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Name:  Ernest L Schusky  

Pen Name: Ernest Schusky

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult;

Born: 1931 in Portsmouth, Ohio

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Illinois Connection

I lived in Chicago from 1955 to 1958 while earning a Ph. D in anthropology at the Unviersity of Chicago. In 1960 I moved to Collinsville after becoming a professor of anthropology at Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville. I still reside in Collinsville.

Biographical and Professional Information

My dissertation research was among the Dakota Indians and I continued research among Indians. In retirement I am writing fiction about Southwestern Indians, but my first novel was about the prehistory of Cahokia Mounds since I live less than a mile from the site. The novel views ancient Cahokia through the eyes of a young woman brought to the site as a servant wife and for her knowledge of languages. The title of the novel is ''JOURNEY TO THE SUN''. I have a non-fiction work for the young reader, ''ANCIENT SPLENDOR OF PREHISTORIC CAHOKIA''.

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Titles At Your Library

Too Many Miracles, A Novel
ISBN: 0865345112

Sunstone Press. 2012

Father Hector, trained in agronomy and extension, delights in farming. When the bishop appoints him to San Miguel in the mountains of Mexico, he feels his prayers have been answered. The bishop's agenda differs. He directs Hector to convince the Indian congregants that miracles are not the frequent events that they are reporting. When Hector reaches San Miguel, he confronts a Protestant evangelical, who is encouraging villagers to plant cash crops and use new pesticides and modern technology. Instead of battling for souls, Hector must pit sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology against his rival. Hector's empathy and hard work win out over the charisma and charm of the Protestant, but his attempts to reduce the frequency of miracles at San Miguel are a different matter.

In Saguaro's Shadow: A Historical Novel of the Tohono O'Odham
ISBN: 1604947306

Wheatmark. 2012

It is the eve of World War II. When a draft board insists on registering young men from the Tohono O'odham Reservation, a conservative traditionalist named Pia Machita raises the Mexican flag and refuses to allow his followers to "sigh paper." Roswell Manuel is one of the first Tohono O'odham to be educated by Presbyterian missionaries. As the first O'odham interpreter, policeman, judge, and Presbyterian Elder, he attempts to balance his traditional beliefs with a modern lifestyle. After U.S. Marshals invade Pia's village -- and find it empty -- it is up to Roswell to talk Pia into a peaceful surrender. In Saguaro's Shadow is full of surprises and unforgettable outcomes. Based on real-life events, the story enables readers to experience the tragedy and humor that arise when cultures collide.

Return To Beauty
ISBN: 1600022650

Airleaf. 2007

RETURN TO BEAUTY is the courageous story of one of thousands of Dinee who suffered Spanish slavery on the Nuevo Mexico and Dinetah frontier. The author integrates ethnology with history to record one of the lesser known Navajo tragedies. After her capture in Canyon de Chelly, Yahzi endures seventeen years of slavery until she stampedes a flock of sheep and escapes in the confusion. She faces the adversitites of a cruel frontier if she is to return home.

Ride the Whirlwind
ISBN: 159453277X

Airleaf. 2004

Domingo’s love affair is shattered by the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. His knowledge of Spanish culture and language makes him an accomplice of Pope, brilliant Indian strategist, who leads the revolution. Through Domingo’s eyes we experience the brutality of Spaniards – and Indians – in what was Native Americans most successful war against white oppression. A historic novel of epic proportions.

Culture and Agriculture: An Ecological Introduction to Traditional and Modern Farming Systems
ISBN: 0897891856

Praeger. 1989

In the Foreword to Culture and Agriculture, distinguished anthropologist John W. Bennett writes Dr. Schusky's book is welcome. It marks a point of maturity for anthropology's interest in agriculture, a distillation of decades of research and thought on the most important survival task facing humankind, the production of food. Although applauded by a specialist in the field, Schusky's book is specifically written for the general reader who is interested in agriculture. It offers a historical overview of the two major periods of agriculture--the Neolithic Revolution, which occurred when humans initally domesticated plants and animals, and the Neoclaric Revolution, which began the introduction of fossil fuel into agriculture in the twentieth century. Culture and Agriculture dramatizes the extensive changes that are occurring in modern agriculture due to the intensified use of fossil energy. The book details how the overdependence on fossil energy, with its looming exhaustion, is a major cause of pessimism about food production. The book also addresses the possible solutions to this scenario--conservation steps, an increase in the mix of solar energy, and an emphasis on human labor--which hold out hope for the future.

Part I introduces the discovery or domestication of plants and animals (the Neolithic), along with the later use of irrigation, in order to show that most agricultural development, until the twentieth century, occurred between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago. Part II presents a brief survey of agricultural history which demonstrates that hunger had more to do with inequity in the social system than in the amounts of food produced. Agricultural history also emphasizes how little change occurred in agriculture from 5,000 years ago until the twentieth century, when the use of fossil energy revolutionized food production. In assessing the future of agricultural development, Schusky underscores the importance of economic and political policies that emphasize equity in distribution of wealth and government services. This book should appeal to the general reader interested in agriculture, rural sociology, or anthropology.

Forgotten Sioux an Ethnohistory of The
ISBN: 0882295012

Nelson-hall Publishers. 1977

Introduction to Social Science
ISBN: 0134967038

Pearson College Div. 1981

Introducing culture (Prentice-Hall anthropology series)
ISBN: 0134772407

Prentice-Hall. 1978

Manual for Kinship Analysis, Second Edition
ISBN: 0819134937

University Press of America. 2002

Originally published in 1964 by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, this volume has been used by more than 50,000 students as an introduction to classifying and analyzing the kinship systems of the world. This second edition introduces in a simple, step-by-step style the methods of componential analysis as well as determining the structure of Iroquois, Crow-Omaha, and other kinship systems. A good supplemental text for Introductory Anthropology courses.


  • Short Story of the Year for Anthropology and the Humanites Journal, ''Korean Exodus (short story)


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