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General Information

Name:  Dave Norman  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1982 in Columbia, IL

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Illinois Connection

Dave was born and raised in Downstate Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

Dave Norman is a world traveller and widely published author who was born and raised in down-state Illinois. He visited 20 countries and 48 states before turning thirty, and has enjoyed the honor and privilege of writing about many of them for newspapers, magazines, and websites. His books include the travelogue-come-memoir "Following Josh," chronicling the adventures he had with a friend from his youth as they rode the Trans Mongolian and Trans Siberian railroads from Beijing to Warsaw, Poland. His other books include "White River Junctions," a look at the history and people of a mountain village in Vermont, "A Small Town Celebration" which combines Dave's photography and writing in homage to his hometown of Columbia Illinois, and "501 Paintball Tips," because everyone has to start somewhere. An eager public speaker, he has toured the St Louis metropolitan area to promote his work and literacy in general, and has enjoyed book talks in several other states and countries.

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Titles At Your Library

501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics
ISBN: 1604627220

Tate Publishing & Enterprises. 2008

"501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics" is a compendium of practical and strategic information for paintball players and those who would like to give the sport a try. Each tip and strategy builds on previous information in the chapter, advancing the reader from basic familiarity to advanced technical and practical prowess, through the strategies and advice of the author and dozens of professional players interviewed for the book. Chapters cover speedball, woodsball, mechanics, the physics involved in paintball, strategies for every format, and even health information to stay in peak condition. By the last page, the reader will gain years of experience for less than the cost of one bag of paintballs.

White River Junctions
ISBN: 0983185808

f/64 Publishing. 2011

In this fascinating look at White River Junction, Dave Norman relates the history of this Vermont river town to the country at large. He puts faces, names, and anecdotes to the forces shaping the American Century. The village was settled at the junction of two rivers. Two railroad lines replaced the barge traffic, and now, two interstates make White River three times a junction. This remarkable book looks at how the town--and America-- changed through these transportation eras...and presents the lives of four locals to see how individual people are affected by technology, culture, and economics. The first five chapters tell the town's story through histories of the railroad, a hotel, a grocery, and a bakery, and an intimate portrait of New England found on the backs of postcards. The remaining chapters introduce residents whose life stories show a town--and country--in transition while begging the question, what makes a Vermonter?

Following Josh
ISBN: 0983185816

f/64 Publishing. 2011

From Beijing's hutongs to the "always undefeated" city of Warsaw, follow Josh along with author Dave Norman as they explore the Far East and Eastern Europe by rail. Whether drinking with nomads in Mongolia, dining with locals in Seoul, or exploring Russian paintball combat with a "retired" Soviet arms dealer, Norman's blend of humor and history makes the adventure come alive. At its core, "Following Josh" is the story of two friends reuniting on an epic adventure across Eurasia. After teaching abroad, Josh is homeward bound while Dave takes the long way from their hometown to a new start in New York City-different trajectories, even while traveling together. Trapped together in stuffy Russian rail cars and cheap hostels, they realize just how far apart they've grown...and what it takes to start anew-in friendship as well as in life. Excerpt from page 134: "...she embodies my image of a Mongol grandma: skin like oiled leather, glistening brown eyes that search through heaven and time and space, her hair a rainbow of silver, one shade for each of her two or three hundred years moving around the steppe." Dave Norman is the author of three other nonfiction books, including the history title "White River Junctions" and the industry-leading "501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics." He lives and writes in Portland, Maine and Columbia, Illinois.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability (Yes)

Dave works with host venues to plan, organize, promote, and execute dynamic author talks on a wide range of subjects, from the topics of his various books to the craft and culture of writing in the digital age. To bring Dave to your event, please contact him directly at