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Name:  Jeff Gundy  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Poetry

Born: 1952 in Flanagan, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Gundy was born in 1952 on a farm near Flanagan, Illinois. He has judged poetry manuscripts for the Illinois Arts Council.

Biographical and Professional Information

Gundy was born in 1952 on a farm near Flanagan, Illinois. In 1975 he graduated from Goshen College with a degree in English, and did masters work in creative writing and a doctorate in American literature at Indiana University in Bloomington. After teaching for four years at Hesston College in Kansas, since 1984 he has been at Bluffton College, where he is a Professor of English and former chair of the English/Language department.

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Titles At Your Library

A Community of Memory: MY DAYS WITH GEORGE AND CLARA (Creative Nonfiction)
ISBN: 0252064968

University of Illinois Press. 1995

In this fascinating series
of narratives, many voices of Jeff Gundy's Amish and Mennonite forebears
trace their paths and chronicle their lives. Women and men speak in these
pages, telling their stories and linking themselves to each other, the
past, and the present. Gundy demonstrates that who he is--who we all are--is
shaped by a past peopled with those who worked, loved, dreamed, and died.
By sharing his community of memory, he makes us desire to seek out our
Using family photos, records,
recollections, and historical research, Gundy follows seven generations
through time and space: from Bavaria and Alsace to Ohio to Illinois in
the 1830s from frontier dwellings with dirt floors to homes with refrigerators.
He also follows them intellectually, from a strict to a broader interpretation
of religious doctrine in the 1870s, which led to a schism within the already
small Mennonite community from a long-standing position on pacifism and
conscientious objection to some questioning of this stance during World
War II.

Scattering Point: The World in a Mennonite Eye
ISBN: 0791456579

SUNY Press. 2003

Creative non-fiction by a Mennonite poet that blends the history of the Amish and Mennonites, family history, and his own life story to look at how he might live in harmony with the Mennonite ideal to 'live in the world but not of it.'

Rhapsody with Dark Matter: Poems
ISBN: 0933087659

Bottom Dog Press. 2000

Cultural Writing. Prose. These vivid meditations call us to enter the whirl of our desires. With wit and passion, Jeff Gundy investigates our deep roots of longing -- for God and the other. He offers an unforgettable ride -- Jean Janzen. The power of Jeff Gundy's RHAPSODY WITH DARK MATTER stems from a distinctive tension, where irony of the old sort -- with its attending terrors of Fate confronted -- is met with the wink (and the strength) of latter-day knowledge. Here are love poems, tracts on faith and doubt, paeans to the family memory, and yes, essays on Gospel Hour Radio, where the likes of Albert Einstein and John Wooden may coexist on the same sturdy line. This Midwetern rhapsody, Jeff Gundy, possesses and ancient lyric touch but also, delightfully, a sharp postmodern edge -- David Baker.

Walker in the Fog (C. Henry Smith)
ISBN: 1931038260

Cascadia Publishing House. 2005

The first book-length treatment of the flowering of American Mennonite writing of the last two decades, this book combines careful scholarship with Jeff Gundy's frank, sometimes sardonic, often funny, deeply engaged commentary on Mennonite writing and culture.

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