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General Information

Name:  Jonathon Goldstein  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1969 in Brooklyn, New York

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Illinois Connection

Goldstein lived in Chicago from 2000 through 2002.

Biographical and Professional Information

After graduating from McGill University, Goldstein supported himself by working in the telemarketing industry for ten years, all the while continuing to write and attend readings. In 2000, Goldstein's nascent career got a boost after he was selected to work on Ira Glass' popular radio program This American Life and he relocated to Chicago to work as a producer on the show. In 2002, Goldstein moved back to Montreal and started work on several projects for CBC Radio One including his own show, WireTap, which debuted in 2004.

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Titles At Your Library

Lenny Bruce is Dead
ISBN: 1552450694

Coach House Press. 2001

Hysterically, morbidly, poignantly funny first novel about a young Jewish man living in Montreal and contending with the death of his mother and life with a confused, ineffectual father and a series of beautiful, damaged women. Woody Allen meets J.D. Salinger meets Leonard Cohen...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bible!
ISBN: 1594483671

Riverhead Books. 2009

A hilarious re-imagining of the heroes of the Old Testament for a modern world-and the neurotic, demanding reader.

In the beginning...there was humor.

Sure, it's the foundation for much of Western morality and the cornerstone of world literature. But let's face it: the Bible always needed punching up. Plus, it raised quite a few questions that a modern world refuses to ignore any longer: wouldn't it be boring to live inside a whale? How did Joseph explain Mary's pregnancy to the guys at work? Who exactly was the megalomaniacal foreman who oversaw the construction of the Tower of Babel? And honestly, what was Cain's problem?

In Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bible!, Jonathan Goldstein re-imagines and recasts the greatest heroes of the Bible with depth, wit, and snappy dialogue. This is the Bible populated by angry loners, hypochondriacs, and reluctant prophets who fear for their sanity, for readers of Sarah Vowell and the books of David Sedaris. Basically, a Bible that readers can finally, genuinely relate to.

Jonathan Goldstein's new book, I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow, will be available May 2013.

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