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General Information

Name:  Lou Macaluso  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1951 in Blue Island, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Lou Macaluso now lives in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Lou Macaluso - author, speaker, death phobia expert, baby boomer expert speaks on motivational topics including: No Teacher Left Behind Those Death Defying BabyBoomersBecoming a Writer and/or Speaker at Any Time or Age.His published works include:The Warming Sicilian Son (BrickHouse Books)—takes the reader on parallel journeys: A Sicilian-American writer’s modern-day trip to Sicily and his grandfather’s early 20th century emigration from Sicily to New Orleans in search of the American Dream; the journeys lead to dynamic self-discoveries and a true sense of home.Clown Town—a true story/social Chicago history of a baby boomer’s struggle with death phobia and numerous short stories. Lou is also a retired English teacher, former coach, triathlete, former union president and current president of Clown Town Communications Company.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes) Please contact Lou Macaluso at any of these sites [] [] [] Or, by phone at 773-779-8636

Selected Titles At Your Library

Clown town /
ISBN: 159858670X. OCLC Number: 271222764

Dog Ear Pub.,. .

"Clown Town is true story/social Chicago history of a baby boomer's struggle with death phobia filtered through a child's perspective. The title refers to an imaginary world created by the young protagonist, Pudgie, to pacify his younger friend's curiosity about the real world of school. Pudgie's real world, however, is a horrific world of indignity, humiliation, anger, and fear. Clown Town is a utopian world of fantasy for young boys growing up in a Chicago suburb during the 1950s. The Prologue establishes the adult first-person narrator in the present tense. He is forced to reminisce about his youth when the eminent death of his mother rekindles old fears and personality quirks that had haunted his life. His journey backward leads the reader to the death of a neighborhood man, the death of Pudgie's grandfather, and the death of a schoolmate in a historic Chicago school fire of 1958. Pudgie also struggles with a volatile temper when teased about his crossed left eye. The temper threatens his existence in a "normal" school. Along the way, the narrative treats the reader to a nostalgic look at the 1950s (the music, the cars, the TV shows, the movies, the mores), a naïve child's interpretation of sex, and an adult perspective of childhood adventures such as smoking, competing in sports, and participating in petty crime." --

The Warming Sicilian Son.
ISBN: 1938144066. OCLC Number: 810119027

Brickhouse Books Inc. .