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Name:  Pamela J. Farris  

Pen Name: P.J. Farris


Audience: Adult; Children; Children;


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Dr. Pamela J. Farris is Professor of Literacy at Illinois State University in the School of Teaching and Learning.

Biographical and Professional Information

Author and Educator, Farris is included in the Illinois Reading Hall of Fame, and received IRA s Arbuthnot Award for Outstanding Professor of Children s Literature in 2012. She has written articles and books on the teaching of social studies, and is also the author of ''Crossover Dribble'', a middle-grade novel. She wrote ''Presidents from the Prairie State'' because each of these four men had humble beginnings, overcoming incredible odds to become President of the United States.Dr. Farris is actively involved in numerous professional associations, including the Association for Curriculum and Supervision, the Children's Literature Assembly, Delta Kappa Gamma, the International Reading Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, Phi Delta Kappa and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Farris has published widely in the areas of literacy and teacher education. A former elementary teacher, she is recognized for her ability to put theory into practice. Before becoming a Professor of Literacy at Illinois State University in the School of Teaching and Learning, Farris was a presidential teaching professor in the College of Education at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. Dr. Farris went to NIU after receiving her doctorate at Indiana State University in 1980.

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Titles At Your Library

Young Mouse and Elephant: An East African Folktale
ISBN: 0395739772

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 1996

Young Mouse thinks he is the strongest animal around, but his wise grandfather disagrees and tells him that Elephant is the strongest, so Young Mouse sets out to find Elephant and show her who is stronger, in an entertaining East African folktale.

Teaching, Bearing the Torch
ISBN: 0072387270

McGraw-Hill College. 1999

Great book.

Elementary and Middle School Social Studies: An Interdisciplinary, Multicultural Approach
ISBN: 1577665066

Waveland Press. 2007

Distinguished Teaching Professor Pamela Farris joins with leading experts, highly qualified in each area of elementary and middle school social studies, to continue a tradition of excellence that has been established in multiple editions. The Fifth Edition offers pre- and in-service teachers an accessible blend of theory and practice, with the NCSS Standards acting as the foundation for its interdisciplinary and multicultural focus. Full of practical yet creative ideas to stimulate students interest, this authoritative text is a valuable resource for helping learners to become good decision makers, use previously gained knowledge as a scaffold for further learning, develop a positive self-concept, gain an appreciation for the aesthetics of a subject, and become productive citizens. Outstanding features include: 1) developmentally appropriate NCSS Standards-Linked Lesson Plans are included within the chapters 2) In the Classroom boxes enrich many of the concepts and offer teaching ideas 3) examples of student work appear throughout the text 4) up-to-date, annotated reading lists identify age-appropriate books for diverse learners 5) Web sites and WebQuests are listed throughout the text and at the end of each chapter 6) strategies for teaching students with special needs provide guidance for inclusive education and 7) field-tested classroom activities serve as examples of how to offer students enjoyable and challenging learning experiences. Not-for-sale instructor resource material available to college and university faculty only contact publisher directly.

Teaching Reading: A Balanced Approach for Today's Classrooms
ISBN: 0072360704

McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social. 2002

McGraw-Hill, 2004 - Education - 736 pages "A Balanced Approach to Literacy Instruction" provides students with a strong background in using a balanced approach to literacy instruction. Using the National Standards for English Language Arts as a guide, the book calls for classroom teachers to become knowledgeable of and to master several literacy instructional practices, applying each when appropriate. A wide variety of literacy instructional practices are clearly presented. Theories are accompanied by practical, research-based ideas that students can use as they complete their field-based experiences and go out into their own classrooms. In addition to its in-depth coverage of phonics, comprehension, assessment, and vocabulary instructional strategies, "A Balanced Approach to Literacy Instruction" has wide coverage of technology and writing. Ways to meet the needs of diverse student populations are discussed throughout the book. Students also are provided with thorough lesson plans in reading, writing, and technology for them to consider using or adapting for their field based experiences.

