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General Information

Name:  Ted McClelland  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1967 in Lansing, Michigan

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Illinois Connection

McClelland lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

McClelland, who grew up in Lansing, Michigan, now lives in Chicago. After getting his start in journalism at the ''Lansing State Journal'', he later worked as a staff writer for the ''Chicago Reader''. His writing has appeared in ''The New York Times'', ''Los Angeles Times'', ''Columbia Journalism Review'', ''Salon'', ''Slate'' and ''The Nation''.


Great Lakes Book Award in General Nonfiction for The Third Coast in 2008

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Selected Titles At Your Library

Horseplayers :
ISBN: 155652675X. OCLC Number: 148723421

Chicago Review Pr,. .

Nothin' but blue skies :
ISBN: 1608195295. OCLC Number: 795174973

. .

The Upper Midwest and Great Lakes region became the arsenal of democracy--The greatest manufacturing center in the world-in the years during and after World War II, thanks to natural advantages and a welcoming culture. Decades of unprecedented prosperity followed, memorably punctuated by riots, strikes, burning rivers, and oil embargoes. A vibrant, quintessentially American character bloomed in the region's cities, suburbs, and backwaters. But the innovation and industry that defined the Rust Belt also helped to hasten its demise. An air conditioner invented in Upstate New York transformed the South from a sweaty backwoods to a non-unionized industrial competitor. Japan and Germany recovered from their defeat to build fuel-efficient cars in the stagnant 1970s. The tentpole factories that paid workers so well also filled the air with soot, and poisoned waters and soil. The jobs drifted elsewhere, and many of the people soon followed suit. Nothin' but Blue Skies tells the story of how the country's industrial heartland grew, boomed, bottomed, and hopes to be reborn. Through a propulsive blend of storytelling and reportage, celebrated writer Edward McClelland delivers the rise, fall, and revival of the Rust Belt and its people.--Publisher's website.

The third coast :
ISBN: 1556527217. OCLC Number: 750236191

Chicago Review Press,. .

Chronicling the author's 10,000-mile Great Lakes Circle Tour, this travel memoir seeks to answer a burning question: Is there a Great Lakes culture, and if so, what is it? Largely associated with the Midwest, the Great Lakes region actually has a culture that transcends the border between the United States and Canada. United by a love of encased meats, hockey, beer, snowmobiling, deer hunting, and classic-rock power ballads, the folks in Detroit have more in common with citizens in Windsor, Ontario, than those in Wichita, Kansas-while Toronto residents have more in common with Chicagoans tha.

Young Mr. Obama :
ISBN: 1608190609. OCLC Number: 555656497

Bloomsbury Press,. .

The author details the start of Barack Obama's career in Chicago through his eventual victory for Senator, exploring the city's south side history, the key players in Obama's path to the U.S. Senate, and Chicago's political style.