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General Information

Name:  Lisa Fishman  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Poetry

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1966

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Illinois Connection

Fishman is the Director of Creative Writing for the Poetry Program at Columbia College Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Fishman grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. She earned a BA at Michigan State University, an MFA at Western Michigan University and a PhD in literature at the University of Utah. She is the author of five books of poetry and four chapbooks. Her poems have also been published in ''1913'', ''Colorado Review'', ''Conduit'', ''Volt'', ''A Public Space'', ''Free Verse'', ''Parthenon West Review'' as well as many others.

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Titles At Your Library

Flower Cart
ISBN: 1934103217

Ahsahta Press. 2011

Poetry. Taking its title from a sign outside the BART station in Oakland, California, FLOWER CART finds, makes, documents, pieces together, and steps out of the way of language at ground level. Being alive in acts of reading is writing in Fishman's fourth book, where the materiality of words, weather, plantlife, handwriting, and decay are engrafted in a hybrid ecology that is archival and lyric. The book's archival impulse lies in its attention to stray bodies of speech and text that Fishman does not alter but presents as interfused with her own sensibility (materially lyric), her location (rural Midwest), and the forms and rhythms of being here at this time that is more than one time.

Current (Free Verse Editions)
ISBN: 1602352003

Parlor Press. 2011

Poetry. Lisa Fishman's CURRENT follows THE HAPPINESS EXPERIMENT (Ahsahta Press, 2007) further into an experience of time as theater, weather, myth, insect body, plantlife, transcription, synchrony, and figment. Her poems are pressed into argument and song by means of attention to the moment and to cross-currents of making, of music, over time. CURRENT enacts a poetics of the uncanny in very close touch with the actual, creating a field of vibrations in which the possibilities and limitations of vision and art collide and change. "Part of what makes Fishman's work so pleasurable to read is the feeling of pure motion in the sounds and images [...], at once angular and wild, precise and hurtling"—Indiana Review.

The Happiness Experiment (New)
ISBN: 091627294X

Ahsahta Press. 2007

Poetry. Fishman's work marries Wordsworthian country life to modern complexity in lyrics celebrating love, joy, birth, and wonder. "These lyrics carry the reader into a realm of immense, immediate, and surreal activity. THE HAPPINESS EXPERIMENT is a dream-version of what Whitman might have called a 'song of occupations.' Within Fishman's moving work of observation and recollection, the world of ordinary things seems itself to think, to mind itself things gather, watch, prepare, betray, forget, explore, give names or keep silent. Throughout, the poet's mercurial intelligence is alert to the play of echo and the surprises of memory, in which the simplest verbs reveal their capacity to haunt. Her book's experiment is always linked to experience, its happiness to hap or chance"--Kenneth Gross.

Dear, Read (Ahsahta Press New Series)
ISBN: 0916272737

Ahsahta Press. 2002

Poetry. "Lisa Fishman writes with an impeccable sense of cadence, of words as sounds too, of physical fact becoming thought and then recurring as poetry" - Robert Creeley. "These spare, delicately packed lyrics call up the traditions of Dickinson, Niedecker, and Riding, and join the varieties of women's experimental writing of the last two decades" - Brenda Hillman. "Fishman's poems, elliptical, spiraling, sound the mystery of ordinary things, a torn screen test the undisclosed meanings of both language and landscape" - Michael Palmer.

The Deep Heart's Core is a Suitcase (Inland Seas)
ISBN: 0932826474

New Issues Poetry & Prose. 1996

Book by Fishman, Lisa

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