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General Information

Name:  Annmarie Orgega  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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Illinois Connection

Annmarie lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Annmarie is an active and busy mother, who is currently the Vice-President of her PTA as well as completing her Bachelor's Degree at Columbia College. She likes to say that just as her writing is so she is also a 'work in progress'.

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Titles At Your Library

Shivers: Tales Of Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 0979794692

Resplendence Publishing, LLC. 2007

Four tales of paranormal erotic romance from Resplendence. Includes Lady in White by Catherine Chernow, Bewitching Bite by Destiny Blaine, Deal With the Devil by Annmarie Ortega, and Nuit Aux Trois by Melinda Barron. Warning: Explicit content. Not intended for individuals under 18 years of age.

Wicked Rogues
ISBN: 1603941924

New Concepts. 2008

WICKED ROGUES is a pirate romance anthology containing FOUR novellas:

Captain Devlin's Captive by Susanne Saville -- Captured by the notorious pirate 'Devil' Devlin, Jasabel should have been worried about being ravished by the sinfully handsome pirate ... not hoping for it.

The Diary of Annalise by Annmarie Ortega -- When Annalise's father died, he left her with only the family tavern, a pile of debt, and a burning hatred for the pirates who frequent the tavern. One night, a mysterious stranger re-ignites the fire in her mourning heart. But their passion turns dangerous when Annalise finds herself kidnapped by the very men she hates.

The Pirate's Secret by Laine Morgan -- From the first moment Shannon spied the dark pirate, Patrick Flannigan, she wanted to experience the thrill of excitement and adventure only he could offer. She hadn't expected to fall in love with the rogue.

The Other Side of Silence by Celia Ashley -- From the first day she met him, everything about the tall, dark stranger with the beautiful amber eyes set Sunny's blood on fire. But just who was Roger? Where had he come from? Who had he been? No one knew, not even Roger MacLeod.

Medieval Menage
ISBN: 1607351188

Resplendence Publishing, LLC. 2010

Three Heroes Are Better Than One! Go back in time with this trio of thrilling, sensuous tales. Your heart will be conquered by lethal knights and daring lords who are as skilled on the battlefield as they are in the bedroom A Liar's Truth by Kimberly Garland Ellsworth Castle is the only home Christina Edmund has ever known, and it has just been conquered by the evil Lord Renault Brandon, whose legendary cruelty has earned him such names as the Blood of Berlin and the Sorrow of Sicily. But when Christina finds herself face-to-face with the notorious Lord Brandon, she is stunned. How can this man be the same unrepentant fiend who tortured, raped and murdered his way across the known world? The Dark Knight by Marianne LaCroix Lord Marco Cordoba stalks the dark shadows of his castle in Spain, haunted by death of his bride at the hands of a demonic vampire. Seven hundred years later Marco is ready to end his lonely vampiric existence, but then a light of hope enters the deserted halls of his castle... Wishes Through Time by Annmarie Ortega When Caitlyn wishes to meet the man of her dreams, she has no idea her wish will take her to medieval England. She will quickly discover that finding true love and adjusting to life in 1400 is much more difficult than she could have ever imagined.

Dead Girl Talking
ISBN: 160735215X

Resplendence Publishing, LLC. 2011

Until recently, I led a pretty normal life. But then I did something that kind of changed things for me: I had a one-night stand with a vampire. Things got a little carried away and he bit me, turning me into a vampire too. I guess you can say I learned the hard way that love bites, and once bitten there's no going back.

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