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Name:  Kathleen MacDonnell  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction Non-Fiction Other

Born: 1947 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

She was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kathleen MacDonnall is a playwright, author of fiction and nonfiction, and editor. She is a contributor to CBC Radio, and is a speaker and workshop leader at conferences. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

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Titles At Your Library

Ezzie's Emerald
ISBN: 0929005139

Second Story Press. 1984

Ezzie has friends and a loving family who never maker her feel that she is "fat." But sometimes schoolmates tease her. For children 6 to 10, this chapter book shows how Ezzie's bravery makes others realize she is more than simply "the fat girl."

The Nordlings (Notherland Journeys)
ISBN: 1896764231

Second Story Press. 1997

Fifteen-year-old Peggy is trying to run away from her problems at home when she finds herself thrust back into a long-forgotten fantasy world called Notherland. An evil force is now threatening to destroy all who live there, and Peggy is the only one who can stop him.

The Shining World (Notherland Journeys)
ISBN: 1896764797

Second Story Press. 2003

Sixteen-year-old Peggy has gone north to plant trees for the summer. On a visit to a petroglyph site, she is abruptly transported to Notherland, an imaginary world she created when she was seven. There, she learns that Mi, a spirit-child who lives in the northern lights, has gone in search of a mythical "shining world." Fearing for her safety, Peggy and her Notherland companions—Gavi the philosopher loon, Molly the pirate-doll, and a mysterious young man named Jackpine—set out in search of Mi.

1212: Year of the Journey
ISBN: 1897187114

Second Story Press. 2007

In a world where thousands are dying over matters of religion, where do you go? What do you believe? Who do you put your own faith in? These questions, so relevant to growing up in 2006, are also questions faced by young people hundreds of years ago as they saw their cities and towns destroyed by the Christian Crusades. Based on a true story of a peaceful crusade in 1212 led by children of different faiths, this book traces the lives of three characters as they try to find answers to these persistent questions.

The Songweavers (Notherland Journeys)
ISBN: 1897187424

Second Story Press. 2008

As a child, Peggy created the imaginary northern world of Notherland, only to discover as a teenager that the world had become real, and that as it's creator she is responsible for all the creatures who live there. Peggy is now a teenager and has plenty on her mind without having to deal with an imaginary world. When an opportunity arises to cut her ties to Notherland, she grabs it, not realizing the consequences her decision will have on her friends in the other realm.

Not An Easy Choice: A Feminist Re-examines Abortion
ISBN: 1896764657

Second Story Press. 2003

If most North Americans admit they support a woman’s right to an abortion, why does the controversy still rage? Kathleen McDonnell describes the often conflicting needs and emotions experienced prior to and after abortion.

Kid Culture: Children and Adults and Popular Culture (Media.culture series)
ISBN: 1864031123

Pluto Pr Australia. 2001

With clarity and humour the author addresses why pop culture is an irresistable lure to kids, by confronting the issues which both plague and challenge parents and educators today. The book examines questions such as: is Saturday morning TV as bad as it seems? Should I give my daughter a Barbie? and How is violence affecting kids?

Honey, We Lost the Kids: Re-thinking childhood in the multimedia age
ISBN: 1897187041

Second Story Press. 2005

Remember when children grew up in well-defined stages? Adults tried to keep whole areas of life hidden from them – death, bad language, and, of course, sex. In this straight-talking book, Kathleen McDonnell warns us that we can’t go back to that time when grown-ups and kids knew their place.

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