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General Information

Name:  Gunter Nitsch  

Pen Name: None

Genre: History Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1937 in Konigsberg, East Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia)

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Illinois Connection

The author and his wife live in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

After coming to the United States in 1964, Nitsch obtained a Bachelors degree from Hunter College and an MBA from Pace University while studying at night. For most of his professional life, he worked as a marketing consultant to American and German firms at the German American Chamber of Commerce, followed by eight years at Bayerische Vereinsbank AG in New York City. Since his retirement he has devoted his time to writing.'''''Words from the author'' -''' People often fail to realize that the effects of a war, particularly for those on the losing side, do not end when the peace treaty is signed. My book ''Weeds Like Us'' vividly describes for readers of all ages the hardships faced by civilians -- especially women and children -- in the aftermath of war. Written more like a page-turning adventure story than a memoir, and told from a child's point of view, ''Weeds Like Us'' gives the reader a chance to share in the hardships my family endured and to meet the strong-willed adults whose faith and courage in the face of overwhelming odds held us together.As readers of my first book know, by the time I was reunited with my father at the age of thirteen, I had lived in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and in both the Soviet-Occupied Zone and the British-Occupied Zone in Germany.''STRETCH: Coming of Age in Post-War Germany'', brings my story forward over the next thirteen eventful years. Coming straight from a refugee camp to my new home in West Germany, with less than four years of formal education, I, like millions of my fellow refugees, faced the challenge of making up for lost time and adapting to unfamiliar surroundings and customs while living in the shadow of the country's recent Nazi past.Although both of my books deal with the displacement of the people living in the eastern German provinces following WWII, I hope that they will lead to a greater understanding of all of the families who have faced and are now facing a similar plight to mine.

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Titles At Your Library

Weeds Like Us
ISBN: 1425967558

AuthorHouse. 2006

The uprooting of seven million civilians ? women, children, and elderly men ? from their homes in the German provinces of East Prussia, Pomerania, and Silesia following World War II is largely unknown in the United States. Weeds Like Us is a gripping true adventure story about the author?s own East Prussian family. The author?s earliest years were spent in relative comfort on his grandfather?s farm in East Prussia during World War II. For him, life in Hitler?s Germany was the natural order of things. Then, in January 1945, just after the author?s seventh birthday, the Russians rolled into East Prussia. Full of unexpected twists and turns, Weeds Like Us tells the story of what happened over the next six years, as the author?s family tried to make its way safely to the West.

Stretch: Coming of Age in Post-War Germany
ISBN: 1452079277

AuthorHouse. 2010

In the aftermath of World War II, the author was among those relocated in what may have been the largest forced resettlement of a population in modern history - the expulsion of at least twelve million people from the former German provinces of East Prussia, Silesia, and Pomerania, as well as from German enclaves in Eastern Europe. As a result, West Germany's population swelled with the arrival of millions of refugees. With housing already scarce, jobs hard to come by, and religious differences often setting them apart, the newcomers were not always welcomed with open arms. STRETCH recounts the thirteen eventful years in the author's life following his reunion with his father in Cologne, West Germany, in 1950. With both humor and suspense, STRETCH provides a fascinating glimpse into German life during a period when the country was experiencing a transformative economic recovery, but also at times struggling to confront the shadow of its recent Nazi past.

Eine lange Flucht aus Ostpreu▀en
ISBN: 3831904383

. 2011

A Singular Education: A German Bachelor in New York (1964-1974)
ISBN: 1491836997

AuthorHouse. 2013

A SINGULAR EDUCATION: A German Bachelor in New York (1964-1974) recounts the turbulent first decade that German-born author Gunter Nitsch spent in New York City. Fresh off the boat in April 1964 as an idealistic twenty-six-year-old confirmed bachelor with just $400 to his name and no prospects, his journey of discovery eventually takes him to elegant receptions and white tie events at fine hotels, as well as to a Head Start classroom in Harlem, to the home of an unrepentant Nazi on Staten Island, to a wild clothing optional party in Greenwich Village, to sit-ins at Hunter College, and even to a cockfight in the South Bronx. Along the way several people unexpectedly offer him help many others insist on blaming him for World War II. With self-deprecating humor and the unique perspective of a recent German immigrant, A SINGULAR EDUCATION is set against a backdrop of the prejudices -- against African-Americans, Jews, anyone, in fact, considered "the other" -- that remained deeply ingrained in the American psyche at the time.

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