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General Information

Name:  Charlie Newman  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Poetry

Audience: Adult;

Born: 1943 in Newark, NJ

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Illinois Connection

Charlie Newman lives and works in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

In addition to writing poetry, Charlie is a copywriter and a broadcast producer.

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Titles At Your Library

The Millennium Rags
ISBN: 0974072591

Wasteland Press. 2001

A week before New Year's Eve, 2000, poet Charlie Newman decided to overcome his extended writer's block by writing a poem a day during the coming year. The result is a diary, a journal, a record of one man's year. Everything from the profound to the profane, from the serious to the ridiculous, from the shallows to the depths. Including the death of his father. Over a dozen of these pieces have been performed to audiences in London, New York, and Chicago, receiving extremely favorable response. This is the second of Newman's three Wasteland Press books.

unknown origins
ISBN: 0974629049

Wasteland Press. 2003

Written during months of insomnia, five of the six extended pieces that comprize unknown origins lie somewhere between poetry and fiction. Their plots are suggested but never specified. Their characters have personalities and names, but each reader will construct a very personal, very different cast from every other reader. And then there is the sixth piece, an autobiographical poetic rant that is the polar opposite of the first five. It howls where the other pieces whisper and confronts what the others suggest.

Exterminate Noise
ISBN: 0972918604

Wasteland Press. 2003

Originally written as two poets' personal responses to music of unknown origin — and the cover photo — Exterminate Noise was intended to be a performance piece. Newman and Whitehead used their own words and Burroughs' cut-up technique to create a truly intense form of spoken word-to-music document. It took on a life of its own as a book after recording studio engineers listened to the resulting CD and suggested the project deserved to be read as well as heard.

ISBN: 0972255397

Fractal Edge Press. 2004

The first publication in the Poetry Venue Series. Newman is host of the weekly readings at The Cafe, 5115 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago. One of the two surviving beat poets in the Windy City, Newman's rapid-fire and crisp delivery appears on the page in right-justified text. His insights into social and political behavior are tough, honest, and uncompromising. This integrity and honor also characterize his insights into his own behavior and into the relationships that we all struggle to form and to survive.

ISBN: 1933126175

Fractal Edge Press. 2005

Introduction by wayne allen jones charlie newman's poetry comes at you from a ragged left margin but two lines into any poem and you realize there is nothing ragged about the left of charlie's writing or his vision his lines, images, ironies, and voice. His work rings with the precision and rhythm of tool steel hammers pounding on the hull of the sunken freighter of the body politic looking for survivors looking at the ways our humanity elevates us and degrades us. The geography of charlie's poetic world, of charlie's political world, has been charted by sign posts as clear and as functional as his poems - you cannot get lost when reading them even in the dimmest black light. At the same time there is nothing right-justified and nothing justified by the right you learn how well-trained a seal you are the first time you see one of these poems and try to turn the book upside-down to get the straight edge on the left. That's just the difference here the right is straight but irrelevant the left is ragged but sure and will never let you get lost. you will tour the deadmachinecity, you will see things you have never seen, in a light you have never seen you leave knowing you will never see anything the same way again and you will be glad to still be alive to tell your tale to ones you love, to tell it to anyone – even the ones who need it most.

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