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General Information

Name:  Vivian Schurfranz  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: 1925 in Mason City, Iowa

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Illinois Connection

Schurfranz moved to Wilmette, Illinois in 1967.

Biographical and Professional Information

Schurfranz was a teacher and an author. She left teaching in 1961 to pursue a career in writing. She had a prolific career as a writer of historical fiction and historical romances for juveniles; publishing approximately 19 books and 50 short stories for magazines.


Renee , RITA Award in 1990 for Best Book for Young Adults

Speaking Engagements

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Selected Titles At Your Library

A different kind of friend /
ISBN: 0590428780. OCLC Number: 21370362

Scholastic,. .

Leah does a school project about the eccentric Mrs. Fox, and the two of them become friends, but Leah's best friend, Roseanne, is jealous.

A message for General Washington /
ISBN: 1893110435. OCLC Number: 828733070

. .

Twelve-year-old Hannah accepts the challenge of sneaking behind enemy lines to deliver a message to General Washington which will result in the British surrender at Yorktown.

Amanda, the cut-up
ISBN: 0590425552. OCLC Number: 20740361

Scholastic,. .

Amanda uses some of her magic tricks to make friends at her new school, but when she realizes she may lose her new best friend, she has second thoughts about being the class clown.

Another time, another love
ISBN: 0590509667. OCLC Number: 33376640

Scholastic,. .

While visiting a graveyard of Revolutionary War British soldiers, Cathy meets and falls in love with the ghost of Edward who takes her back to his world and wants her to stay.

ISBN: 0590336886. OCLC Number: 12611431

Scholastic,. .

From Books Back Cover: Her brave heart is torn between two worlds. Every since blonde Cassie Stevens was captured by the Indians at the age of four she has loved her Iroquois family, and at fifteen she can shoot and ride as well as any warrior. Then her world is destroyed when passion drives her from the only home she knows. Where does Cassie truly belong? In the arms of the handsome and adventurous fur trapper Joshua, or in the town where she was born, with Ben who mistrusts her Indian spirit?

ISBN: 0590331566. OCLC Number: 11169335

Scholastic Inc.,. .

ISBN: 0590407171. OCLC Number: 15639334

Scholastic,. .

In 1665, Heather Lawson and her father are being pushed off their land-grant property in New York. Who doesn't want them there? Could it be Heather's lover? Author was a member of the Evanston Township High School faculty.

ISBN: 0590402684. OCLC Number: 14159143

Scholastic,. .

Julie matures in a frontier town where her parents are working on the first transcontinental railroad and where she must choose between aristocratic Samuel and handsome Dylan. Author was a member of the faculty at Evanston Township High School.

ISBN: 059033381X. OCLC Number: 11977249

Scholastic,. .

ISBN: 0590338382. OCLC Number: 13078646

. .

In 1867, 16-year-old Megan's family leaves Washington DC for the wilderness where she will be forced to choose between sons of feuding families.

ISBN: 0590410008. OCLC Number: 16516027

Scholastic, Inc.,. .

Merrie, one of the Pilgrims, has 2 boys to choose from in this romance set in the time of the Mayflower landing.

ISBN: 0590418750. OCLC Number: 18590867

Scholastic,. .

ISBN: 0590420437. OCLC Number: 19068940

Scholastic,. .

Book Description: The Great Blizzard of 1888 makes her a heroine! More than anything, Renee wants to become a New York City newspaper reporter. Her family doesn't approve. But Nick, the young man they expect her to marry, understands. Or does he? One day, when handsome Steven Morison walks into her father's bicycle shop, Renee gets her chance. Steven's mother owns the New York Gazette. Steven gets Renee a job as a cub reporter. And he asks her out. Then the Great Blizzard of 1888 buries New York City with raging, icy winds and huge snowdrifts, some as high as buildings. Renee is the only reporter to make it to work, and she's told to cover the blizzard! Braving the dangerous, freezing streets, she becomes a heroine more than once. And her story is published - on the front page! She's on her way. Steven has asked her to marry him, and give up her job. She knows she loves him. But does real love mean giving up her dreams?

Roman hostage /
ISBN: 0695805142. OCLC Number: 1601888

Follett Pub. Co.,. .

Unable to adjust to his life as a hostage in Constantinople, Ruric, a young Visigoth, escapes back to his tribe and participates in the battle that brought a major victory to his people.

The castle murder
ISBN: 0590330470. OCLC Number: 10722530

Scholastic Inc.,. .

While unwillingly spending her summer with her relatives at the de Laire castle in France, Nicole finds a very handsome friend, Michel and a valuable manuscript which may cost her life! Author was a faculty member at Evanston Township High School.

The mansion murder
ISBN: 0590332511. OCLC Number: 11475413

Scholastic Inc.,. .