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Name:  Cindy Ladage  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children; Children;

Born: 1958 in Pickneyville, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Ladage was born in Pickneyville, Illinois. She has also lived in Nokomis, Illinois and currently resides in Virden, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Ladage is a freelance writer who contributes mostly to rural publications. Currently, she is a staff writer who provides features & travel stories for the ''Farm World Magazine'', ''Illinois Times'', ''Illinois Explorer Magazine'', & ''Senior News & Times''. She is also a staff writer for several collectible farm related publications.She has had her works published in more than a dozen publications, including ''Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul''. She has written three short story collections - ''Porch Swing Tales'' and ''Porch Swing Tale II'' and III and three novels - ''Where did Laurita Go?'' and ''Love-Forward'' and ''Fairytales Are Fragile'' which won the romance writing contest for Oaktree press in 2010.Ladage has also co-authored three children's books, ''Tucker's Surprise'' and ''Christmas Tractor'' and ''My Name is Huber, a Tractor's Story''.

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Titles At Your Library

Tucker's surprise

Roots & Wings. 2000

Christmas Tractor
ISBN: 0970331924

Roots & Wings. 2003

Where Did Laurita Go?
ISBN: 1424120195

PublishAmerica. 2006

Lori Anne Bailey’s life had turned upside down. One evening in Greyston’s Grocery, she took action and stopped a would-be robber and catapulted herself into the public eye. Her face on the cover of the morning newspaper may have blown her cover and could lead her ex-husband Mick right to her door! Her life was now in danger and she didn’t know who was friend or foe. Was handsome Tony Carlutti one of Mick’s henchmen? Could her friend Sal keep her safe? Follow Lori as she tries to keep her new life together, and keep “Laurita” in the past.

ISBN: 1448983452

PublishAmerica. 2009

Joey Angelo loves his neighbor flight attendant Charlotte Perry, but Charlotte thinks she loves the freewheeling pilot Jimmy Cogburn. When Joey decides to share with Charlotte how he feels via a love-filled email, he sets a series of events in motion that are out of his control. Only Mary Sindt, the web mistress who is privy to all of their lives through glimpses into their cyber world, has a handle of the situation. Will Joey catch Charlotte? Will Charlotte learn the truth about Jimmy? Read on to see how Mary’s interference unravels and changes the fate of those that put their trust in her.

Fairy Tales Are Fragile
ISBN: 1892343665

Timeless Love. 2010

In 1939, when the threat of war drifts over Vienna, young Ilyana Verner sails across the Atlantic Ocean to emigrate to the United States. She and her mother intend to join relatives in Chicago, but a shipboard romance changes their plans. As her mother and new step-father marry, Ilyana finds herself torn between the love of two men-the unabashed pursuit of rough and wild Connie O'Brien, and the more subdued attentions of Andy Henry, a serious-minded student at Harvard Law. A night of passion under a San Francisco moon changes everything-and now a child must be considered. How will Ilyana choose between the man she loves and the one who laid claim to her?

My Name is Huber
ISBN: 1610090543

Acorn ~ Books for Kids. 2012

My Name is Huber, A Tractor’s Story -This is the story told through the eyes of a tractor named Huber who rolled off the factory room floor in 1927. My Name is Huber follows the tractor through his working life on the farm. Huber runs a threshing machine and works hard for his farmer through the Depression into the War years. When Huber is replaced with a new faster tractor, he becomes a forgotten Huber until he is found, restored and brought back to life to tell his story!

Canning, Pickling, and Freezing with Irma Harding: Recipes to Preserve Food, Family and the American Way
ISBN: 1937747174

Octane Press. 2014

Preserving your own food is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. Canning and pickling is a way of doing this. Not only do you source produce from your garden, farmer s market, or local shop, you can also ensure the preparation is wholesome and the ingredients are pure. In this detailed guide, 1950s icon Irma Harding offers her firm guidance on how to properly prepare and preserve your own foods. The book explains how to preserve foods by canning, pickling, freezing, smoking and curing fresh vegetables and meats. Step-by-step techniques and tasty recipes from food artisans in Austin, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan and other places are included. Along the way, Irma Harding provides her no-nonsense advice and some colorful images and a brief history of her checkered red cloth past. This colorful book delivers both the techniques and recipes necessary to keep their food local and fresh and the life path direct and true.



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