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Name:  Nina Baym  

Pen Name: None

Genre: History Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult;


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The author is a professor emeritus of English at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Biographical and Professional Information

Baym is the general editor of ''The Norton Anthology of American Literature'', she has written several books on nineteenth-century women writers, beginning with ''Woman's Fiction: A Guide to Novels by and about Women in America, 1820 - 70''.

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American women of letters and the nineteenth-century sciences :
ISBN: 0813529859. OCLC Number: 46685174

Rutgers University Press,. .

This book explores the responses to science displayed in a range of writings by American women. Conceding that they could not become scientists, women insisted, however, that they were capable of understanding science and participating in its discourse. They used their access to publishing to advocate the study and transmission of scientific information to the general public. Baym's book includes biographies and a full exploration of these women's works. She also investigates science in women's novels, writing by and about women doctors, and the scientific claims advanced by women's spiritualist movements.

American women writers and the work of history, 1790-1860 /
ISBN: 0813521432. OCLC Number: 30353317

Rutgers University Press,. .

Feminism and American literary history :
ISBN: 0813518555. OCLC Number: 25317140

Rutgers University Press,. .

For more than a decade Nina Baym has pioneered in the reexamination of American literature. She has led the way in questioning assumptions about American literary history, in critiquing the standard canon of works we read and teach, and in rediscovering lost texts by American women writers. Feminism and American Literary History collects fourteen of her most important essays published since 1980, which, combining feminist perspectives with original archival research, significantly revise standard American literary history. In Part I, "Rewriting Old American Literary History," the focus is on male writers. Essays range from close readings of individual works to ambitious critiques of the main paradigms by which scholars have conventionally linked disparate texts and authors in a narrative of nationalist literary history: the self-in-the-wilderness myth, the romance-novel distinction, the myth of New England origins. Part II, "Writing New American Literary History," studies examples of women's writing from the Revolution through the Civil War. Stressing much overtly public and political writing that has been overlooked even by feminist scholars, noting public and political themes in supposedly domestic works, the essays substantially modify and historicize the paradigm by which premodern American women's writing is currently understood. The contentious and influential essays in Part III, "Two Feminist Polemics," address feminist literary theory and pedagogy, advocating a pluralist practice as the basis for scholarship, criticism, and humane feminism. No one interested in American literature or in women's writing can afford to ignore Baym's revisionist work. Humorous and gracefully written, this book is enjoyable and indispensable.

The scarlet letter :
ISBN: 0805779574. OCLC Number: 13456437

Twayne,. .

Analyzes the plot, setting, characters, themes, and symbolism in Hawthorne's novel, and discusses the purpose of its "Custom-house" portion.

The shape of Hawthorne's career /
ISBN: 0801409969. OCLC Number: 1992059

Cornell University Press,. .

Woman's fiction :
ISBN: 025206285X. OCLC Number: 26255192

University of Illinois Press,. .

Women writers of the American West, 1833-1927
ISBN: 0252078845. OCLC Number: 729996881

Univ. of Illinois Press,. .

Women writers of the American West, 1833-1927 /
ISBN: 0252035976. OCLC Number: 720822663

University of Illinois Press,. .