Language Arts: Process, Product, and Assessment
ISBN: 1577663632

Waveland Press. 2004

Elementary and middle school teachers must understand each component of language arts listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking, viewing, and visually representing and be knowledgeable of phonics, children s literature, and sound assessment practices. Furthermore, it is vital for today s teachers to be aware of education goals mandated by policy makers at the national, state, and local levels and adhere to standards set forth by the International Reading Association. Equally important, teachers must be prepared to meet the needs of a diverse student population. This well-organized, comprehensive text offers a balanced approach to the teaching of language arts. Pamela Farris adroitly weaves the eclectic elements involved in the teaching process into a substantive, useful guide for preservice and in-service professionals. She itemizes which of the Professional Standards are specifically addressed in each chapter. Her discussions of relevant theories adequately supplement her focus on methods of instruction and teaching strategies including literature circles, thematic units, writer s and reader s workshops, modeling instruction, small group and whole class activities, and guided reading and writing. Farris presents a variety of classroom-tested activities suitable for different developmental levels in grades K 8, which integrate many or all of the language arts. She also provides numerous assessment techniques, including rubrics, checklists, and portfolios, and provides effective means for evaluating student achievement.

Outstanding features include 1) real-life vignettes 2) Professional Standards addressed in each chapter 3) strategies for understanding and teaching special needs students and English language learners 4) hints for using current technology 5) examples of children s work to help in knowing what to expect from different age and ability levels 6) boxed material with enriching insights and teaching strategies 7) examples using current children s literature 8) listings of a vast number of children s fiction and informational titles, including multicultural books and notable award winners and 9) questions and activities promoting practical experience, personal growth, and a better understanding of the topics presented. Not-for-sale instructor resource material available to college and university faculty only contact publisher directly.

Crossover Dribble
ISBN: 1932278435

Mayhaven Publishing, Inc.. 2007

Joe loves basketball, but when catastrophy hits home, he has to rethink everything about his life, including basketball.

Language Arts: Process, Product, and Assessment for Diverse Classrooms
ISBN: 1577666836

Waveland Pr Inc. 2010

What is the formula for success in today's diverse elementary and middle school classroom environments? How can teachers of the language arts excite students about learning, achieve high levels of literacy, and meet/exceed state and national standards? Farris and Werderich, expert educators and researchers, draw from their in-depth knowledge of current standards, issues, and practices in the field, as well as their teaching experience in K-8 classrooms. Their acute understanding of today's classroom environment and goals from the perspectives of both teachers and students is the foundation for their effective approach to teaching the six language arts reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and visually representing. Discussions of theories and methods, anecdotes from elementary and middle school teachers, classroom-tested activities, student examples, and ideas to ensure that all students needs are met provide valuable enrichment for pre- and in-service teachers.

Full-featured and pedagogically rich, the latest edition features 1) expanded coverage of emergent and beginning literacy, word work, technology, viewing and visually representing, and Response to Intervention (RtI) 2) specific 2010 Standards for Reading Professionals addressed in each chapter 3) highlighted teaching hints, mini lessons, and summaries 4) suggestions for student use of technology in the learning experience 5) Web site resources for teaching language arts and other content areas 6) ideas and models for assessing students learning 7) comprehensive lists of children's literature, including multicultural works 8) strategies for teaching English language learners and special needs students and 9) questions and activities to strengthen aptitude, awareness, and application of topics to real life.

Not-for-sale instructor resource material available to college and university faculty only contact publisher directly.

Titles of related interest also from Waveland Press: Collins-Cooper, The Power of Story: Teaching through Storytelling, Second Edition (ISBN 9781577664338) Farris, Elementary and Middle School Social Studies: An Interdisciplinary, Multicultural Approach, Seventh Edition (ISBN 9781478622802) and Otto, Literacy Development in Early Childhood: Reflective Teaching for Birth to Age Eight (ISBN 9781478630203).

Presidents From the Prairie State
ISBN: 193227894X

Mayhaven Publishing, Inc.. 2013

I hope as readers you will enjoy the personal aspects of these distinguished leaders, and that it will help you to know and understand them better. While all four were brilliant in their own way having unique insights and talents they were very different men, though each emerged from humble beginnings. Before becoming president, two would serve in the Illinois Legislature one would serve in the U.S. House of Representatives one would serve in the U.S. Senate one would become a California Governor, and one would become a General in America s Civil War.



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