five Star Publishing. 2010

Marriage is demanding, and after 33 years, Julia wants proof that hers will last. Everyone in Highland Park, Illinois, seems to be cheating, divorced, or widowed. She cannot forget the time her husband, Sebastian, a history professor at the local junior college, was unfaithful before they married, and wonders if she should visit the plastic surgeon to keep herself desirable. Compounding her fears is the steady stream of women students who have read Mitch Albom and Frank McCourt, and now want her husband to be their inspiration. In between her fears that she is not woman enough, or Scottish enough (she's three quarters) for her husband, she is also worried about her elderly father-in-law, who obsesses about gangsters her 17-year-old son Roby, who is at war with his father and their widowed neighbor, whom they all call the vampire.

Allen's Rocket
ISBN: 1494327619

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2013

One morning, while his father worked on a novel that would one day become a best seller (for an entire four days!), Allen, at age five, asked, "Dad, can I write?" Dad said, "Well, let's see . . ." They wrote together or at least the son wrote. Dad took dictation. The result became - Allen's Rocket, specifically for children as they enter the realm of chapter books. Allen dreams of flying his own rocket ship into space, and receives a mysterious challenge from the even more mysterious Dr. Intelligent. That is, if Allen can pass a test he'll receive the the space ship of his dreams. But when he passes this test, the ship arrives, and it's only a toy! Or is it? Join Allen as he becomes Astronaut Allen, and travels to the moon to meet the tiny Moonbug who grows taller than Allen, and the Mabbit, part mouse and part rabbit, who can fly faster than the speed of light. Join them in their travels to find Dr. I, as Allen tries to return the Moonbug to his normal size and re-unite the Mabbit with his parents. But first they must confront a fierce bird, a dangerous road that comes alive, and the Mighty Bluubs. Will they make it? Will Astronaut Allen ever see his home again? And Will Dr. I turn out to be good or evil? It's all in the pages of Allen's Rocket.


''The Widow's Son'' - won grand prize winner at First Novel Fest 2000 ''River Ghosts'' - starred review ranking from Kirkus

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