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General Information

Name:  Fran Manushkin  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children;

Born: 1942 in Chicago, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Manushkin grew up in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Manushkin received her B.A. in education from Chicago Teacher's College. After graduation, she moved to New York City. There, she worked in the children's book department of Harper & Row for ten years. After becoming a junior editor where she soon discovered she enjoyed writing and her first book ''BABY'' (later titled ''BABY, COME OUT!'') was published in 1972. Since then, Manushkin has written many many books.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) Contact Information Amy Berkower Writers House 21 West 26th Street New York,, New York

Selected Titles At Your Library

Baby, come out!
ISBN: 9781595726612. OCLC Number: 47650625

Star Bright Books,. .

Everyone in the family tries to bribe the new baby into being born, but a kiss from Father finally does it.

Be brave, Baby Rabbit
ISBN: 0517575736. OCLC Number: 20828576

Crown Publishers,. .

While playing follow-the-leader with his big sister, Baby Rabbit can't manage to jump over a bushel basket; but, after he stands up a to a Halloween monster, he has the confidence to make the leap.

Best season ever /
ISBN: 1404857303. OCLC Number: 434613160

Picture Window Books,. .

Katie and her friends Pedro and JoJo disagree over which season of the year is the best.

ISBN: 006024058X. OCLC Number: 959817

Harper & Row. .

Two affectionate sisters enjoy getting clean as they share a bubblebath.

Buster loves buttons!
ISBN: 0060241071. OCLC Number: 11029546

Harper & Row,. .

After buying all the buttons he can, Buster, the button glutton, begins stealing them off people's clothes until Kippy and her dog decide to stop him.

Come, let us be joyful! :
ISBN: 0807407313. OCLC Number: 44467670

UAHC Press,. .

One of the best known of Jewish melodies is the joyful Hava Nagila, the one played at weddings and festivals, at any gathering where a Jewish tune is needed by the secular world, at camps and schools everywhere. Here is a tale of how that melody was carried to the Holy Land by Jews returning from thousands of years of exile, and of how it came to have words.

Daughters of fire :
ISBN: 0152018697. OCLC Number: 39465219

. .

Eleven stories about women of the Hebrew Bible who influenced the course of Jewish history through their courageous actions.

El Fantasma de les muntanyes russes
ISBN: 8476060076. OCLC Number: 803451841

Aquari,. .

Goodbye to Goldie /
ISBN: 1404860576. OCLC Number: 301798095

Picture Window Books,. .

Katie Woo learns different ways to cope with the death of her dog.

Hocus and Pocus at the circus
ISBN: 0060240911. OCLC Number: 8669365

Harper & Row,. .

A young witch tries in vain to teach her little sister how to spook a Halloween circus.

Hooray for Hanukkah!
ISBN: 0375810439. OCLC Number: 44775001

Random House,. .

A menorah describes a family's joyous celebration of this Jewish holiday, from the first night to the eighth and last.

Jumping Jacky
ISBN: 0307102637. OCLC Number: 15321550

Golden Book ;. .

Jackie loves to jump but isn't very careful about how she does it until her mother enrolls her in a gymnastics class.

Ketchup, catch up!
ISBN: 0307118142. OCLC Number: 18403652

Golden Books ;. .

Ketchup is the slowest monkey in the jungle until he finds some roller skates.

Latkes and applesauce :
ISBN: 9780545300421. OCLC Number: 811344326

Scholastic Inc.,. .

When a blizzard leaves a family housebound one Hanukkah, they share what little food they have with some starving animals who later return the favor.

Let George do it!
ISBN: 0689878079. OCLC Number: 55588176

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Five brothers named George, along with Mrs. George, get ready for Big George's birthday party.

Let's go riding in our strollers /
ISBN: 0786810386. OCLC Number: 26315168

Hyperion Books for Children,. .

A child enjoys a delightful stroller ride through the city streets to the park.

Little Rabbit's baby brother
ISBN: 059041089X. OCLC Number: 21223164

Scholastic Inc.,. .

Little Rabbit finds her own way of coming to terms with her new baby brother.

