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General Information

Name:  Denny Rogers  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction Other

Audience: Adult;

Born: in Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Denny Rogers lives in Bloomington, Illinois

Biographical and Professional Information

Denny Rogers is an illustrator, sculptor, and forensic artist. His work with lab scientists informs his extremely detailed internal and external anatomy guides.

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Titles At Your Library

Illustrated Bald Eagle: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Bird Lovers, Woodcarvers, and Artists (Fox Chapel Publishing) Detailed Drawings & Measurements (Denny Rogers Visual Reference)
ISBN: 1565232844

Fox Chapel Publishing. 2006

A thorough and fascinating visual study offering the most comprehensive reference drawings anywhere on the majestic Bald Eagle—down to each feather—this is the ultimate reference guide for bird lovers, woodcarvers, and artists!

  • In-depth information regarding the Bald Eagle's habitat and physiology
  • Proportion charts that reduce each full-scale measurement so that accurate patterns can be created in any size
  • Detailed line drawings of flight and contour feathers
  • Exclusive color charts with paint references created by award-winning bird carver Lori Corbett
  • Isolated body parts and measurements
  • Complete physiology charts with feather tract identification

The bald eagle, an icon of majesty and grace, is a much-loved subject of carvers, sculptors, and artists. However, accurately capturing and portraying the physical splendor of the American national symbol can be a challenge if you're not working with an authentic model.

In The Illustrated Bald Eagle, illustrator, sculptor, and wilderness enthusiast Denny Rogers offers meticulous and comprehensive reference drawings as a solution to this dilemma.

A result of Denny's careful study of a live eagle, these drawings deliver every realistic detail of the bird—down to each feather—that can be infused into your artistic creations.

Once available in full-size prints, in "blueprint" form, these informative drawings by Denny Rogers were widely known for their anatomical accuracy, and immensely popular among artists, sculptors, painters, and carvers such as Lori Corbett and John Strutt.

From Lori Corbett, award-winning bird carver and author of Carving Songbirds: "You are holding in your hands some of the best reference material for the American Bald Eagle, second only to having the live bird in hand. I would have been hesitant to create any of my commissioned raptors without the benefit of Denny's reference as part of my research material. This manual provides you with the information and inspiration to create the best Bald Eagle that your abilities allow, no matter what your chosen art form."

From John Strutt, acclaimed artist and woodcarver who received multiple honors—including having one of his carvings inducted into the permanent White House collection by former President Ronald Reagan: "I honestly believe that, without the reference provided by Denny, the quality of my work and my skill level wouldn't be where it is today. My experience is just the story of one carver, but many carvers, sculptors, artists, craftsmen, and educators throughout America report the same results using Denny's diagrams."

Now, with The Illustrated Bald Eagle, you can pore over every detail from each print in one easy-to-access volume.

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