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Name:  Barbara Elliott Carpenter  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Carpenter lives in south central Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Carpenter grew up in a small Midwest town, much like the fictional town of Redbud Grove, Illinois. Her love of writing began in the fourth grade and is now a passion, taking precedence over oil painting, which she also enjoys. Barbara has received awards and prizes for her poems and short stories, some of which are currently included in the curriculum of a California high school Literature class. She has been published in ''Reader's Digest'' and other periodicals, and her works appear in national magazines and anthologies, such as the ''Chicken Soup For the Soul'' books and ''Not Your Mother's Book ... On Being a Woman''. Barbara was a member of the Cedarhurst Writer's Roundtable for many years.

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Titles At Your Library

Starlight, Starbright. . .
ISBN: 1410716856

AuthorHouse. 2003

Humor, mystery, adventure, tragedy, and love are all elements in the coming-of-age story of Sissy Bannister, a feisty, precocious girl, who meets life in a new town and a new school head-on. The pages are filled with stories of the diverse citizens that live in Redbud Grove, many of whom love, and are loved by, Sissy. Each chapter highlights different people, good and bad, old and young, rich and poor, that contribute to her education and help to mold the character of the strong, independent woman Sissy becomes. Watch Sissy as she comes to terms with economic differences among the people in her town. Smile at her wonder when she listens to adults discussing topics that leave her puzzled and looking for answers. Laugh aloud at the discoveries she makes when she and her friends peek through the window of a witch's house. Cry with her at the loss of an unlikely friend. Share Sissy's rage at the tragedy that befalls another 'new girl', who becomes one of Sissy's best friends.Follow Sissy as she learns that small towns are not immune from bigotry, prejudice, bullies or injustice. Shake your head at her daring as she experiences a dangerous first crush, an intoxicating first kiss, and encounters life in all its fullness inside the boundaries and the rich, prairie outskirts of her little town, Redbud Grove.STARLIGHT, STARBRIGHT-- covers the first fourteen-and-a-half years of Sissy Bannister's life. Watch for the sequel, I WISH I MAY, I WISH, I MIGHT, that continues the saga of Sissy into adulthood, and on to what was written for her in the stars she so-loved to watch.

Wish I May, Wish I Might...
ISBN: 1420860100

AuthorHouse. 2005

The verdant, beautiful mountains of West Virginia, completely different in terrain from the rich, fertile soil of Central Illinois, becomes the new home of the Bannister family in nineteen fifty-four. Sissy Bannister left Redbud Grove, Illinois, as a broken-hearted fourteen-year-old, but it doesn't take her long to make new friends and find her own niche. Along the way to adulthood, she encounters different cultures and people in Dixon, West Virginia, who change the course of her life. Intrigued with the southeastern mountain accent of the residents, Sissy finds that she soon sounds just like her new friends. Some beliefs and lifestyles are difficult for her to accept, but she maintains the same equilibrium and sense of justice that began to form when she was a child. Sissy's first year in a new high school occurs at the same time desegregation laws are passed and she discovers that human nature is much the same, no matter the locale. The pages of Wish I May, Wish I Might... are rich with drama, slap-your-knee humor, chilling terror, sensual sizzling romance, and three-hanky tragedy. This book covers the years of Sissy's life between the ages of fourteen to twenty-eight. With laughter, struggles, tears and joy, Sissy Bannister discovers that passion doesn't always equal love but through it all, she becomes the woman that was visible in the child. Starlight Starbright...introduced her to the world and the final book of the trilogy, The Wish I Wish Tonight, reveals what special things the stars she wished upon held for Sissy Bannister. All she had to do was look in the right place. Chuck Yeager, General USAF, (Retired) grew up in West Virginia. This book holds references to him and they are used with the general's permission.

The Wish I Wish Tonight
ISBN: 1434342301

AuthorHouse. 2007

The last book of The Starlight Trilogy answers all the questions and solves the mysteries set down in the first segment, Starlight, Starbright. . . What became of the Franklin heir, the son of the beautiful Amish girl, Rebecca? Who actually killed the would-be child molester, Al Pitts, and the mother of Lucinda Barnes? Does the handsome Victor Delacourt remain only a teen-age girl's memory? What motivated the fiercely protective attitude of Sissy's mother, Jackie Bannister, toward her daughters? Throughout the saga, Sissy Bannister has survived many stages and changes in her life: precocious child inquisitive, compassionate teen: a somewhat reluctant bride: battered wife: independent widow. In this portion of the saga, she comes to grips with moral issues of her occupation, loneliness, temptation, journalistic success beyond her imagination, mind-numbing terror and sorrow, all the while sustained by the same indomitable spirit with which she was born. This eagerly awaited finale holds the same wealth of characters, convoluted story lines and plots, many with unexpected conclusions, as the first two books. Perhaps her many wishes upon many stars were the catalysts that sent her in search of her starlit dreams. The promise of a rich, full life, filled with the love and companionship Sissy longed for waits to be discovered within the pages of The Wish I Wish Tonight.

Without a Quarter in my Pocket: The Memoirs of Dr. Secundino E. Rubio
ISBN: 1438911319

AuthorHouse. 2008

From the age of eleven, Dr. Secundino Rubio knew that he wanted to become a physician. Industrious from the age of six years, he allowed nothing to stand in the way of his dreams. He succeeded, and his life with his wife and young children on the beautiful island of Cuba was all any man could desire?until Fidel Castro and his band of guerilla soldiers took control. With sheer determination, Dr. Rubio managed to follow his wife and four small children, one only a baby, from Cuba to Florida. Like many other Cubans, he gave up every thing he had worked for to obtain safety and freedom. Dr. Rubio is a man who has always lived according to what he purposes in his heart. ?I have never been one to look back,? he says. ?I have always set my mind to a course and then followed it to the best of my ability.? The memoirs of Dr. Secundino Rubio chronicle his life in Cuba, where he lived during the first thirty-nine years of his life. It continues to South Central Illinois, his home for most of the years since he fled Communist Cuba. His is a story of hard work and courage, of extended family devotion, of love and laughter, interrupted by violence, imprisonment and terror. The pages of WITHOUT A QUARTER IN MY POCKET are filled with stories and photographs of real people, some dating back to the nineteenth century. It is a testimony to one man?s spirit, faith and belief that he could do what needed to be done, and do it well.

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