Lulu's mixed-up movie /
ISBN: 0140372008. OCLC Number: 31938982

Puffin Books,. .

A guardian angel-in-training enters the scene when Lulu Bliss, discovering her widowed father's interest in another woman, sets out to capture her competitor's worst side on film.

Many Days, One Shabbat.
ISBN: 9781477810392. OCLC Number: 961160224

Two Lions. .

One light. Many candles. One challah. Many slices. A family gets ready to celebrate the Sabbath. It welcomes guests, enjoys a nice meal, and savors a few quiet moments together. Shabbat Shalom! Appealing watercolors add just the right touch to the festivities.

Miriam's cup :
ISBN: 9780439811118. OCLC Number: 34192085

Scholastic,. .

A Jewish mother preparing for Passover tells her young children the story of Miriam, the Biblical woman who prophesied the birth of Moses.

Moon dragon
ISBN: 002762210X. OCLC Number: 7999321

Macmillan,. .

A smart little mouse secures enough cheese for the rest of her days when she outwits a terrible dragon.

My Christmas safari /
ISBN: 0803712944. OCLC Number: 26504074

Dial Books for Young Readers,. .

A cumulative counting song describes the animals seen on an imaginative photo safari to Africa. Includes music to set the words to the melody of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Peeping and sleeping
ISBN: 0153075112. OCLC Number: 35308332

Harcourt Brace,. .

Barry and his father take an evening walk, exploring the strange peeping sounds they hear and finding a surprise down at the pond.

Peeping and sleeping /
ISBN: 0395643392. OCLC Number: 28547853

Clarion Books,. .

Barry and his father take an evening walk, exploring the strange peeping sounds they hear and finding a surprise down at the pond.

Rachel, meet your angel! /
ISBN: 0140371982. OCLC Number: 31172006

Puffin Books,. .

After her father's death, Rachel and her mother move from Los Angeles to the small town of Angel Corners, where she adjusts to her new life with the help of some other fifth-grade girls and her very own guardian angel.

ISBN: 0060240636. OCLC Number: 1476366

Harper & Row,. .

Wanting very much to be special, Shirley becomes a Shirleybird, a very special creature.

Starlight and candles :
ISBN: 0689802749. OCLC Number: 30510895

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,. .

Jake and Rosy help to celebrate the Sabbath, their favorite time of the week.

Swinging and swinging
ISBN: 0060240660. OCLC Number: 2188361

Harper & Row,. .

A girl just swinging on a swing is joined by a cloud and other heavenly bodies, all wanting to swing too.

The belly book
ISBN: 9781447225935. OCLC Number: 879399705

. .

Bellies come in all shapes and sizes: baby bellies, grown-up bellies, animal bellies. Some bellies are soft, some bellies are firm, round or flat, all bellies deserve a happy pat!

The best toy of all
ISBN: 0525448977. OCLC Number: 24541094

Dutton Children's Books,. .

Because of their ability to become a swing, a whale, a horse, and a sled, Mama and Papa are the best toys of all.

The little sleepyhead
ISBN: 0525469567. OCLC Number: 54365843

Dutton Children's Books,. .

A tired little boy searches for a place where he can sleep.

The matzah that Papa brought home /
ISBN: 0590471473. OCLC Number: 46939811

Scholastic Inc.,. .

A cumulative rhyme in the style of "The House That Jack Built" describes the traditions connected to a family's celebration of the Passover seder.

The tushy book
ISBN: 9780312659134. OCLC Number: 727353502

Feiwel and Friends,. .

Pictures and verse praise the virtues of the bottom.

Toby takes the cake
ISBN: 0140371990. OCLC Number: 31207031

Puffin Books,. .

When she is afraid that she will lose the starring role in a ballet recital and her family's bakery begins to lose business, Toby turns to her friends in the Angel Club and to her very own guardian angel.

Val McCall, ace reporter? /
ISBN: 0140372016. OCLC Number: 32429513

Puffin Books,. .

After a libelous story with her byline mysteriously appears in her stepfather's newspaper, fifth grader Val McCall turns to her own guardian angel and her friends in the Angel Club to help find who is responsible before an innocent person is arrested.