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General Information

Name:  Michael David Kilian  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction History Mystery

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1939 in Toledo, Ohio

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Illinois Connection

Michael Kilian lived and worked in Chicago for many years.

Biographical and Professional Information

In addition to being a long-time correspondent for the Chicago Tribune in Washington, D.C., Kilian was an accomplished author of numerous books, including the Harrison Raines Civil War mysteries. His father was instrumental in his education of the Civil War era and in visiting the many battlefield sites. His family includes early settlers of Virginia and New York, and Union soldiers who died at Fredericksburg and fought at Gettysburg on Little Round Top.Starting in 1993, Mr. Kilian teamed with illustrator Dick Locher, a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist at the Tribune to produce the "Dick Tracey" comic strip.

Selected Titles At Your Library

A grave at Glorieta :
ISBN: 0425188299. OCLC Number: 50129317

Berkley Prime Crime,. .

"Dispatched to the territory of New Mexico, Harry Raines and his partner Joseph "Boston" Leahy have been assigned to uncover how the Confederate Nation plans to expand its domain all the way west to California. Awaiting their arrival in Santa Fe is their contact Don Luis Almaden y Cortes, the Union army's key asset in its struggle to stop the Rebels at Glorieta Pass."--Jacket.

A killing at Ball's Bluff :
ISBN: 0425183149. OCLC Number: 48909133

Berkley Prime Crime,. .

A sinful safari /
ISBN: 0425191087. OCLC Number: 52466533

Berkley Prime Crime,. .

Antietam assassins /
ISBN: 0727862723. OCLC Number: 62131335

Severn House,. .

As agent and scout for famed detective Allan Pinkerton's Secret Service in the first eighteen months of the American Civil War, Harry Raines has repeatedly risked his own life and experienced unbelievable horrors. Sick of it, he resigns from the service and retires to the horse farm he inherited from his mother in the upper Potomac Valley near Shepherdstown, Virginia. The idyll is quickly interrupted, however, when the local Presbyterian minister, a family friend, is found shot and hanged in lynch mob fashion,

Major Washington /
ISBN: 0312181310. OCLC Number: 37546713

St. Martin's Press,. .

A portrait of George Washington as a young man through the eyes of a colleague who finds him ambitious, but not very bright, and much concerned with his bad teeth. The novel describes Washington's life in the British army as he fights Indians and the French, and his affair with the wife of his best friend.

Murder at Manassas :
ISBN: 0425172333. OCLC Number: 41445797

Berkley Prime Crime,. .

British actress Caitlin Howard and Harrison Grenville Raines travel "to the Manassas battlefield to witness the first clash between the Blue and the Gray, which ends in a Confederate victory. ... A Northern major, thought to have been killed fleeing the Rebels in cowardice, was in fact murdered--and Harrison was one of the last people to see him alive. To satisfy the major's widow, Harrison is pressed into service to solve the crime and clear the officer's name."--Jacket.

The ironclad alibi :
ISBN: 042518823X. OCLC Number: 47742295

Berkley Prime Crime,. .

"Harrison Raines has returned home to Richmond, Virginia-no longer as the son of a wealthy plantation owner, but as a U.S. Federal Agent. His mission is to uncover any information he can about "The Monster"--The ironclad ship formerly known as the USS Merimack which has been reconstructed as the Confederate Navy's Virginia."--Jacket.

The Shiloh sisters :
ISBN: 0425200043. OCLC Number: 57385493

Berkley Prime Crime,. .

In his latest adventure, U.S. Secret Service Agent Harrison Raines receives an assignment from General Ulysses S. Grant to discover why two civilians-sisters living on opposite sides of the conflict-were murdered.

The weeping woman /
ISBN: 0425180018. OCLC Number: 47176492

Berkley Pub.,. .

A Jazz Age rake investigates an utterly divine art-world mystery Everyone who's anyone knows Bedford Green. Once a merciless gossip columnist, he has given up the life of sleaze and secrets and decamped for the Village to open a gritty little art gallery showcasing the most shocking European artists imaginable. The gallery is a money pit, and Green is in debt to some of the roughest loan sharks south of 14th Street, but that doesn't stop him from looking fabulous or having a good time. He's the happiest in New York society--at least until his assistant starts to cry. Sloane is a modern woman, a flapper with a razor-sharp bob and a bulletproof heart, but she's convinced that her friend Polly Swanscott is in danger. From the speakeasies of the Village to the finest cafes in Paris, Green will do his best to save Polly--and he'll do it with a cocktail in hand.

Who runs Chicago? /
ISBN: 031287023X. OCLC Number: 5240299

St. Martin's Press,. .