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General Information

Name:  Maggie Marr  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1969

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Illinois Connection

She was born in Illinois. She attended Loyola University and worked in Cook County for four years.

Biographical and Professional Information

Marr is a writer and film producer, for Six Mile Ridge Productions and Dhaooma Productions. She worked as an attorney for four years, as a guardian-ad-litem for abused children in Cook County, Illinois, and as a prosecutor in domestic violence cases in Denver, Colorado. In 2001 she began work at a talent agency. She is the coproducer of the films ''King of Pipers'' and ''Paddeyville''.

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Titles At Your Library

Hollywood Girls Club: A Novel
ISBN: 0307346307

Three Rivers Press. 2008

In high-stakes, high-heeled Hollywood, even girls in the loftiest shoes have to watch their step

The climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder is treacherous, especially in stilettos. And as any A-lister knows, even harder than making it to the top is staying there. Hollywood Girls Club follows the well-heeled footsteps of four power players who are determined not to lose their footing: Jessica, the agency president with hot, demanding clients and an ice-cold fiancé Celeste, the megastar whose action-flick-director husband just dumped her for a fresh-faced newcomer Mary Anne, the writer plucked from obscurity to become one of the hottest screenwriters in the business and Lydia, the producer with the magic touch. As the girls struggle to make a blockbuster film that will transform their careers, they discover having friends with power is crucial, but having friends you can trust is even better.

Secrets of the Hollywood Girls Club
ISBN: 0307346315

Crown. 2008

Life at the top of the A-list is fabulous, but it’s a long way to the ground if you fall—and the cameras are always waiting to publicly humiliate you if you do. Jessica, Mary Anne, Lydia, and Celeste have stayed at the top by sticking together. The last time they collaborated on a project, the film was a huge success, launching über-agent Jessica’s boutique management company, making Mary Anne the hottest new screenwriter in Hollywood, landing Lydia the top spot at Worldwide Pictures, and solidifying Celeste’s position as the queen of Tinseltown. But this time, as these powerful movie mavens are called to the set, each of them has a lot more to lose.

At thirty (ahem . . . thirty-six), actress Celeste Solange is starting to feel her age. Tiny lines are beginning to appear near her eyes, and she’s wondering how long she can hold on to her A-list status. But that’s not her biggest problem—not by a long shot. A compromising DVD she made with her husband during the wild early days of their marriage is making the rounds, threatening to break out onto the Internet and ruin her image and her career. So Celeste turns to her girlfriends for help—good thing they’re some of the most powerful players in town.

Mary Anne, Lydia, and Jessica have troubles of their own. Mary Anne has started seeing Holden Humphrey, the hottest leading man in Hollywood, and everyone in America is watching—including his crazy young stalker, who wants Mary Anne out of the picture. Lydia is busy running a studio, putting out fires, and playing politics with the big mouths and big egos of the entertainment elite, and now someone is trying to blackmail her. Jessica is juggling a family, a demanding career, and an even more demanding list of clients. And meanwhile, publicist Kiki Dee seems to have a hand in all the secrets . . . and she’s willing to do anything to keep her spot at the top of the Hollywood PR machine. Can the Hollywood Girls Club hold their lives together and get a film made amid all the craziness?

That’s life in Hollywood—where the right friends, and the secrets they know, can make or break a career.

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